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How To Keep Stroller From Sliding In Trunk – Keep It Safe!

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When you are traveling around, you need to take the stroller with you. And the car’s trunk is the only way to store the teller. But while driving, the stroller may move and slide, which can lead to a breakage of it.

So, how to keep the stroller from sliding in the trunk? Here are five simple tips that you can use:

  • Use bungee cords/nylon ropes/ratchet straps in the anchor points
  • Place the stroller horizontally
  • Use wheel locks
  • Place rubber mats or cargo nets underneath it
  • Do not leave any space empty in the trunk

Let’s elaborate more about how you can perfectly store the stroller in the car’s trunk. It’s all about safety, so let’s move ahead without any further delay!

How To Keep Stroller From Sliding In Trunk? 8 Useful Hacks!

It’s annoying when your stroller keeps sliding in the trunk while driving. The sound will piss you off during the ride and can cause a breakage in the stroller. So how can we avoid this from happening? Here are some cool hacks ready to serve you!

Hack-1: Bungee Cords Are Surely Lifesavers

You can get bungee cords to secure the stroller in the back of your car or SUV. It works magically. The securing procedure is also straightforward; just secure the anchor points of the stroller using the cords and fasten them to the backseat tightly.

Hack-2: No Bungee Cords Nearby? A Rope Will Do The Work!

If you don’t have any bungee cords on the way, you can simply use a nylon rope to secure the stroller with your seat. Now you have to wrap the stroller using the rope, so it doesn’t move. Also, ensure that you have fastened it tight enough with the seat.

Hack-3: Another Saver: Ratchet Straps!

If you have neither bungee cords nor ropes, ratchet straps will work for you. These straps come in different size options so that you can pick according to the size of your stroller. Then tie the stroller in the backseat using the straps.

Hack-4: Place It Horizontally

If your stroller is bulky, it may move if there is too much space in the trunk. So keeping it horizontally may take up extra space, and it won’t allow the stroller to move and slide.

Hack-5: Use Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are incredible options to stick onto if you want to keep the stroller in place while moving. The wheel locks are not that expensive and very easy to install. You can further secure the stroller using bungee ropes or ratchet straps in the anchor points.

Hack-6: Rubber Mats Can Help You

Placing a rubber mat underneath the stroller in your trunk will create enough suction not to move the stroller from its place. So there will be no more sliding!

Hack-7: Cargo Nets Go A Long Way

The cargo nets will stick to the stroller’s wheels, making it harder to slide. When you want to go for the easiest solution, this is the one! Simply buy a cargo net and put it under the stroller before you start riding.

Hack-8: Do Not Leave Any Empty Space

If there is no empty space in the trunk, your stroller won’t be able to move. So try to fill up all the spaces with things that cannot get run over by the stroller. The heavier things you keep in there, the better.

Tips To Keep The Strollers Safe Inside The Car Trunk

  • Do not keep any heavy things inside the stroller while securing it inside the trunk.
  • Don’t keep any liquid or drinks in the stroller, and the liquid may spill while you are driving.
  • Keep the wheels locked for the best safety during the ride.
  • While using a bungee cord, rope, or ratchet straps, wrap around the stroller perfectly, so it doesn’t move.
  • Do not wrap too tightly; that may cause damage to the stroller’s components.

Carrying Double Strollers In The Car Trunk:

It’s not a wise idea to carry double strollers in the car trunk as they are too big. However, you can still carry it inside the trunk if it fits the trunk space. In that case, make sure that you are not forcing it to get inside the trunk, as then a simple movement can cause damage to the stroller’s body.

If you have enough space in the car trunk to keep the double stroller, you can follow the hacks that we shared above to keep it secure from sliding. Also, if you are lucky enough and if the stroller is foldable, you can easily fold it to fit the trunk.

Does Keeping The Stroller In The Car Cause Injuries?

It doesn’t cause injuries if you keep it in the right way, and in your trunk. You must keep it secured using a rope or bungee cords in the trunk while moving. Also, you must lock the wheels and fold the stroller before storing it.

But if you plan to keep the stroller in the backseat, there is a high chance of injuries. Because when you drive on a bumpy road, the car will move and so will the stroller. If you don’t use any securing method, there’s a high chance that the loose objects in the stroller will cause a mess.

Besides, during hard breaks, the stroller may even jump forward and cause an accident. By chance, if you meet any collision, there will be a greater risk of getting injured by the stroller if you don’t secure it properly.

How To Properly Store The Stroller?

Not only in the car trunk, but you will also need to keep an eye open while storing the stroller in other places too. As it all goes down to your baby’s safety, here are a few tips on storing the stroller:

1. Do not leave it out on the balcony

Rain and too many sun rays can ruin the color of the stroller’s fabrics. Also, rain can damage the metal areas causing mold, and mildew growth inside it. So, always try to keep the stroller in a dry and safe area.

2. Use the storage room

While you are out of the car, do not leave the stroller inside the trunk for too long. Untie it from the trunk and keep it in the storage room. You can also keep the stroller in the garage, where you keep the car for quick portability.

3. Fold the stroller before storing

Foldable strollers are amazing options to buy when you travel too frequently. So while carrying the stroller in the back of your car, you can fold it, and it will make the storing process swifter as well as secure.

4. Use a bag to protect the stroller

You will get many stroller bags to carry the stroller in your car’s trunk safely. Buy a bag that matches the size of your stroller, and then use the bag to keep the stroller inside. Thus, the bag will protect the stroller even if you leave it in the car trunk for too long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Secure A Stroller In The Car?

The best way to take the stroller with you in the cat is to keep it in the trunk. Secure the stroller using a bungee cord or rope, and then wrap it properly to prevent its movement while you drive. You can also use ratchet straps for securing the stroller while keeping its wheels locked.

Can You Fit A Stroller In A Corolla?

Corolla doesn’t come with a big trunk, so unless your stroller is foldable, we doubt that it will fit into the stroller. Especially if you own a bulky or double stroller, a Corolla trunk won’t fit that inside. But small to medium strollers can be placed in the trunk if you can place them horizontally.

Can A Baby Sleep Overnight In A Stroller?

It’s not wise to let your baby sleep overnight in the stroller, especially if you are riding. During the ride, if the baby is in the stroller in your car’s backseat, there are high possibilities of injuries. This can be very dangerous. Apart from riding, even generally, experts forbid you to let your baby sleep in the stroller overnight as the items can suffocate and disturb the baby’s sleep.

Can I Carry A Baby Stroller In Flight?

Yes, you can. Most airlines allow strollers with you without any additional charge. You can keep the stroller in the luggage area by properly folding it. But you cannot keep the stroller with you during the flight.

Do Strollers Come With Wheel Locks?

Some of them do, but some of them don’t. Stroller wheel locks are essential to keep the stroller locked while driving. If the stroller doesn’t come with a wheel lock, it’s better to install one for your convenience.

Final Talk

By now, you know how to keep the stroller from sliding in the trunk. Keeping the stroller secure in the trunk is very important to protect it from damage while driving.

Car trunks are the best options to store the strollers while you are on the way, but ensure that you follow the right ways to keep the stroller in place. Also, it’s better if you use a foldable stroller when you go out too often, it will save you a lot of hassle.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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