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GB Pockit Stroller Review | Best Lightweight stroller

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Welcome to the World’s smallest folding Gb Pockit stroller review. This stroller is very popular and famous for its lightweight. Its revolutionary and innovative feature and the world’s smallest folding size will provoke you to grab it.

Definitely, the folding technology of the GB Pockit stroller works as an inspiration for other stroller brands, but this is not the only attractive part of it. The stroller is packed with some awesome features like comfort, maneuverability and also offers class one performances. Let’s talk about some of the special features of the GB Pockit stroller.

gb pockit stroller

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Features of GB Pockit stroller

World’s smallest folding stroller

This stroller introduces an innovative and splendid two-step folding strategy. Because of this ability to be the incredibly small fold of the stroller, it has taken place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014. The folding size of the vehicle is 11.8 X 7 X 13.8 inches.

Light in weight

The stroller is very light in weight. It is only 9.5 pounds. The body frame of the stroller is made with aluminum, and it is not only strong and durable but also light in weight. That’s why it is perfect for travel.

Strong enough with small size

It can carry a baby from 6 months to 55 pounds. The using materials are quite high in quality and durable also. The storage basket can carry about 11 pounds of weight.

Perfect for travel

This is most suitable for travel because the GB Pockit stroller is slim and perfect for the crowd. If you want to travel to any crowded place like Disney World, then it will be perfect. It also fits easily anywhere after folding. You can also carry it in your travel bag if you want. It also perfectly fits in the overhead bin of a train or plane and is easily stowed away in any vehicle like a car also. Actually, you can use this stroller at any best place to travel with a baby.

Safety system

The GB Pockit stroller is highly protected with safety equipment. It is packed with comfortable pads and a safety belt.

Easy to manage

It is very easy to manage the vehicle. You can push it with one hand. The grip of the brake of the GB Pockit stroller is excellent. It comes with lockable front swivel wheels, a sliding back panel, and a rear-wheel parking brake.

GB Pockit stroller product description

If you have to travel frequently with your child, then it will be a great choice for you. Let’s discuss the details of the different parts of the stroller.


The regular toddler seat of the GB Pockit stroller can carry up to 55 lbs. The backrest of the vehicle is about 24 inches, and it is suitable for a tall toddler. The adjustable 5 point safety harness makes the seat of the stroller safer for the baby.


It comes with a small canopy. It has a simple flat hood on it and no protection at the front or on both sides. Sometimes moms complain of this small canopy.


The product dimension is 28 x 17.5 x 39.8 inches.


It has 4.5’’ four dual wheels. The dimension of the wheels are really small, but they are quite durable indeed. For easy maneuvering the wheel, the front wheel can swivel up to 360°. The lock of the front wheels will give you more stability on an uneven surface.


Foot operate brake at the rear wheel makes GB Pockit stroller easy manageable and quite safe. The small brake pedal is placed in the middle between the rear wheels. You have to care at the time of using it.


It has two handlebars but you can push it with one hand. This fixed handlebar provides a very easy and nice steer and turns.


Now it is available in different colors. These are Capri Blue, Monument Black, Laguna Blue, Satin Black, Velvet Black, Night Blue. All these colors are very attractive. The color is permanent, and you can wash it through the machine easily.

Storage compartment

This is a lightweight travel stroller, so you can’t expect a large storage compartment with it. The storage basket is placed under the seat. Though the basket is small, it can carry up to 11 lbs. You can use it for caring for baby diapers, some snacks, a small baby backpack, etc.

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world smallest gb pockit stroller


  • Incredible folding size.
  • Adjustable 5 point safety harness.
  • Perfect for travel on train, car, and a plane or public transport, and handbag also.
  • Very lightweight. Even it can carried in handbags also.
  • It can be used for 4 to 5 years old children also.
  • The removable seat cover is easily washable in machine and hand.
  • Easily maneuvering in one hand.
  • The handlebar is quite comfortable for average, short height, and tall parents.
  • The slim construction of the frame makes it perfect in any crowd and narrow spaces like a restaurant, shopping mall, etc.


  • The canopy is too small to protect from the sun and sudden rain.

Wrapping up

You may be surprised to see the folding size of the GB Pockit stroller. Another surprising news is that now it is the most popular and selling product on the market. Your little kid will really love this stroller.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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