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How To Take A Stroller On An Escalator | 4 Simple Tips

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Whether you are going shopping, to stations, or to other places, it is common to use an escalator to get up and down. Every parent knows that taking a stroller on an escalator is very tricky as well as risky. But what if there is no alternative to an elevator, you have to use the escalator.

Parents have to take the stroller with the baby despite the risk involved as there is no other way. Nonetheless, you have no other option, and you can take your stroller on escalators with some safety hacks. Here we will give you tips in this regard.

How to take a stroller on an escalator?

Some states have banned escalator use with wheeled gadgets like strollers. There must be an elevator in the shopping malls or other conventional centers. Typically, it may be placed beside the escalator or in the corner or center of the building. Using an elevator is safer to use with kids. There is minimal risk of injury.

However, if you don’t find any other options despite using the escalator, you should follow this safety procedure for transpiring your stroller with kids.

Step 1: Hanging things should be tucked in

Before walking on an escalator, make there is nothing hanging down like straps, shoelaces, or other things because it can cause disaster. So tie up your shoe laces, and buckle straps. Moreover, put the dangling bags away from a stroller as they also get caught in the escalator. Put them underneath securely or carry them with your hands.

Step 2: Secure your kid in the stroller

Almost every stroller comes with safety straps that ensure your child is safely fastened to the seat. So strap in your kid before entering the escalator. When taking the escalator down, is an important step. When taking the escalator down, is an important step.

Step 3: Put the front wheels up

When you enter the escalator, put the front wheels over the comb plate, which is the starting stage of the escalator. Push the escalator so that the stroller wheels go on a higher step and the back wheels rest on a lower step.

While you are getting down, then do the opposite. The front wheels will rest on the lower step, and the back wheels will be on a higher step. You have to step over the comb plate before entering.

Step 4: Getting down from the escalator

During the passing time of the escalator, hold the stroller all the time. Since the stroller is placed on two steps on the escalator, you have to be careful. If you don’t stay stable and balanced, the stroller can easily start moving, as the escalator is moving.

At the time of existing, lift the front wheel over the combo plate. Next, you also step over it. You may need to push hard while existing. In this way, the back wheels will also go over the comb plate. Make sure you exit as soon as possible. It would be awkward to block anyone coming off the escalator.

Alternative Way

If you found the method can be risky for your children, then you can try the alternative way. In this case, you will need the help of one adult person.

  • Bring out your child from the stroller and carry your baby.
  • Now, fold the stroller into a compact size and carry it manually. Make sure all the straps are securely tucked in when the stroller is folded. Carry bags should not dangle when you are riding on the track.
  • One person should take care of the baby and another one should be in charge of the stroller. Make sure you are holding the handrail carefully and balancing on it.
  • Lift the stroller wheels over the comb plate so that you can exit more easily.
  • Unfold the stroller and place back your child into it.

Safety Tips

Using an escalator is risky in some circumstances. But if you maintain these safety tips, you can easily go up and down the escalator without any injury.

  • Since you can’t keep both front and back wheels on the same step, you should pay more attention to the wheels to keep the stroller balanced. Without proper balance, it can flip over.
  • Always stay in the middle of the escalator and so as the stroller. Because the middle area is safer and doesn’t get caught in the sides.
  • Hold the stroller with both hands, otherwise, you may lose control of the stroller. Once you are passing, keep your hands on the stroller.
  • Make sure your kid’s hands and legs stay in the stroller. The hands of small children can get entangled in the escalators. The hands of small children can get entangled in the escalators.
  • Ensure a good balance of your own. When you are on a rail, hold a stable position and stay upright.
  • Avoid using your phone. Only pay attention to your riding instead of looking at your phone.
  • Usually, the escalator especially gets crowded. You should avoid the crowd. Wait for some time and let clear out the crowd. You need enough space to maneuver the stroller on the escalator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you go down an escalator with a buggy?

When going down an escalator with a buggy, but the back wheels into the step in front of your step. Hold the stroller tightly and pull it back from your step. Be confident and pay attention to what you are doing.

How do you use an escalator safely with kids?

You have to use the escalator in many areas, whether you have kids with you. However, you should be careful while entering and exiting the escalator. Start with the escalator’s comb plate and exit using the comb plate.

Final Words

Though it is a little bit trickier to use the stroller with an escalator, it is not so difficult. Following some safety rules and tricks can make usage easier and more successful. We have included a complete safety procedure for using an escalator with a stroller in this post. Following this, you and your child will be safe and secure.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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