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How To Fold & Unfold BOB Stroller | A Complete Guide For you

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BOB Gear is a well-reputed brand. Most parents like to invest in BOB strollers as it offers the best performance. Their innovative and revolutionized strollers allow a comfortable adventure trip with parents. Having a BOB stroller is beneficial in many ways. But you need to maintain and store it in the right way.

In the case of folding and unfolding the BOB strollers, parents often have issues. It may be because of a faulty mechanism or proper guide. Here is the guide that will assist you in folding and unfolding the BOB stroller correctly.

How To Fold BOB Stroller?

BOB Gear produces a wide array of strollers to meet consumers’ needs. Different types of strollers have different folding mechanisms. If you don’t fold it in the right way, it can damage the stroller. We will describe the folding mechanisms of the popular BOB stroller models.
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Whenever you are going to fold the stroller, first you have to empty the stroller. There are a few things you should do before folding:

  • Bring out your child at first, then remove the other things from the storage compartment of the stroller. Well, many do not remove small stuff before folding. But these things, like toys, can be broken or damaged.
  • Drinks and snacks can spill on the seat. So before storing, it would be better if you clean the spills and vacuum the stroller seat to remove dirt and debris.
  • Set the brake so that the stroller keeps it in place while folding.
  • Fold the canopy for compact folding.
  • Recline the seat in the flat position for small folding.
  • Fasten the stroller with buckles and straps for easy transport.

How to fold BOB Double Stroller?

BOB double stroller is ready to roll with multiple children. This stroller has a three-wheel stroller with rubber tires. It is very convenient to use and a breeze to push. The folding mechanism of the stroller is also a snap. It has a two-hand folding system with a few steps.

However, it is simple enough when you become skilled. There is a manual lock to fold this bulky stroller. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Unbuckle the AFOD Strap. The strap has a plastic buckle and it is attached around the cross tube.

Step 2: The shock absorbers should turn in position 1 before folding. It is a suspension system that has two positions for a comfortable ride for kids of different weights.

Step 3: Press the release levers which are placed on the right and left sides of the handlebar.

Step 4: Place the red frame release handle underneath the seat and pull upwards sharply. It lets fold the lower frame together.

Step 5: After folding, loop the wrist safety strap around the handlebar and back to the cross tube for ensuring the folded position of the stroller. In addition, the stroller is portable and easy to store.

How to fold a BOB revolution stroller?

BOB Revolution stroller is the most popular stroller type brand. The lightweight and easy-to-use features make it the best choice for parents. This stroller has a fast two-hand folding system. The steps are:

Step 1: Untie the safety strap and recline the footrest.

Step 2: Keep the shock absorbers in position 1.

Step 3: Pull the release handler and fold the handlebar forward.

Step 4: Locate the frame release handle underneath the seat and pull upwards sharply, allowing collapsing of the lower frame.

Step 5: To put them together, loop the wrist safety strap around the handlebar and cross tube.

How to fold the BOB all-terrain stroller?

BOB all-terrain stroller is a sleek and high-performance product. It has relatively bigger wheels with air-filled tires. There is a SmoothShox suspension system for a balanced ride, even in rough terrain. This all-terrain stroller is designed for the adventures of an outdoorsy family. The best part is the stroller can fold with one hand real quick. The folding steps are:

Step 1: Set the parking brake of the stroller.

Step 2: Lift the footrest of the seat.

Step 3: You can find a yellow button under the calf support.

Step 4: Press and twist the yellow button with one hand, and it will fold the stroller.

Step 5: Lock the stroller in place with a trigger button on the side, so it is self-standing.

How to fold a BOB jogging stroller?

The BOB jogging stroller is very light and thoughtfully designed. This stroller is an excellent choice for parents who regularly run and walk around in the park. There are different types of jogging strollers, but they have a similar folding process.

Step 1: Set the parking brake with your feet.

Step 2: There is a trigger on the sides of the handle. Pull them together to collapse the stroller forward.

Step 3: Pull the red strap on the rear of the stroller and it allows a compact fold.

Step 4: Lock the stroller with the buckle for safe storage.

How to unfold BOB Stroller?

BOB strollers ensure a comfortable ride for your children. Their stroller variations are great to meet every need. Whether the type is: Revelation single or double, and Jogging stroller, the unfolding system is relatively similar.

Step 1: Hold the sides of the handle

Step 2: Push up the two hand grips until they lock into place. Flick your wrist and pull outwards at each handle. The first time, you may experience some resistance. But once it comes in motion, you can easily unfold the stroller.

How to unfold an all-terrain BOB stroller?

BOB all-terrain strollers are a bit different from others. It has a one-hand folding and unfolding system. So the operation is very easy and quick.

Step 1: Push the button on the sides of the seat.

Step 2: Lift the handle to get it back in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you fold a BOB stroller with the adapter?

Yes, you can fold the BOB stroller with an adapter. After 2011, BOB’s manufacturer produced many accessory adapters. They are designed for quick and easy installation, and you can fold the stroller.

How do I know which BOB stroller I have?

Behind the right wheel, you will find a label on the lower right leg of the frame where you can see the model number, manufacturing date, and serial number. According to this model number, you can find out the type of your BOB stroller and know the other details.

Can you fold the BOB stroller with a car seat adapter?

BOB stroller can fold with a car seat adapter. The great thing is the folding mechanism is the same whether there is a car seat adapter.

How to fold the BOB stroller compactly? 

After folding the BOB stroller, it becomes quite small. But you can fold more compactly by removing the wheel. If you are storing the stroller for a long time, then you can remove the wheels and make a more compact fold.

Final Words

BOB strollers are extremely handy equipment for parents. There are different types of BOB strollers that allow you and your child to enjoy the outside world comfortably. But these strollers are not an affordable choice. However, the great value and easy maneuvering system make them eligible for the price.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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