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How to Clean a Graco Stroller & Remove Cover for Washing

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A stroller is used for our daily needs and eventually after a long use sometimes it becomes dirty. It is a mandatory duty to keep itself clean and poison-free. As a result, cleaning is a sensitive issue here and we need to maintain it quickly.

Today we will discuss different tips and tricks regarding cleaning a Graco stroller and all its details regarding maintenance.

How to Remove Graco Stroller Cover for Washing

It is a difficult task for new users so let’s stay with us and enjoy this tutorial. Firstly, you have to bend down the canopy and make it down. Secondly, you have to open up the tape that is located in the different parts of the stroller.

Normally, at the right corner of the stroller, there were three tapes and you need to remove them one after another. There are two snaps behind the canopy and sometimes it might be hard for you to find them.

At the back of the canopy search for it. You will have them. They are almost like the tip button. You need to remove them one after another. There are several buttons on the bottom of the stroller by pressing them you can easily remove the bottom part of the stroller.

On each side of the stroller, you will find a seat strap and you have to remove them for detaching the seat. On the bottom, there are extra two buttons and you have to remove them as well.

Normal cleaning procedure for a Graco stroller

It is recommended to clean your stroller after a certain period. Otherwise, it will not look fresh and clean and after a few days, you will face a bad smell there. Regular cleaning will help your stroller from stains setting on your fabric component and it might help you to maintain a great color for the device. Let me tell you the procedure for cleaning a Graco Stroller.

  • You can normally start this procedure by removing the seat pad from the Graco stroller and it could be the beginning of your regular cleaning process.
  • The seat belt surrounds the seat pad, and there are quite a few holes within the seat pad. These holes need to be cleaned up properly.
  • Now it is high time to clean up the seat belt in your washing machine. Some people love to clean that in their bathroom but in my opinion It would be a smart decision to clean them on your washing machine. If it is too dirty, you can use your hand to clean them; otherwise, it is okay.
  • It is appreciated to use cold water with mild detergent to clean up the seat belt.
  • Now in this procedure, you need to hang it up for air drying. It can be outside or inside your home.
  • Now we need to use some warm water to clean up the other ingredients of your Graco Stroller. For creating this mixture, you can add 1 tsp. of dish soap with at least 2 cups of warm water.
  • You can dip a small sponge into the soapy water for making this mixture great and eventually wring it out.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes for making this mixture great and you need to confirm that it is now appropriate for the next use.
  • The seat is an important part of your Graco stroller or any kind of stroller and it needs to be cleaned up properly.
  • To clean the seat, we recommend you use a small piece of cloth and wrench it over the seat of your stroller by washing it until the mixture is done.
  • After completing the seat, you have to wipe down the stroller body, raincoat, and all the accessories that you have there.
  • If the cloth becomes extremely dirty, you need to wash it out and then clean the stroller properly.
  • In the meantime, you will notice that the seat belt is becoming dry. Wait some time to dry it perfectly. If you have found that it is perfectly okay, then go for other parts of the Graco stroller. Al the parts need to dry perfectly before starting the assembling process. Hopefully, within 1 hour all the parts will be okay and ready for assembling. Now firstly, place the seat and seat belt and join all other accessories in the Graco stroller.

Some necessary Tips for cleaning the Graco Stroller

You must have to be cautious while cleaning the Stroller otherwise any necessary parts will be broken or damaged. We are recommending you press the different parts of the stroller slowly and smoothly wrenched over here.

While detaching several parts from here do not press so hard that any of them will be damaged. If you go for cleaning after a long period of time, then you might notice something extra that there might be some mold and it needs extra attention.

Cleaning stroller mold is an essential part of this journey. From this perspective, I would suggest you use some oil and use a hard brush if it is too hard and not possible to remove it with the cloth. If there are some baby goods like diapers, toys, and some other necessary goods then it needs to be cleaned up in different ways.

In an emergency, you can clean a stroller in the bathtub. I believe that would be safe in many ways but you just need hot water to clean up the special parts of the stroller.


Some major issues might harm your stroller badly and we need to strictly control them. From this perspective, we can say that do not use any bleach here. It might damage the color of your stroller and it might look awful.

Sometimes mistakenly we use different types of harsh cleaners on our strollers to clean them and it is a wrong decision. Do not use any bad cleaner or too much hot water to clean up your baby stroller.

Final few words

In this tutorial we have tried to discuss all the parts briefly and hopefully, it will be helpful for you. Again, if you face any other problem here do not forget to write to us. We are waiting for your positive response. Thanks a lot for being with us.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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