By this, you are now with our privacy policy which is containing all terms and conditions. This Privacy Policy explains what information will be collected by strollers Lab when you access our website, products or related services and how the information will be used.

As a user, you are now welcome to share any effective ideas. If you have any other queries about our policy so please don’t take time to contact us by click here.

About Your personal information collection:

Let us inform you that we may collect some information from your side like name, e-mail, and related site address if you exist. We use it for-

  1. Commenting on the article
  2. Time to contract with us.

However, you may provide this personal information positively or can choose the option of not to provide. If you choose this option, remind one thing that generally our service will be limited to you by choosing this.

We are assured that there isn’t create any other key which may be asked you anything about your personal information except the listed above.

In addition to this, information may collect from you during your communication with us over the phone, via text messages or through the e-mail. This information will include also as personal information. We may use this information for sharing our new offers, update information as well as our present public status with you.

About Utilization of your Information:

We will or may use your all personal information for the following purpose.

  • To monitor the smoothness of the service
  • To improve the design, layout, and content of the service.
  • For identification and preventing fraud
  • Forgiving you an immediate response to your question and inquiries.
  • To monitor and analyze the performance of service by counting the total number of a visitor to the site, traffic, etc.
  • To deliver an administrative message, notice new offers and services.

We will preserve you all feedbacks as information and use it for improving the website’s quality because your feedback is your demand for us. Selling your information is out of our policy.    

About Security Protection system of your information:

Strollers Lab takes the responsibility to protect your all personal detail/information which have collected several times.

As listed above, we store some of your detail in different circumstances, but don’t feel unprotected at all; we have arranged a number of security services to protect your all detail.

When you create an account for using our service, you will ask to set a password for your account. Please make sure that your password becomes strong and hard to guess. Stay away from disclosing the password to anyone. Besides this, if you feel any security-related problem then contact us immediately.

About Cookies:        

We do not use cookies for our site.

About disclosing information to other parties:

Your information is as precious to us as you. We do not run any selling business using your information. We also maintain strong to not disclose our customer’s detail to the third party. Our advertisements are designed carefully that it does not carry any kind of customer’s information.

About Privacy policy for online:

This privacy policy does not use the offline service. This is implemented for our online service only.

About update your information:

Strollers Lab believes strongly in giving you access to update or correct your information. You can update your information by logging into your account on the strollers Lab website.


By using our site, you are agreed with all our conditions and we will assume that you are convinced of our Privacy Policy.            

About Changes of privacy policy:

You will get notification of any kind of changes on privacy policy and an update will be published on the date.