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What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane

What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane | Guidelines

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Are you a frequent traveler and love to take your baby along with you? If yes, then you must need such type of stroller, which is ideal for taking on a plane. Actually, you are not allowed to take any regular stroller on the flight. As almost all airlines impose some regulations on taking a stroller, your stroller has to meet them. If you want hassle-free boarding, then you pick such a gear that can meet all of these regulations. Through this article, we will try to state some factors that your stroller needs to fit on the plane. Let us see.

Some essential features of the stroller for carrying on a plane

If you decide to travel with your baby, then get ready to deal with the baby, your bags, and stroller altogether. Is it seems too much? In fact, sometimes it really goes too much. So, you need to select the right stroller for your air travel. Do you know what kind of stroller you can take on a plane? Here are some essential features that your stroller must have to fit on the plane. These are:

1. What size stroller can I take on a plane

The size of the stroller is one of the most important factors to consider because almost all airlines provide some instruction on a specific size for carrying a stroller. The size of the stroller offered by all airlines may not be the same. For example:

Air France:
The dimension of a small foldable stroller should not exceed 15 X 30 X 100 cm, and the dimensions of other foldable strollers cannot exceed 55 X 35 X 25 cm.

British Airways:
British airways allow only a small, lightweight, and fully collapsible stroller with the maximum dimensions of 117 X 38 X 38 cm.

Air Canada:
Air Canada very strict about only small collapsible umbrella strollers with a maximum collapsed diameter of 25.5 cm and a length of 92 cm.

2. What should be the weight of the stroller

All of your uses with the stroller like pushing, pack in the car, travel onto the plane, or carry upstairs will be easy if its weight is light. Like the size of the stroller, different airlines provide different directions in terms of weight also. Here is an example for you:
American Airlines:
If your stroller’s weight is over 20 lbs or 9 kgs, then you must be checked at the ticket counter.

Hawaiian Airlines:
Hawaiian Airlines allow a stroller, but if it is noncollapsible and weight is more than 50 lbs, then it must be checked.

Singapore Airlines:
They usually allow any lightweight, foldable compact stroller, but the condition is, the weight of your stroller should be up to 7 kgs or 15 lbs, and it must have to meet their standard cabin bag dimension.

3. Easy folding system

There is plenty of strollers available in the market, but you should find something which has a secure folding mechanism. It is evident that when you travel, especially with your baby, you will have extra bags. It will be more challenging to close the stroller manually using both hands withholding other baggage. Also, if you want to travel on a plane, there may be a lot of walking around the airport. For this reason, a lightweight stroller will be best for taking on the plane.

4. Compact folding size

It would be best if you had a stroller that comes with a compact folding size. Because if your stroller turns in a compact size after folding, then you can easily fit them in your plane’s overhead compartment. Your journey will be more comfortable with it. But do not forget to pack your stroller perfectly to protect it from any unexpected damage. Try to know how to protect the stroller when flying before boarding so that you can follow the methods.

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Many experts discourage taking a compact stroller for travel because usually, they come with limited features even a few of them do not have recline function also. So, they will perfect for carrying on a plane but not comfortable enough for travel.
If you need to carry a double stroller, there is nothing to worry about also. Maybe you cannot put it into the overhead bin, but airlines wise you will be permitted against some light regulations.

Wrapping up:
It will be best if you select both light and compact stroller for airplane travel. If your stroller is small enough, then you can easily put it in an overhead bin. Do not forget to check the airline’s policies regarding the size and weight of the stroller. Many specially designed stroller for air can slightly exceed their dimension when they are folded. Although you should not have any problems with this, it is better to check the airline’s restrictions in advance for hassle-free travel.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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