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How to Fix A Wobbly Stroller Wheel | 5 Easy Methods

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A stroller is a handy companion while going out with your little babies. It is very useful until it will work properly. Nobody wants a wobbly stroller wheel especially when your baby is sitting inside. It is also dangerous as you can not push-pull in the right direction. So if your stroller has a wobbly stroller, then fix it right now.

To fix a wobbly stroller, you don’t need to call for a professional. Using a DIY process, you can easily repair the wheel. Here we will guide you to fix a wobbly stroller wheel.

How To Fix A Wobbly Stroller Wheel?

There are a few reasons for wobbling the stroller wheel. Most time, the front wheel can cause problems. Below are some obvious reasons. If you first find the problem, it will be easy to fix the stroller.

  1. Loose front wheel
  2. A slightly bigger front wheel than the standard 3 wheels stroller
  3. The wheel’s inner tube has too much air pressure
  4. At a fast pace, you may forget to lock the front wheel

These are the probable reasons causing the wobbling stroller wheel. Let’s find out how you will fix these problems.

Method 1: Tighten The Fork Nut

Step 1: You need a 1/16-inch Allen key. Most strollers include it to remove screws. You can see a screw placed on the hexagon-shaped cap.

Step 2: After removing the cap and small screws, you can find a bolt with a nut connected to the top. You need an 18 mm socket wrench to tighten the fork nut. It is all a matter of adjusting.

If you overtighten the nut too much, it will be hard to turn, and if it is too free, then the wheel will shake. So you need to keep adjusting the screw and pushing the stroller to get the right adjustment.

Step 3: When you are done with the fork adjustment, now put the hexagon-shaped cap back on the stroller. Don’t tighten the small screw too much because you may need to access it again. Tightening the screw too much makes it strip and impossible to access later.

Method 2: Lubricant the wobbly wheel

Step 1: You need to apply lubricant material to fix the wobbly wheel. You can use WD40 or any multipurpose grease. You have to remove the tire to apply lubricant. It is pretty easy to remove the stroller wheel. Lift the housing up and pull the wheel. Well, it depends on the stroller type.

Step 2: WD40 is the most used product for lubrication. Use a generous amount of WD40 on the wheel axle and also on the plate at the base. Now push and pull the greased wheel so that the grease is distributed in every section of the wheel attachment.

Step 3: When the grease application is completer, re-attach the wheel back to the stroller. Please check the manual of your stroller to know the process.

Method 3: Deflate the wobble wheel

Sometimes if the wheel’s inner tube gets too much air pressure, then it can cause a bubble. Inner tube bubbles are the reason for the wobbly wheel. Be careful about overinflating the wheel. Releasing the excess air from the stroller wheel is easy. The process may vary depending on the valve type of the tires. The tire valves are similar to the bike tire valves.

Unscrew the threaded nut at the top and press it down to release air. Hold it pressed until the valve lets out enough air. If The tire has a Schrader valve, then remove the top of the valve cap. The cap is used to protect the valve system from dirt and debris.

However, you can use pointy things like a pin or screwdriver to deflate the valve. Push the tool in the threaded valve stem down. When your job is done, put the cap back in the valve system.

Deflating the tire may solve the wobbly wheel problem. If it doesn’t, then you may need to replace the inner tube.

Method 4: Stabilize the wheel with O-Ring

O-rings are handy things to seal the wheel and make it tighter. They are available in various thicknesses in hardware shops.

Step 1: You need to detach the wheel following your stroller manual.

Step 2: Place the O-ring at the bottom of the wheel axle or fork. The use of an O-ring ensures that the bottom of the axle is pressed down on the small plastic lip and prevents wheel shaking.

After installing the O-ring, if you feel the wheel is too tight, then you can slide it down and put another thinner o-ring. It would be better if you sand both sides of the o-ring and apply thick grease over it.

Step 3: Then re-install the wheel and try to spin it in all directions to see if the wheel is working properly or not.

Method 5: Use a wave washer to stabilize

Wave washers work well to solve unstable stroller wheels. Even, it works more than the o-ring installation. But it is hard to find the right-sized wave washer. You can find them in the repair shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do stroller wheels wobble?

There are many reasons behind it. We have discussed 4 probable reasons behind the problem. You will get the solution right from our article.

Are rubber or plastic wheels better?

A rubber wheel has a longer life than a plastic wheel. It requires less maintenance and is highly shock absorbent. For outdoor usage, a rubber wheel is a more useful and better choice.

How to fix a Buggy wheel?

Firstly, check the wheel and remove any debris stuck with the rubber rim. Then tighten loose screws on the axle or hub of the wheel. It will fix the buggy wheel.

Final Words

A wobbly stroller wheel is irritating and at the same time unsafe for baby travel. If your stroller has this issue, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Firstly, check the stroller wheel thoroughly and find the actual reason then go through the repair process. It will make your work easier and more straightforward.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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