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How To Keep Baby Cool In The Stroller | Effective Tips

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Most parents become worried about how to keep the baby cool in the stroller during summer. If you have a little muster, then you may also face a problem at various times in making your baby comfortable in the stroller.

Now it is monsoon, and even though it appears to be raining most of the day, there is no shortage of heat. To avoid the weather, we often want to spend time with our kids outside the home. But severe sunshine can be deadly for your little kid.

However, it does not mean that you cannot go outside this season. Here we share some simple tips to keep the baby cool in the stroller when you are out.

Tips on how to keep baby cool in the stroller

If you have a stroller and you need to take your kid out under the sun, then you must have the knowledge of how to keep the baby cool in the stroller. The following tips will help you much.

1. Try to stay out of the direct sun

If your stroller has a broad sunshade and if you think it is enough to protect your kid, then you are wrong. Because it is still hot and can be harmful to your baby. You will see that many experienced parents have advised protecting their children from the sun.

Primarily you should try to avoid spending lots of time outdoors with a baby under three months old. As their skin is much softer, the sun can cause sunburn easily. Sunburn in early life can act as cause various skin problems.

2. Sensible clothing

Do you think that overdressing can protect your baby from sun rays? You are absolutely wrong. Newborns and young children are still developing, and they cannot regulate their body temperature quickly. Moreover, they converse more heat, which can be a cause of overheating.

Overdressing your baby can lead to overheating and rashes. On the other hand, under-dressing can lead to heatstroke or sunburn. You can pick loose and lightweight cotton clothes that can cover the baby’s arms and legs along with the whole body. The cotton fabric is breathable and prevents moisture away from the skin.

Besides this, the bamboo fabric becomes quite popular in the present day. This type of material absorbs sweat from the skin. But like cotton, it cannot retain. You should choose light-colored clothes because they can reflect more light than darker colors can.

Another essential consideration here for the baby’s clothing sector; is a “hat’’. You cannot imagine how useful a hat can be. A wide-edge hat can cover the neck, and ears along with the head.

3. Use a stroller fan

A small fan can make your baby cool in his/her stroller, and you can easily install it. Parents today purchase these fans to keep the baby cool in the stroller. These small stroller fans are very useful during summertime. This device comes with a very simple attachment system. You have to just hook this up to your stroller.

Usually, they tend to be battery-operated, and a secure clip help install it on your stroller. The additional benefit of this stroller fan is that the movement makes your infant engaged, and you can also use it at your indoors.

4. Stay in the shade

Although we said at the beginning that you should not take your baby out of the house on a sunny day. If it is needed too much then to keep the baby fresh in the stroller, try to stay much time in the shade as possible.

If you will go outside for playing, set up your baby’s stroller under a tree or pavilion. Or if any solid shade is not available then try to stay on the shady side of the building. Besides this, the best umbrella stroller for travel can be your ideal choice to give shade to your baby.

5. Produce natural air conditioning

Make natural air conditioning for your baby. Take a soft wet towel and wipe it on your baby’s body, arms, thighs, and face also. Even you can put a wet towel behind the neck of your kid. However, keep your watchful eye always on your child. By no means do wet towels fall on the face of the baby without interrupting their breathing.

6. Vent the stroller

Usually, strollers come with lots of exciting features. The detachable back panel is one of them. It allows for more excellent ventilation during the hottest summer months. So, at the time of choosing a stroller, make sure that this feature must be available in it.

7. Get some air moving

If you have to take your baby outdoors in hot weather during the day, park your baby’s stroller in a place where there is enough air. If you cannot avoid the sun, then air flowing over the baby is very important. As we already advised, you can carry a small battery-operated fan if there is not enough air circulation.

8. Get a stroller seat liner

Many people think that stroller seat liner can make baby hotter and it is useful for the winter season not for summer. Many strollers have seat liners such as Ecotyl which is designed to control moisture and keep the baby comfortable in the stroller and make his/her comfortable.

Some liners are made with breathable fabrics and also have absorbent cushioning. These can prevent sweating and overheating. A liner is an excellent accessory for the hottest time, and you can install it quickly and easily.

Many stroller liners are designed with a gel-filled structure to keep them comfortable. They help to remove heat from the skin of the baby. To get a better result, you can keep the liner in the refrigerator for a few minutes before use and enjoy the incredible cooling effect.

9. Skip the blanket

Though the blanket is soft, it also holds heat and can make your baby uncomfortable during summer. Besides this, an extra layer on the baby can give your baby a trapped feeling during summer. Use a stroller safety harness to keep your baby safely in the stroller but do not pack him/her with blankets or any other extra layers.

10. Cooling packs/pads

Cooling packs or pads are a great addition to reduce the excess heat in the stroller. If you are going for an outing with your baby on a summer day, cooling packs/pads can be very helpful for you. You might use freezer packs for your lunch on a picnic or outing. Slip one pack under the padding of the stroller seat cushion. This pack will help to keep your baby fresh and beautiful.

You can use a water bottle for doing the same. You just have to freeze the bottle before use. Be careful; the ice should not touch the skin of the baby. You should wrap the ice bottle or pack it in a towel or a blanket.

11. Keep your baby hydrated

These are the essential tips to keep the baby cool in the stroller. You must have to ensure enough water flows into your baby’s body so that he/she can extract heat from the body through his/her sweat. Give your baby breast milk or bottle frequently. Provide adequate fluids before your baby is asking for them.

12. Clear the sweat off

When sweat comes out of the body, it means heat is coming out of our body as water on our skin. To obliterate the weather, you must wipe out the sweat. So if your baby is sweating then do not forget to wipe him from time to time. Also, the baby may get cold after drying in excess sweat on the skin.

How can you understand if your baby is overheating?

Often we delay in understanding if the baby is overheating in the stroller. As a result, the baby may suffer a lot of damage. Here we will talk about some of the signs that you can easily guess if your baby is overheating.

  • The face of the baby might be getting red and flushed
  • The baby will refuse to drink
  • Baby wet diapers are less than usual
  • The skin may feel drier to the touch than usual
  • The baby may become more irritable than before and feels lethargic and floppy
  • The fontanelle can appear down

If you suspect that your baby is overheating with and without the above-stated sign, then ask for medical advice immediately.

Wrapping up

Children’s body is not developed like ours, so it is very important to know how to keep a baby cool in the stroller. Because light hot weather may not be so bad for us but can be deadly for children. Until a certain age, the baby’s body is not able to regulate excess heat.

That is why, as a parent, we need to be very careful and should do everything that we can to protect our kids. But after reading this article, you have been somewhat experienced. So you can go for a cool adventure with your baby now!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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