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How To Make Stroller Seat More Upright? Know The Exact Ways

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Constantly laying on the back can hurt the baby’s back and waist if the stroller is not in an upright position. Keeping the baby in an upright position is essential from time to time to regulate breathing and keep their spine straight.

So, if you want to know how to make the stroller seat more upright, here’s what you can do:

  • Use a pillow
  • Use an additional car seat
  • Make adjustments to the recliner
  • Remove the shoulder straps
  • Use toys to keep your baby alert and awake

There are several other ways and things to consider on this one; let’s explore more of them!

How To Make Stroller Seats More Upright?

You can easily adjust the stroller up to a certain angle. But when you want it to be more upright than it offers, there are a few ways that you can follow:

1. Use a pillow

A small pillow can always be helpful when you want your baby to be in an upright position. You can place a small pillow behind your baby’s back, and it will lift him up. Also, a pillow will add to the comfort of your baby.

2. Use an additional car seat

Some car seats can be installed in the stroller or recliner. They can lift your baby up in the right position when you want him to be upright and awake. However, make sure that you have set up the car seat in the right way inside the stroller so that your baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

3. Make adjustments to the recliner

Recliners generally come with extra adjustability to keep the baby in a suitable position. So you need to adjust it to your preferable angles to get the upright position. However, sometimes you might feel that the upright position or angle is not as sufficient as you need it to be. Therefore you can switch to other options.

4. Remove the shoulder straps

Removing the shoulder straps from the recliner or stroller will let your baby have more comfort and let him sit in an upright position.  After removing the shoulder straps, use one strap between the legs and another around the waist. Thus your baby will be able to sit in an upright position.

5. Use toys to keep your baby alert and awake

When your baby is awake, s/he will not lie down and will automatically be in the upright position. Therefore, you can place his/her favorite toys in the stroller and keep him/her awake. Thus his interest will be towards the toys, and s/he won’t feel drowsy and lay back in the recliner.

Why Should You Keep Your Baby Upright In A Stroller?

Unless you are using a stroller or recliner for a newborn baby, the baby needs to be in an upright position from time to time. When you are out for a long day, and your baby is laid back for the whole time, s/he will get irritated. Besides, laying on his/her back for too long in the recliner in the same position may cause backache.

Another necessity of keeping your baby in an upright position is when you want to feed your baby. If s/he is laid down while you are feeding, there are choking hazards. Sometimes, being in an uncomfortable position can also mess up your baby’s regular breathing pattern.

A Few Additional Stroller Tips For Parents

Strollers are definitely lifesavers when you want to go out with your babies who can’t walk. Some strollers are also meant for newborns. So you need to know a few things while using the stroller. Let’s know about those:

1. Do not keep the newborn in an upright position

While you can buy adjustable strollers for kids who cannot walk but have developed neck, head, and spine- you cannot buy an adjustable stroller for a newborn. A newborn kid needs to be laid down always as their head, neck, and spine muscles are too fragile to hold up for a longer period.

2. Feed your baby in an upright position

If you need to feed the baby while you are out, make sure that you have made adjustments in the angles to keep your baby in an upright position. Feeding the baby when s/he is laying flat may bring choking hazards, which can be dangerous.

3. Install handlebar grips

When you are out for a longer period, you need to push the stroller for a long time. It can cause your palm to hurt if you do not use proper grips. Installing handlebar grips will let you have the proper grip as well as comfort while carrying the stroller around.

4. Use cooling pads

During summer, your baby will get super uncomfortable in the stroller if there is no proper ventilation. You can avoid the situation by adding cooling pads to the strollers. The pads will keep the babies cool and reduce the warmth inside the stroller.

5. Extra sun protection with binder clips

While going out during summer, the sun can irritate your baby by passing through the stroller’s sun canopy if it is not long enough. By adding an extra cloth over the canopy using binder clips, you can avoid the situation.

6. Install head support bands

The movement of the stroller while you are walking can cause your baby to move while s/he is sleeping. As a result, sometimes there are injury possibilities or their head can be in an uncomfortable position. Installing head support bands will prevent your baby’s head from moving while you are walking around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Should A Baby Sit In A Stroller?

Your baby should face forward while sitting in a stroller if he is old enough to support his head on his own. Usually, babies develop this strength by turning three months old. Then you can switch to upright strollers once they turn seven months.

Which Way Should Baby Face In Stroller?

Babies should always be forward-facing in a stroller. You should be able to see your baby’s face and maintain eye contact to know if your baby is comfortable there or not.

How Should A 6-Month-Old Sit In A Stroller?

By the age of 6 months, a baby can handle his head and neck. So you can now use an angle-adjustable stroller for your baby. A 6-month-old should stay in the upright position. Make sure that the stroller is comfortable and well-cushioned for the best support.

Should Newborns Lie Flat In Stroller?

The strollers meant for newborn babies are known as pushchairs. As newborns cannot handle the weight of their heads and cannot keep their heads straight, they need to lie flat in the stroller until the proper head develops.

When Can Baby Face Forward In A Stroller?

In between 6-9 months, your baby will be able to face forward in a stroller. Slowly they learn to maintain head balance and then they can be in the upright position in the stroller. In this phase, they become more curious about the environment and try to look here and there.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to make the stroller seat more upright, hopefully, you have got your problem solved. Keeping the baby in an upright position is necessary from time to time as your baby will be more curious to see the surroundings as they grow old. If they are not in a comfortable position, they will get irritated.

Hereby, follow our given tips to make the stroller usage more useful. Also, make sure that you don’t use an adjustable recliner for your newborns as they need to lie flat on the stroller.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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