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7 Best Travel Stroller for Infant 2022 | Airplane Friendly

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When you think of buying a travel stroller for an infant, you maybe try to find the best one. The stroller is one of the most used baby items. So you may need a compact, foldable, lightweight, and airplane-friendly stroller for easy moving and safe riding. There is plenty of variety of strollers in the market, but all of them are not ideal strollers for an infant and airplane friendly also.

To make your life easier, you need a stroller specially designed for an infant and also meets any airline policies. Carrying an infant and dealing with airports can be hard enough if you do not have the right stroller.

7 Best travel stroller for infant review

Here we have picked the seven best travel strollers for infants, and all of them are airplane friendly. They are lightweight and compact strollers. Your baby will enjoy comfortable and safe riding with any of these strollers. Let’s introduce you to these infant strollers.

1. The Clutch Stroller by Delta Children

If you need small but strong gear for your infant, then the Clutch Stroller by Delta Children can be the right choice. The best quality metal, plastic, and fabric have been used in making this stroller. This fantastic stroller can carry up to 50 lbs so your little one can use this stroller even after growing up.

This extremely lightweight stroller Weights 11.7 lbs only so you will be very comfortable moving with it. It has a travel bag to take on vacations or day trips easily. You will be happy to know that it meets Disney’s size requirements.

The folded dimension of the stroller is 15″ L x 5.9″ W x 19.7″ H. The folding size of the stroller is smaller than a grocery bag fits easily in the overhead compartment on the plane, in cars, on subways, and grabs very little space in the city apartments.

The Clutch Stroller by Delta Children review

The Clutch Stroller by Delta Children is the best lightweight stroller, and plenty of attractive features will stimulate you to make it your first choice. It is JPMA certified and featured a five-point safety harness, swivel front wheels with suspension, 5.5 inches wheels, and reflective shoulder straps. Do not worry at all if you are even more than six feet tall; the stroller will be nice to you.

The large undercarriage storage makes the stroller more suitable for an outing. Make an infant’s journey comfortable, safe, and hassle-free with the Clutch.

The Clutch Stroller by Delta Children

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  • Lightweight and fabulous compact folding size
  • Great for airplane travel
  • The easy and quick folding mechanism, 2 Second fold
  • Full of features
  • Great build quality


  • Sunshade coverage is not so good

2. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is another lightweight stroller that comes with a stylish and durable aluminum frame. The main advantage of the all-aluminum structure is that it is super lightweight and has excellent durability also. This feature-rich stroller is also quite lightweight. With a large seat area, its weight is only 13.23 pounds.

This latest product on the market offers maximum height and weight capacity, 43 inches, and 50 pounds. The total height of the stroller from the ground to the handle in the open position is 43 inches, so you or your spouse do not have to hunch at all even if you are tall more than 6 feet.

With the easy 3-step folding strategy, the stroller turns into a nice compact size after the fold. It has an auto-lock and carry-strap bag also so that you can take it easy through the airport or on the subway.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller review

The four-position recline seat of the stroller lays almost flat to let your baby take a nap and you change the baby’s nappy. The five-point safety harness can be adjusted into three height positions, and with the additional padding, it ensures your infant’s safe and comfortable ride.

We include it in our best infant stroller list because it has some more unique features, such as – an adjustable canopy, extra-large storage basket, anti-shock front wheels, rear storage pocket, lockable rear wheels, and more.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

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  • Extremely lightweight and compact folding size
  • Easy to recline the seat
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Suitable for older babies also
  • Air-light and Compact


  • Do not stand after the fold

3. Ergobaby Metro Lightweight Baby Stroller

The new Metro Lightweight Baby Stroller from Ergobaby is undoubtedly an excellent stroller for travel. It comes with plush and cushy padding to support your baby’s head, neck, and back with legs.

The regular seat of Metro can carry birth up to 40 lbs. The seat size is average, and its recline is nearly flat. It has 40% more seat padding and adjustable leg rest to add more comfort to your baby’s ride. In fact, it is impressively deep, and the baby will be comfortable lying down on it.

The canopy of Metro will definitely make you surprised. It offers UV 50 protection along with a peek-a-boo window. So you can easily check your baby whenever you need it. The height of the canopy is also quite right. As a result, your baby will get enough headroom, which means it will be usable even after a grown-up baby.

The stroller comes with small front wheels and big back wheels with rubber and shock-absorbing tires. Do not worry about punctures because they are non-inflatable. To make your ride cushier, it featured spring suspension. The design of this lightweight stroller is suitable for city use.

The decent size underneath the storage basket is able to carry your necessary stuff like diapers, baby food, etc. up to 10 pounds. It also has an additional pocket that is placed on the seatback. You can now carry your wallet, phone, or keys easily.

Another most attractive feature of this stroller is its lightweight and portability. If you are looking for a travel stroller for an infant, then you definitely love Metro.

Ergobaby Metro Lightweight Baby Stroller

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • deep reclining, padded seat, and adjustable leg rest
  • One-hand folding
  • Spring suspension and large back tiers
  • Decent underneath storage basket, and a zippered seatback pocket
  • Great for airplane travel


  • Wheels are not great on an uneven surface

4. Bugaboo Bee5 Classic Complete Special-Edition Stroller

Most of the parents stuck with two major features considering a stroller and these are lightweight design and compact folding size. If your stroller is heavy then it can be difficult to travel with it. The Bugaboo Bee5 is the best travel stroller for infants because it includes all those features that you looking for in your next travel gear.

It is a quality product indeed. From the shiny black wheel caps to the fresh white interior lining, you find the quality feel in each inch of the product. You will wonder about the sleek design and the super quality of the stroller.

It is perfect for your infant and great for travel. The weight of the gear is only 22.9 pounds and it can carry up to 37.5 pounds. The Bee5 Classic is a space-saving compact stroller that perfectly fits in any storage like an airplane bin or a car.

It is featured with an extendable backrest along with a footrest, so your baby will enjoy a cozy comfortable ride. The handlebar can be adjusted to any height. In addition, the soft faux leather of the handle provides an excellent grip and ensures super control.

To provide your baby complete protection, the stroller has a UPF 50+ sun canopy which is quite large. Another advantage of this gear is car seat compatibility. The durable fabrics are machine washable so you can clean them easily.

Bugaboo Bee5 Classic Complete Special-Edition Stroller

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  • One-handed, one-piece fold
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Ideal stroller for infant
  • Lightweight and great stroller for travel
  • Soft, machine washable fabrics
  • Reversible seat
  • Premium quality construction
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with Faux Leather Grips


  • Although there aren’t any serious negative reviews about the product, some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the customer service

5. Joovy 8227 Kooper Stroller

A smooth and super comfortable ride with the biggest wheels means only the Kooper strollers. In fact, it has the largest wheels of any compact stroller available on the market. You will get super control over your stroller to push with one hand.

Super easy one-hand folding mechanism and the tiny compact size will make you surprised. It nicely stands after fold and fits perfectly in any small compartment or storage. So, if you looking for a travel stroller for an infant, the Kooper will be a great choice undoubtedly. Another advantage of this stroller is the seat fabric is removable and you can wash it in a machine.

To provide your baby a super comfortable ride, the stroller offers a wider seat with a customizable recline facility and adjustable 3-position leg rest. The maximum weight capacity of the stroller is 55 lbs. So, you can use this stroller for more than a year or even two.

The canopy of the stroller comes in an extra-large size with UPF 50 sun protection. It works great to protect your baby from the sun and rain from almost all angles. The peek-a-boo window will let you watch your baby when needed.

A decent size storage space underneath the seat has enough room to carry some necessary items. You can carry the baby’s diapers, foods, or even small toys also. Besides this, a zipper pocket for keys and a mesh cup holder will help you to stay relaxed during your outing.

Joovy 8227 Kooper Stroller

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  • Lightweight compact stroller
  • Easy one-hand folding
  • Nap ready reclining seat
  • Super quality and nice materials
  • Easily accessible more storage basket
  • Superior sun protection
  • The only compact stroller in the US with a tray that folds with it
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Car seat compatible


  • It needs better water-resistant material that won’t stain

6. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller

City Tour 2 is now available in the market in a redesign. This ultimate travel stroller now folds small and is compatible with the infant also. It is so lightweight that it weighs only 10 pounds. It has an ultra-compact one-hand fold with a carry bag to make it easy to carry the gear easily.

Amazingly redesign City Tour 2 is compatible with an infant car seat so you can use it from the birth of your baby. In fact, it is best for strolling anywhere and anytime. To keep your baby comfortable during strolling, it has a padded seat with added depth.

The one-hand fold and auto-lock system make it a travel-friendly gear. You can take your baby for an outing along now because you can carry this lightweight gear with one hand after folding. Your traveling will also go very easily, the stroller folds in an ultra-compact size, and you can pack it alongside your luggage.

The wheels of the stroller are enough durable and strong. The locking front wheel comes with lightweight rubber composite tires and suspension to make strolling safe and nimble.

The stroller has adjustable calf support, which is ready to provide maximum comfort to your baby’s growing leg. The baby will remain relaxed even if he/she has been sitting in the stroller for a long time. Other exciting features of this travel stroller for an infant include- a UV 50+ canopy with an extension panel, underneath a storage basket, and much more.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller

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  • Ideal for an infant
  • Lightweight and durable
  • UV 50+ canopy with the extension panel
  • Front swivel wheels with suspension
  • One-hand fold with an auto-lock
  • Large underneath storage space
  • Infant car seat compatibility


  • No strap to carry when folded

7. Beberoad R2 Quick-Fold Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller

Beberoad R2 Quick-Fold Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller is an excellent gear for a newborn. The most attractive features of this stroller are the one-hand quick-fold system and the super compact folding size. The fantastic folding size of the stroller perfectly fits into the overhead compartment of the plane, other transportation, and storage.

This stroller is genuinely for your infant because it has a patent footwall, and the backrest angle is 110° to 152°, so your baby can enjoy a comfortable sleep. It can carry a maximum of 45 lbs of weight on the seat. The 16.1 inches wide seat is quite large. With a fully stylish aluminum frame, the Beberoad R2 weights are only 13.6 pounds. If you are looking for the best travel stroller for an infant then it can be your right choice.

The Beberoad R2 is ready to provide your baby with overall protection. It has two peek-a-boo windows to cover the stroller. Lots of air vents ensure excellent air circulation so that your baby can stay cool in the summer too. Moreover, you can easily check the baby’s status frequently. The pocket design backside window is nice to carry a cell phone and wallet.

The fabric material is really amazing. The canopy is made from waterproof, UV protection material. There are also other exciting features- all wheels suspension, patent footwall, cup holder, included rain cover and travel bag, and much more.

Beberoad R2 Quick Fold Ultra Compact Travel Stroller

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  • Extremely lightweight stroller
  • One hand quick-fold system
  • Adjustable footrest
  • All-wheels suspension
  • Quite a large sun visor
  • Decent size under storage basket
  • Two peek-a-boo windows and lots of air vents
  • Stand its own after the fold
  • It accepts an infant car seat


  • The straps are not easy to put together

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Things to consider before buying a travel stroller for an infant

When you will going to purchase a travel stroller for an infant, you should be assured that your selection must be perfectly suited to your requirements. Here we will discuss some of the primary features that will help you find the best stroller. Let us see-

1. Age of your baby

There are numerous brands and design strollers in the market, but not all of them are suitable for Infant. So before buying a stroller for your baby, let’s see if it is ideal for an Infant. Ask the seller if the baby’s age limit is not mentioned with the stroller.

2. Seat

Infants need a soft padded seat with a recline feature that can at least lie near flat. A soft padded seat will not let your child get tired sooner; moreover, the baby will be relaxed even if you travel for a long time. An infant has a soft neck, shoulders, and back, and there is no control over them, so they need a stroller that offers a padded seat with more added extras than a regular stroller usually provides.

3. Weight and size

Lightweight and compact size are the primary requirements of almost all parents for their travel stroller for the infant. In fact, the stroller should be as small as possible but with no compromise with the room of seat, footrest, and other spaces. The stroller will be best if it is light enough to carry and compact enough to fold up. Many strollers include a nice carry bag to take the stroller easily on any public transport if needed.

4. Durability and materials

You may need to use your travel stroller regularly, but if it is not strong enough to carry on an airplane or any other public transport, then it can damage in a few days. The aluminum or sturdy steel frame is more strong and more durable than the plastic frame. So check the structure of your travel stroller before buying.

You should also check other materials of your stroller; it should be rip-proof and human-made materials like nylon. It should be waterproof to protect your baby from unexpected rain. In addition, the fabric needs to be easy to machine wash or at least wipe down to clean it and keep your baby hygienic.

5. Folding mechanism and portability

You are looking for a travel stroller because you need to take it with you regularly. That is why you need such type of stroller, which takes just a few seconds to fold and unfold. A stroller with a secure folding mechanism will be great, and it will be even best if you can operate it with one hand.

Many strollers offer a handle, carry strap, or even a complete case to move easily carrying the stroller. Also, there are some small travel strollers that fit into their included carry bag and you can take them on your shoulder. If you have to travel frequently on an airplane then these types of strollers will be the right choice for you.

6. Safety

A Baby’s safety is another essential factor to consider before buying a travel stroller for an infant. Usually, the travel stroller is comparatively smaller than a regular stroller, but it does not mean at all that it will not be safe. Your travel stroller must have shoulder straps and a 5-point safety harness to keep your baby safe while strolling. Even a padded seat and breathable backrest are also necessary for a comfortable ride.

Do not forget to check wheel quality, brake, and suspension before making a final decision because all of these are also important to make your baby comfortable.

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7. Price

Though the budget of your stroller entirely depends on you, you maybe want to get maximum features at minimum cost. Most of the standard strollers are not costly at all with some basic features like a seat, a canopy, 3 or 4 wheels, and s storage basket.

If you are ready to pay $200 or more then you can expect something more like a fully reclinable extra padded seat, UV 50+ canopy with pick-a-boo window, rubber wheels with full suspension, 5-point safety harness, rain cover, carry strap or bag, easy folding mechanism, large storage basket, footrest, parents tray and much more.

Wrapping up

We hope our selection of the best travel stroller for infants in 2022 will help you to make your decision about buying a new stroller. All of these strollers are compatible with the infant and great for travel also. They all come with the latest design as well as setup and attractive features so that they can meet all your requirements. If still, you have any doubt then our buying guide of experts will help you to fix up. Do let us know your recommendation or favorite for the best travel stroller for the infant and which one you selected in the comment box.

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