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How To Keep Stroller Dry In Rain | 4 Effective Ways To Try

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During rainy days, it’s super important to keep the stroller safe. Because the water may get stuck into the wheels, causing mold and mildew growth. So, you must take some precautions to save the stroller from the rain.

Therefore, we have some tips on how to keep the stroller dry in rain. A few of the methods are:

  • Using rain guards
  • Covering the stroller using a big umbrella
  • Covering it with garbage bags or shower curtains

For better elaboration, let’s dive in deeper and know how you can keep your baby’s stroller safe from the rain!

How To Keep Stroller Dry In Rain?

If you don’t already know how to keep the stroller safe from rainwater, we have some fantastic tips that work fine. So, let’s see what you can do!

1. Use The Rain Guards

Usually, most strollers come with rain guards with it. So if you have one, you have nothing else to worry about. You can use rain guards to keep the stroller away from rainwater.

You just need to attach the rain guard over your stroller. The good thing is, if you use the rain guards, you can keep your baby inside too. S/he will remain safe from the rainwater alongside the stroller.

2. Use A Big Umbrella

If you want a quick solution, this might just work fine for moderate rain. You can grab a big umbrella that can cover the whole stroller so you will be able to keep the stroller safe from the rain. However, you should also use waterproof jackets for your baby in such circumstances.

3. Garbage Bags Come In Super Handy

Okay, listen up before you judge; honestly, the garbage bags work great as rain protectors. So when you are out, just grab a giant garbage bag with you. So when it rains, cover the stroller using the bag, it will be all safe and sound. But of course, do not let your kid be inside the stroller when you use the garbage bag to cover it up.

4. Shower Curtains Work Great

This is no joke; shower curtains are very preferable options for covering the stroller while it rains. You can use a big shower curtain and clip it to the stroller using binder clips or clothespins and you are good to go. But remember not to let your baby stay inside when you are doing so, your baby will suffocate as shower curtains do not provide any breathability.

Why Should You Keep The Stroller Dry?

You must keep the stroller dry and away from any kind of water spillage as it ruins the stroller. If you want the stroller to last long, you have to make sure of its proper maintenance of it. Keeping it away from rainwater is a big part of the maintenance.

If the stroller comes in contact with water, the fabric and color will get ruined. Also, if it gets drenched for too long, it will be more prone to breakages. The water may get stuck in the wheels making the wheels go bad.

Another big fact is that whenever the stroller comes in contact with water, it develops mold and mildew growth concerns. So unless you dry it properly, it will be affected by bacterial growth inside. And this is very unhealthy for the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Use A Stroller In The Rain?

You can use rain guards to protect the stroller when it rains. Most strollers provide stroller covers with it to deal with the rain. The covers are the easiest ways to keep your baby safe from the rain while you are out in the rain.

How Do You Dry Out A Stroller?

You can use a blow dryer to dry the stroller up. But if it’s soaked, then using an absorbent towel to suck up the water will be a good idea. Then you can let the stroller out in the fresh air to dry it up thoroughly.

Do I Need A Rain Cover For My Stroller?

Yes, you do. When it’s the rainy season, you must have a rain cover for the stroller. Otherwise, the water will get inside and ruin the stroller. Also, it influences bacterial growth inside the stroller.

Are Stroller Covers Safe?

Stroller covers are prone to cause suffocation to the kids. So unless it’s necessary, the best bet is to avoid using a stroller cover.

Final Words

So, now you already know some effective methods on how to keep a stroller dry in rain. The methods are pretty simple, and you should keep those in mind because the issue is serious. If somehow the stroller gets wet by the rain, it can bring up a lot of problems that are hard to deal with.

But make sure that you do not keep your baby inside the stroller while using the stroller covers or other methods. The covers can make the inside of the stroller heat up which can be harmful to the baby.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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