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12 Great Baby Care Tips For New Moms

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The most beautiful scene in the world may be the smiley baby on the mother’s lap. Every new mother is worried about the care of a newborn child. Most of those who became mothers for the first time are more concerned. So here I’m trying to give some baby care tips for a new mom.

Since birth, the newborn period is considered 28 days. This time is important for both you and your baby. To ensure that she is being healthy and safekeeping with love and affection, there is no alternative to cleanness. The delicate soft body can be easily infected by various pathogens.

12 Baby Care Tips For New Moms

If you want to keep your little baby away from the disease, you need to ensure physical cleanliness. So, here are some tips, these are basically about newborn baby care in 1st month. Because this is a crucial period when a newborn can affect more.

1. Newborn baby care Tips For the First Month

All of the newborn’s body needs to be cleaned, but some special organs require different care. Such as a navel, a gap between two legs, eyes, nose, ears, nails, and tongue, etc. Follow the following tips to keep the newborn from getting infected with germs.

newborn baby care tips

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly before coming into contact with the baby. You can use Bacterial Hand wash or Instant Hand Sanitizer. Ask everyone to wash their hands before taking the baby. Also, before cleaning the child, wash your hands, and then touch the baby.

Umbilical cord or navel

Immediately after birth, the baby is cut from the placenta. After navel cutting, the doctors will clamp or tie the cord. The blood flow to the navel stops and the probability of infections decreases. Keep the navel dry. The faster you can keep dry, the faster the navel will dry out. For this, keep the Navy away from oil, soap, lotions, and water.

Newborn’s nails

Children’s nails grow very fast. Her nails could have a scratch on her skin. So, cut the sweet small nails carefully. Cut the nails when the baby gets asleep, then there will be no fear of movement at the time of cutting.

Do not hold the baby’s finger too much tight. Use the Baby Neil Kit or a normal baby nail cutter; wash it once in bactericidal mixed water before using it. Children’s nails are usually soft, but if you feel strong, cut your nails after bathing.

Baby eye care

Do not forget to clean the eyes of the infant. Soak a soft cloth piece in warm water. Take away the water and lightly clean the eyes of the child. Often, breast milk can drop into the baby’s eye unconsciously. If breast milk drops in the eyes, it may cause inflammation in the baby’s eyes. So be careful.

Sometimes water can drop from the infant’s eyes. Remove it with a soft cloth repeatedly. This problem is fixed after one or two months. If you think more problems, consult a doctor.

Keep the baby’s tongue clean

Due to drinking milk, the child’s tongue is seen in the white layer. Clean your little one’s tongue with a soft dry cloth very carefully.

Keep the child’s ear clean

Do not try to clean the ears with cotton buds. It may hit the baby’s eardrum. There is also some hair inside the ear which will push the outer mud. It is important to protect them from the injury of a cotton bud.

Nose care

Like the ear, do not use cotton buds to clean the baby’s nose, roll the corner of a soft cotton cloth and use it for cleaning.  There will be no possibility of hitting the baby. If the nose becomes closed with cold or dirty, then the child breathes through the mouth and does not want to drink milk. So be careful and keep clean.

Apart from the tips for newborn baby care in 1st month, there are many things in the case of newborns which are very important to look at. Let’s talk about something.

2. Give the mother’s breast milk at first

The mother’s breast milk should be fed within 1 hour of the baby’s birth. It contains lots of nutrients. Many people feed honey of traditional prejudice and eat honey without breast milk. It’s not fair at all. It can cause problems in the baby’s stomach.

Check if the child is getting regular milk from the breast or not. And at this time mothers should eat more nutritious food. At this, both mother and child will be healthy.

3. Keep concerned about the baby’s urinating

The baby will discharge urine often. That’s normal. It is abnormal if the urine is irregular. So keep an eye on how often urinating on that day. It should be at least 7-8 times a day, naturally. Apart from this, many mothers keep the baby in diapers. It has the risk of developing skin diseases. So at least keep the baby in normal clothes at night.

4. Take care of the skin

The skin of the baby is always soft and tender. The baby’s skin naturally changes slightly after some days of birth. Do not rub the baby’s skin with your hands, it can cause skin damage and infection can occur also. Besides, the extra part of the baby’s navel let naturally dropped out.

5. Baby clothes

A cotton light color shirt is comfortable for babies. It does not have the risk of infection in the baby’s skin. Try to use a shirt with lace instead of a buttoned lace as a suitable dress for the baby. It is not very important to immobilize the child’s clothes with an antiseptic lotion to keep them clean. Rather, wash daily clothes with soap and dry them in the sun.

6. Baby bath

Give the baby a regular bath. Do not stop the bath if the doctor does not advise. In very cold weather or in excessively wet weather, without giving a bath, you can wash the baby’s head gently and sponge the body with a soft cloth by the soak in warm water.

Useless alkaline soap, oil, and shampoo, especially for the baby. Check the pH level when buying soap. This level below seven is good.

7. Lay down on the bed

Do not use a normal pillow other than the pillow made specifically for children, for the shape of the head to become fine. Always sleeping in a particular direction is not healthy. From time to time, turn the baby in the opposite direction. Do not lay the baby on his/her belly. It may create difficulties in breathing.

If you want to fly with a newborn baby then you should check the essential airplane rules before your trip.

8. Baby’s sleep

If you do some work or talk in a room, do not think that sleep will interrupt the child. Sleeping habits in natural circumstances will reduce the problems of sleeping gradually. You can also keep some light music in the room.

You should make practice sleeping on the bed of the baby otherwise the baby will wake when you will go to lay her on the bed. All the babies are asleep when they need it. So, as long as he sleeps, let’s sleep.

9. Create a relationship with the baby

The easiest way to build a mother’s relationship with the child is to spend time with her. Spend your child as much time as you can during the day. Feed the baby, sleep, and give her a shower as much as possible.

As the mother and the other family members spend time with the baby, the more children will be sunny and associative.  In such an environment, many children get better growth at an early stage.

10. Hold your baby in the right way

It is very important to hold your baby very carefully and obviously correct. As the baby’s spine is strong and the neck portion is also very soft, you should take her with giving support in these areas.

Keep your hands on the back of the head with a spine during the time of taking a lap or feeding. As long as the baby can’t control her neck on her own, keep your hands under the neck while taking the lap.

11. Be careful to shake the baby

Just keep one thing in your mind, your baby’s brain can get injured by shaking her vigorously. So do not do it yourself and do not let others do the same ever. It is not necessary to shake the child if he wants to sleep.

You can walk slowly taking with her lap, play light music in the room, or when the child is a bit older then listen to the story and then fall asleep.

12. Find the reason for the baby’s crying

When a baby cries, we usually think that she may cry for food. But always it’s not true. n fact, there may be many reasons for the child’s crying, such as she may feel pain in the abdomen or she may get to sleep. So try to find out the real cause of the baby’s crying. And try to remedy them accordingly.

Special caution:

Always wash your hands before holding a baby. Use good quality soap at this time. It is better if the mother does not wear a ring or bangle while carrying a newborn baby. Because there is a risk of infections if it holds some dirt beside this it may give heart to the body. Regularly clean the baby’s room, furnishings, bed sheets, pillows, and other materials.

Every mother wishes for a beautiful and healthy baby.  If we are a little aware then our child will get a good health. So please reconsider these baby care tips for new moms and keep your baby healthy.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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