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how to protect stroller when flying

How To Protect Stroller When Flying | Effective Tips

Have you ever been worried about how to protect the stroller while traveling? Generally, those who have to frequently fly with a baby to different airlines face this kind of problem.

If you have a baby then you may need a stroller for flying. The good news is that most airlines allow you to carry a stroller/pushchair and a car seat for your babies with standard economy fares. You can carry your stroller for free or for a normal baggage allowance. Though different airlines are allowed to carry strollers, it is important to have some preparation to keep it protected throughout the journey. For your convenience, here are some tips to protect the stroller when flying.

Tips to protect stroller when flying

Carry stroller in the plane is not a big deal at all. To protect the stroller, you just have to follow the respective authority’s instructions and that’s it. You can follow the below-listed tips to make a hassle-free journey with your baby.

1. Follow the airline stroller policy

Almost all airlines have their policies for carrying strollers. You should know the stroller policies in advance of the airline you are going to fly. Make sure that your chosen stroller Should be properly matching with the airline’s imposed policies. The American Airlines Stroller Policy is described below as an example of what conditions airlines can impose on carrying the stroller.

American Airlines stroller policy:

  • Each ticketed customer is allowed to take one stroller and one car seat free of charge per ticket.
  • The stroller must be checked at the ticket counter if it is over 20 lbs or 9 kgs.
  • You can be checked in with either a stroller or a car seat at a time in the gate.
  • Before boarding, you should be checked all other strollers at the gate.

You must check Traveling with children’s policy before flying with American Airlines.

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2. Use stroller airplane bag

You can also use a stroller bag to protect the stroller during flying. Additionally, you can store some items like diapers/nappies, blanket, soft toys, etc. Though a stroller bag means a piece of extra baggage, it can provide overall protection to your stroller.

3. Try to choose a padded stroller bag

According to the expert, padded stroller bags are more suitable for air travel rather than a normal bag. Moreover, as mentioned above you can use some diapers or nappies for covering the whole stroller. A non-padded stroller bag will keep your gear only clean but a padded bag can provide overall protection. Though some airlines provide a strong plastic bag for carrying the stroller. It does not protect items properly.

4. Store stroller on the aircraft

If the flight is not full and your stroller is small enough then you may able to carry it on the aircraft with you. In this situation, with your other carry-on luggage, you can store it in the overhead bin. It will allow you to access the stroller easily and you do not have to wait after leaving flight for it. It also reduces the chances of losing the gear during a transfer to another flight.

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5. During stroller checking

Most of the airlines checked before boarding. To protect your stroller ask the ticketing agent for a poly bag to keep your gear clean while it is in the cargo hold. Take a photo of your stroller or car seat before travel so that you can show it to the insurance companies the pre-condition of damage.

Important FAQ about protecting stroller on a flight

1. Question: Can I carry the stroller on a plane?
Answer: Definitely you can. Either you can check the stroller at check-in or pack in a bag and keep along with your normal luggage. If your stroller is in cabin size which fits your allowance and airlines carry on dimensions then you can bring it on board. It will be more protective of your stroller.

2. Question: How do I pack the stroller for air travel?
Answer: To keep your stroller clean, you must wrap it with a plastic bag and securing the opening with packing tape or tied knot. To protect your stroller from scratch or any other damage during travel, try to use a padded stroller bag.

3. Question: Have I take a bag to gate check stroller?
Answer: Car seats and strollers on an airplane are free to check. You can put your stroller in a large stroller carrying bag if you want to check it on the plane. Even you can use a large garbage bag because this mostly to keep the stroller protected from dust and any other damage like scratch.

4. Question: How do I protect the stroller when flying?
Answer: Cover your stroller with a dedicated stroller cover or a padded bag to protect it from the soil and other superficial damage like the broken frame or torn padding. If you found at the airport without a stroller bag then most of the airlines will offer a heavy-duty plastic bag to use as a protecting cover.

5. Question: Does a stroller get damaged on a plane?
Answer: Yes, it can happen. Sadly it is true that strollers can get damaged during travel on the plane. For this reason, we suggest that it is important to pack your stroller well in order to protect it from any unwanted damage while traveling on the plane.

6. Question: Can I check my stroller at the gate?
Answer: Yes, definitely you can. If your stroller is small enough in size then you can consider it just an additional piece of luggage. Like other things you bring, you can either check it or carry it on the plane.

7. Question: How can I gate my stroller checked?
Answer: When you will check in your luggage, the check-in officer will be tag your stroller with your other luggage. After that, you can proceed through security in a normal way. But if your stroller is large and will not fit at the X-ray machine then manually it will be checked.

8. Question: Do the airlines take responsibility for the damaged stroller?
Answer: Some airlines do it but not always the case. Actually, it depends on the respective airline’s regulations. That is why we highly recommend you to check your airline’s policies regarding carrying a stroller before booking your flight. You need to be careful to protect your stroller, especially if it is expensive.

9. Question: What size stroller should I take on the plane?
Answer: You can take any size of the stroller with the rest of your luggage. Though many airports have some restrictions on the size and weight of the stroller, you should check the policies against your selected stroller before you make your booking. As an example of what kind of conditions that airlines can impose on carrying stroller, we have mentioned the American Airlines Stroller Policy above. Please check it.

10. Question: Do the airlines charge for strollers?
Answer: Most of the airlines allow you to carry your stroller with a standard economy fare.

Wrapping up
Dear parents, here we have tried to discuss all aspects of protecting the stroller when flying. If you have any more queries about carrying the stroller onto the plane, do let us know. Just remember one thing, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, be careful and have a safe journey.

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