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12 Effective Tips On How To Travel With A Baby

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Often new parents asked me a common question about how to travel with a baby. Especially travel with an infant is more challenging for a new parent than with a toddler. There are plenty of things that can make or break a successful trip with a baby. From my experience, I must say, the brave people who travel with more than one little master.

When parents ask me for a suggestion for their upcoming trip, usually I share some traveling tips from my previous experiences. For your convenience, here I share some tips that will be useful for you, even if you going to travel internationally with your baby.

12 Effective tips for traveling with a baby successfully

When you travel with a baby, often plenty of your preparations become insufficient during traveling. You will find many such things that you might do before starting your travel. The following tips will help you to get rid of this problem. Let us see-

1. Book your room with a separate sleeping area

You may think why I am talking about a separate sleeping area at the very beginning. Trust me, you also feel the importance of a separate sleeping area on the first night of your trip when everyone piled into one room, and the crowd let not sleep your baby.

Suppose you need to have a conversation or want to watch a movie while your baby sleeps, it will be best if there are separate sleeping areas in your accommodations. You can consider paying a little more for accommodation which offers one or more bedroom suites.

2. Get ready for the new climate

It is very essential to check the environment of your destination. It sounds very simple, isn’t it? You have to take a light T-shirt and shorts for a hot destination and take warm clothes for a cold destination. But sorry to say, it is not as simple as you think.

For example, if you now live in a cold climate, and your trip is in a warm climate or, vice versa then what should you do?
If you are going to travel with an infant, then design his/her clothes for cold weather.

Arrange proper-sized shoes and the right-size clothing. If you have a toddler, then do not forget to take a sun protection swimsuit. It will be better if you can research the best places to travel with a baby before you select your destination. It will help you to pick a child-friendly climate.

3. Pack enough amount of baby food

If you breastfed your baby, then there is nothing to worry about your baby’s diet. But if your baby is habituated to formula, then you must bring enough baby food. Baby food and formula vary from country to country.

And it is a fact that once a baby habituates to one formula, seldom has he /she wanted to eat another. Calculate the amount of baby food according to the length of the trip and bring some more than needed.

4. Do not forget to take the baby bathtub chair

Wondering about the bathtub? Please don’t be. Holding a slippery baby, especially an infant in the bath is not an easy task. A baby bathtub chair can make it quite effortless.

You may think that a bathtub chair is an awkward travel item, but dear does overthink it, it is actually lightweight and fits easily in any suitcase. As it is made of hard plastic, it can protect the breakable items and liquids in your luggage. You can use it as an anchor and pack around it.

5. Maintain baby’s nap time

The Baby’s nap time is very significant. It is not advisable to change the baby’s nap routine in any way while traveling for short periods. Instead, it is best to take a nap with your baby. You will also be recharged for the next schedule. In fact, you should design your schedule according to your baby’s nap routine.

For example, book your flight matched with the baby’s nap time. The baby will sleep much higher during flying. Try to book a direct flight, though for this you have to pay a little more, you will reach your destination faster.

6. Bring a portable baby bed

I advised bringing a portable baby bed when you travel. It is quite helpful to get sleep, especially for a newborn. In my personal experience, most of the time, hotel cribs do not become appropriate for a baby. As many hotels charge a fee for the cribs, you should make confirm it before reservation.

If you want to stay in a rental apartment, then you may need to own your baby crib. You can also rent a suitable one from a local business. The best use of a portable bed is for less than six months old babies.

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7. Bring or buy baby wipes

Diaper wipes are one of the best friends for every traveling parent. You can use wipes not only for your intended purpose, you can mop up spit-up, use it as toilet paper, and mop sticky faces and hands also. Even you can use it to clean any surface that you and your baby need to touch. Hand sanitizer and diaper wipes can make any public bathroom a little more bearable for both you and your baby.

8. Bring a stroller

When you are on a trip with your kids, a stroller is not only a stroller. It is a bed for a baby’s nap, a highchair, and an all-around stuff-lugger. Your travel types will dictate whether an all-terrain or a lightweight stroller would be more suitable.

I will recommend you not to buy any cheap items, especially for travel. A good stroller is easy to use, compact in size, and easy to fold also. It can be uncomfortable to carry a baby in warmer climes so a stroller can be a comfortable carrier with pleasant shade.

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9. Do not over schedule

If you make over-schedule your days into your trip, at the end of the day, you will be frazzled and exhausted. This can ruin your next day’s plans. You can take help from your destination’s local parenting websites and find baby-friendly outings like parks, which can be easy and comfortable for anyone.

Maybe you like climbing a mountain or jungle but trust me; you will get a lot of chances to trek while your baby is old enough to enjoy climbing with you.

10. Bring a tablet with games and shows

Tablet can be a fantastic device to engage your baby on the plane. You can use a tab for watching movies and cartoons. It contains plenty of fun baby apps such as Thomas the Train, Giggle Bellies, and nursery stories.

You can take two tablets; one is for adult usage and another is for kids. It also is beneficial if one tablet is run out of battery power. If you have an infant, then load the tab with white noise. It will help to make your baby calm and sleep well.

11. Do not wait to feed

Many travelers do not feed their babies until the flight is ready to take off. Just before the plane is about to fly, start feeding your baby. Your baby will get sleepy after feeding and very soon will fall asleep.

As I have traveled many after my angel is born, I don’t think it is a good idea. Because when she is hungry, she gets cranky. That is why we feed her as soon as possible. If she is hungry and we are late to provide food, she becomes irritable and angry. When she is cranky, she starts crying, which is not pretty, especially when stuck on the plane.

12. Stay calm and ask for help

Most parents fear flying or traveling with a baby on public transport. When the baby gets cranky and irritable, the anxiety levels start rising. You may feel bad as you do not want to disturb other passengers on the plane. But it is also true that sometimes the calmest children can create a worse situation.

Things may seem out of control when you see some passenger give your baby an evil look. In this case, you have nothing to do other than be patient. So take a deep breath and make the situation light with a sweet smile.

Don’t be worried at all. Remember that most passengers are either parents or grandparents. So they have been in your situation many times. Many people may want to help you. Take their help if you need it and enjoy a wonderful trip.

FAQ about how to travel with a baby

When can you travel with a baby?

There are different policies for different airlines to go with a baby. Few airlines allow an infant even only two days old. On the other hand, some want at least two weeks old. However, doctors usually suggest at least one month you should wait to fly with a baby.

How to travel with a baby on a plane?

First, come to know the policies regarding caring for the baby of your selected airlines. Then make a checklist and pack your luggage. Then follow the expert tips on traveling with a baby on a plane and get prepared for both you and your baby.

Never forget to ask your doctor before you fly. You must check the destination’s weather and confirm a reservation at a comfortable place.

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How long should I wait to travel with a newborn?

Usually, doctors advise that you should wait until your baby gets one month old. Because he/she needs a better develop immune system to adjust to any significant change like environment. It could be at least one month. On the other hand, many doctors recommend waiting three months or six months.

How do I protect my baby’s ears when flying?

If your baby has ear pain flying, then take ibuprofen or acetaminophen about 30 minutes before takeoff and landing the plane. Are your baby over three years old? Suck on hard candy or chewing gum can be an easy solution also. Do not miss taking a pacifier or bottle or breastfeeding. Sit your baby upright while drinking.

Where can I travel with a baby?

Your kids can also be excellent travel partners. You can easily strap them into a stroller or a baby carrier and enjoy the whole world. The following places are really best for having a trip with a baby.
Tasmania, Australia
Montreal, Canada
London, England

Chicago, Illinois
Tulum, Mexico
Tuscany, Italy

Bali etc.

What do I need to travel with a baby?

Take your birth certificate or immunization records, acceptable forms of ID, and the passport of your baby. Check whether the airline’s authority asks for any other document before you fly. Preserve photos of a digital copy of all needed documents which will protect you from many unexpected hazards.

Is a flight journey safe for my infants?

Most airlines will be happy with your baby as a passenger if he/she is at least two days old. And yes, a flight journey is almost safe for the infant also. But you must make a discussion with your pediatrician about this matter. He/she can guide you the best.

Do airplanes offer diaper-changing tables?

Unfortunately, most of the Airplane lavatories are quite small, and there is no changing table onboard for you. Moreover, many new airplane bathrooms come with a smaller design. If you want to change your baby’s nappy, then you should ask the flight attendant.

They will be able to tell you where the changing table is located on the plane. Experts advise bringing a small removable diaper kit to face any unexpected situation.

Wrapping up

At the end of the discussion, whether you travel with a baby by automobile, train, or plane, the idea is sure that you can get prepared with the above tips. A perfect plan, an ideal schedule, and an ideal packing can make your trip successful. Make your baby child-centered and fun adventures so that you can also be happy with your baby.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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