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Child Safety Tips For Parents | Indoor & Outdoors

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Once you get the responsibilities of children, the child safety tips may be the most finding topic for you. It’s not an easy job to grow up safely. If you are a new parent, then you may try to know your kid’s safety rules first.

When your child is up on the feet, the world becomes most adventurous to him/her and he/she loves to conquer it. Their tiny feet become restless and your responsibilities for their safety become high and high.

At this most exciting stage of life, you may need some safety tips for parents. For your convenience, here we come with some child safety tips for parents both indoors and outdoors. Let us discuss it.

Child safety tips for parents at indoor

Babies are not safe in the house too often. Sometimes small accidents can also take dangerous forms. Here will we discuss some child safety tips for parents indoors. Hope these kid’s safety tips will help you to keep your child safe at home.

1. Ensure safety in the playing area

Make sure the place where your child is playing in the house is safe. Make sure that any sharp objects, open electric wires, and other hazardous things should not there where your baby plays.

Your floor should be clean perfectly. Small children usually take up the stuff that is lying on the floor. So keep in mind that there is no unhealthy thing left on the floor.

2. Safe from poisonous things

Keep an eye out for toxic objects. Keep things that can cause toxicity beyond the reach of children. Place such as insecticides, medicines, and any kind of chemicals in places where children can’t reach easily. Not only that, teach your toddler the gruesomeness of these poisonous things.

3. Ensure safety on a crib

You should be alert when your baby sleeps in the crib. Especially when the baby starts crawling and walking. The baby may wake up and try to get out of the crib and it is risky. Make safe the crib by removing the caution and big toys like teddies for those who now start walking.

Baby can use them for getting out of the crib by climbing on them. If you are alone for looking after your baby then you can use a lightweight stroller like GB Pockit stroller. It is a wonderful product for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Keep away from the burn

The tiny fingers run to touch everything in this newer world. Keep away your children from ironing and cooking places. Try to use a pot with plastic handles. Never allow your baby to do anything in the unsupervised kitchen. Keep hazardous items like hot liquid and food, candles, curing icons, lighters, and matches from the reach of children.

5. Choose toys carefully

Choose toys carefully for your child. Check whether there are any harmful objects in the toy. If you have a sharp edge in the toys, refrain from giving them to children. Keep eye on your toddler when they start writing with a pen and pencil. Take note of the battery of toys. If it’s old, change it. Refrain from giving children of glass or fragile toys.

6. Don’t allow them to play with tiny objects

When children learn to catch something by hand, they first want to put things in their mouths. The broken part of toys like beads, eyes, necklaces, or shoes from dolls can become favorite food for your baby. Even your toddler can put these objects in their mouth, nose, and ears.

Fatal accidents can occur due to these objects trapping the baby’s neck or nose. So keep in mind that these small objects are not in any way reachable to the children.

7. Do not let them fall

It is a very important child safety tip for parents. When children start crawling, they often fall down from bed, crib, or any other high place. It is the age of fall because they are unsteady on their feet, and climbing anywhere is very thrilling to them. So dear parents here are some tips to rescue your child from falling down:

  • Keep locked the doorways of dangerous areas like attics, basements, and swimming pool areas.
  • Arrange safety gates on the top and bottom of all stairways.
  • Each window protects with window guards.
  • For kids’ safety, keep your alert eye on them when they try to climb on furniture or play on the ground so that can protect them instantly in case of a fall.

8. Protect the child from choking

This age is the most susceptible to choking because they are fond of eating both food and non-food items. To prevent your baby from choking something, you should follow these child safety tips:

  • Try to avoid those foods which can block a baby’s airways for the age of 4. These foods are hard candies, toffees, nuts, raisins, raw carrots, whole grapes, popcorn, hot dogs, peanut butter, and chewing gum.
  • Try to serve safe finger food like well-cooked vegetables and pasta, bananas, fruit juice, etc.
  • Don’t allow to play with such items as rocks, barrettes, safety pins, balloons, buttons, and coins.
  • Carefully check the age instruction before buying any toy.

If you are busy then keep anyone adult beside the baby who can watch him/her carefully and able to take an immediate step for the best defense.

9. Keep protecting your older children

We generally forget to pay attention to the older children to keep a watch on the small ones. As a result, they may be affected by household accidents. So, parents don’t forget to follow child safety tips for your older children also.

You might think that they are now relatively big, so there is less chance of them being in danger. But you are wrong. They are more likely to get hurt because they can walk and run here and there. So keep dangerous things out of their reach, such as a knife, scissors, and other sharp objects.

These age-old children become more curious, so they want to test themselves. So keep away from drugs, insecticides, and even chemicals of any kind. Do not allow them to use ovens, gas stoves, electric irons, fans, etc. alone.

10. Some other safety rules

There are some other child safety tips that should be followed by parents.

  • Never ever leave your children in the near water alone. Not only swimming pools or ponds you should also stay with your baby even in the bathtub also.
  • Try to keep clean your baby all the time. Especially wash their hand frequently because germs often go into the mouth by dirty hands.
  • When they play with similar-age children they are supervised by an adult. Because a fight between the same age group can hurt one another.
  • Teach your toddler how to use the fire alarm and fire extinguishers.
  • Memories one or two phone numbers of your friends or neighbor to your children for an emergency.
  • Instructed them to do not to open the door for anyone in absence of you without the police or fire brigade team.
  • Install a safety switch and smoke detector at your house.
  • Keep a well-stuffed first aid box near your hand at all times.
  • Always keep a spare key in a safe place in case of locking the room by children alone.

Child safety tips for parents at outdoor

You may have to go outdoors with your children for various purposes. Or maybe you want to go on a family tour along with your baby. Wherever you go, children are more insecure outdoors than indoors. Keep safe the children there are some child safety tips for parents outdoors. Just follow these tips and keep safe your baby outdoors.

1. Check the play area

If your child goes outdoors to play, then check the place carefully for hazards. Any sharp objects like broken glass pieces, a metal can wound your baby badly. If the playground is at the side of the road and water then never leave your children alone. The best way is to let your baby play in the backyard and just keep your eyes on him/her from your room.

2. Teach about the strangers

It is a very important child safety tip for parents outdoors. Teach your baby that he/she should never take anything from strangers. Even they should not talk to an unknown person. Teach them through story-telling, if they talk to a stranger or take something, then what kind of dangerous events can happen to the child?

3. Wear proper outfits

Check the weather outside and select the appropriate outfit according to the place and weather. For your child’s safety, give extra attention to their footwear. It is a vital child safety tip for outdoors.

Keep in mind where are you going to visit and choose the footwear. For example, if you are going hiking then you should wear boots in spite of normal shoes. If it is winter then wear adequate worm cloth.

4. Never forget to use sunscreens

It is very important for child safety tips outdoors. Children’s skin is very soft and sensitive compared to adults, so severe sunlight can be badly damaged. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen before allowing them to play outdoors under the sun. If you are on a vacation, pack the regular-use tube and must apply it even before the swim at the pool or beach.

5. Get prepared for travel

If you are planning to travel with your kids for a long route then get the preparation for a few days. Take preparation according to your path and transport.

Such as, if you planning to use a car and travel by road then follow how to make a successful road trip with a toddler. And if you want to use flight then follow the ultimate guide to flying with a baby. These travel tips will help you to make trouble-free your travel and vacation.

6. Never stay alone

This child safety tip is for your younger children. When the children grow up they prefer to live alone or to roam. But it may not always be safe. So when they go out with friends or classmates, instructed them to be in the group together.

Explain why being alone can be dangerous for them. Talk to their friends if needed and ask teachers to look after your younger children.

7. Use proper lifeguard

Do not forget to use the necessary safety tools according to the place. Such as using a life jacket when kids are going swimming. Use a helmet and knee and elbow protector pads while your toddler goes cycling, hiking, or skating.

Many parents and children enjoy bike riding around the neighborhood. In the open air and on a less busy road, biking is really very enjoyable. So to save your joy, use a helmet and other protection properly.

8. Keep enough hydrated your child

Children are very reluctant to drink water. On the other hand, when children go out to play, they naturally very much sweat. Due to a lot of sweating, the body becomes easily dehydrated.

Since the children do not want to drink water themselves, you have to pay attention to drinking their water. The best idea is to teach them about the importance of drinking water and the danger of dehydration. It will be more effective.

9. Use bug spray, if needed

This spray is very important for your older baby. If your kid loves to hike and trek through the woods then bugs can be big trouble for him. Such as, Ticks carry Lyme disease (a very harmful disease). So, you should be aware of bugs and use the spray for the check.

10. Keep an emergency note in the pocket

It is the most important child safety tip for a parent outdoors. Write down your name and contact number on a piece of paper and keep it in the pocket of your baby’s outfit or bag. You can also use a digital tracking device. Keep the device in the baby’s bag and track him/her with your Smartphone if needed.

N.B.: Save the emergency numbers in your mobiles or hang them on the wall in front of the phone desk.

Wrapping up

We have discussed some useful child safety tips for parents both indoors and outdoors. We have tried to include all aspects related to child safety in the above tips. Hope this will be helpful for you. Follow these carefully and stay fine with your lovely little one. Don’t forget to share your experience if these tips are workable for you.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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