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How to Clean a Stroller’s Wheel | You Should Know This

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Are you a regular user of the baby stroller? What are your feelings after using the stroller for a long time? You might have noticed that after long use, there might be some dirt over the stroller’s body and especially on the stroller’s wheel.

Sometimes it could be annoying to clean them up. Now, if you have the smart formula to clean them up smartly shortly then it will be great.

The cleaning procedure of the stroller’s Wheel

Very often wheel use in different sectors strollers can be dirty. In this case, we need to clean them up properly. There are quite a few procedures where you will be able to clean them up clearly. Let me describe those procedures one after another.

Firstly, put up the stroller on a table

For starting this cleaning procedure we need to place this stroller on a table and remove the upper parts products. It needs to be removed perfectly.

And step by step you need to clean them by using soap and a soft towel. Slowly wrench over the product and remove the specks of dirt from different places. After that, you have to dry them up and complete the cleaning procedure for the top part of the stroller.

Slowly remove a single wheel from the left corner

Sometimes those wheels can be thin and it can create some damage, as a result, pick it up slowly. Now you have to clean them with a simple and easy cloth.

The cleaning procedure is depending on the dirt on your wheel if you have seen that it is less dirty than the normal time then a simple detergent will be okay. A lot of creases can create some problems for you. Then you might need some additional towel or hard paper to clean it up.

If you noticed the stroller’s wheel, then you can see it is divided into three or four parts. Here in every corner, you will find some dirt and germs. For cleaning them, we are suggesting you use delicious hot water with detergent. Slowly press over this area and try to clean those germs. Now you have to dry it up.

Now remove another wheel from the right corner and keep the stroller aside

It’s high time to remove another part of the stroller from there and again you have to follow the same procedure. After completing the cleaning, you will see a shining look there.

If you see some crease within the stroller, then you might use some additional oil there. This will help you to remove the creases. You need to press harder with hard paper for removing those creases.

Top wheel cleaning

There are some strollers where you will see four wheels but most of them have three wheels. In that case, you have to remove the front or top wheel and clean them by the same procedure that you tried earlier.

The top wheel is dirtier than other wheels as it will face more objects than others. Some people use a brush to clean them up but if not you can use any simple towel.

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Daily use of strollers

We have been using strollers for various uses and it eases our daily working life which will be a lot harder without a perfect stroller. In daily life, we are frequently using this stroller for carrying goods and sometimes for our babies.

In our modern life, we cannot think of a single day without using a stroller. Working parents especially when going to the markets or office, are in a hurry! Let me mention to you the top activities that you can do by using a stroller.

  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Leisure activities
  • Supervision of any big project
  • Sleep (especially for the babies)
  • An airplane or any mammoth vehicle


We are frequently storing several items in a stroller. It could be our daily food items, cosmetics, baby items, ladies’ items, etc. If the stroller is too big then we will be able to store multiple items there.


If we think of moving from one place to another then carrying our bags will be the very first challenge that we might face extra bags and luggage that will create an annoying situation In the case of transportation strollers will be an effective solution.

Leisure Activities

Think for a second, you are going for an outing for passing quality time, and certainly, there will be some necessary items, and carrying those by hand would be difficult and strollers will be the perfect solution for them. When you are enjoying impeccable beauty carrying an additional bag will be ridiculous

Supervision of any big project

A big project means a plethora of preparations and we have to be mentally and physically fit. As a result, by this time we have to carry a lot of documents too. A stroller could be the rudimentary solution here.

Babies (For sleeping)

When we are traveling from one country to another on a plane sometimes our babies feel bored. Babies can be kept on the baby strollers in the airplane and here they will enjoy some other extra facilities too.


If you like to carry something extraordinary that you do not want to put in the luggage section, then by using this stroller you will be able to carry them. I firmly believe it will be an added advantage here.


I believe we have discussed enough cleaning of your stroller’s wheel and its practical use in our day-to-day life. We are recommending cleaning the stroller’s wheel twice a single month and that will be perfect for a stroller. After daily use, you can use a simple brush to clean them if you have enough time at your hand. Have a great day!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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