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What To Bring To Disney World Parks | Ultimate Guide

Now is the time to spend the vacations in Disney World parks. Hope you have already made a plan to visit there with your family, isn’t it? Disney World is a place which is able to draw a big smile on your face. It is full of attractions and your whole trip will be quite enjoyable here.

To make your trip successful pack your luggage sincerely.  You may be confused that what things you should pack for the trip. Here I’ve listed some product what to bring to Disney World Parks.  Have a look at its start to pack your backpack.

20 Things you should bring to Disney world parks

Everyone wants to get a chance to spend a vacation at Disney World Parks. You may also dream several times for it. For getting a wonderful vacation, enough intelligence you have to pay at the time of packing. For your convenience, here we listed 20 things which you have must bring at Disney World. Let’s see the list.

1. Try to pack one backpack

This is my personal opinion that you should pack every member clothes in one bag. I think for a few members like 4 /5 person, one average size bag may be enough. And carry it everyone by turn. It will be very comfortable to carry out. Note that your bag with the wheel or without a wheel, cannot be larger than 24” long X 15” width 18” height.

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2. Don’t forget your wallet and ticket

It is very important to recheck your wallet and the ticket. Many times you can forget your wallet, ticket, etc. while hurrying to leave the house. And for this small mistake, the whole trip could be broken. So, keep these essential things well beforehand. You can also use a passport holder case.

passport holder case

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3. Take comfortable shoes

Disney World Parks has quite a big area and you have to walk a lot to visit the whole park. So you should take sneakers or comfortable shoes along with you. You may have to wear shoes for a long time to make sure that they should be comfortable enough.

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4. Emergency medicine

Though Disney World Parks is committed to you to give first aid, you should take some emergency medicine along with you. If you are taking or use some special medicine like inhaler then don’t forget to take along with you. Take your prescription for extra security.

Emergency medicine kit

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5. Stroller for kids

Bring stroller is very important if you have a kid. As Disney World Parks has such a big area that without a stroller, you may fall in trouble with your kid. The stroller may be a safe shelter for your baby. It can protect your baby from both sun and rain. Baby can sleep and take a nap on it. Stroller smaller than 36” X 52” will be allowed till 30th April 2019. Please note that you cannot carry stroller larger than 31” X 52” from 1st May 2019. If you have any confusion of use of stroller at Disney world then you take help from tips for using a stroller at Disney World.

The most important think of bringing stroller at Disney World Parks is that you have to choose the right one. Disney Park has some policy especially about using a stroller. Make sure that your vehicle can fulfill their condition. You will find a lot of variation of the stroller which is suitable for Disney trip. Just make your choice according to Disney world stroller policy and enjoy the trip with your kid. You can take help to choose stroller from Best strollers for Disney world.

6. Bring a personal camera

You will get some professional photographer at Disney World Parks who will snap your special moment if you ask and provide you the link as your demand. But I think to bring personal one will give you enough opportunity to capture your magical moment. Don’t forget to bring an extra battery and memory chip. Just note that you can’t use your photos for any commercial reason.

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7. Take Smartphone with power support

A Smartphone is itself a complete package of giving you full support in anywhere. So never forget to take your one if you have. You will get free Wi-Fi support at the hotel and each part of Disney Park. Take extra power support for the phone for emergency use.

smartphone power support

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8. Keep extra Ziploc bag

A Ziploc bag is a very helpful item at the time of sudden rain.  You can protect your all water-sensitive goods cell phone, camera, medicine, baby food, etc. Just enjoy your trip by open your heart! You don’t need to find shade from sudden rain, enjoy it also!

ziploc bag

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9. Take USB Fan

If you set your trip at Disney World Parks in summer season then a portable USB fan or handheld fan is an essential element you should carry. As Disney Park is an open area, during summer it may be very hot. A portable small fan will give you and your kid a lot of cool feels. So pack your fan now.

portable USB fan

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10. Swimsuit for all members

The water world is one of the most attractive areas of Disney Park. Without visit it, Disney trip seems to become incomplete. So take at least one set swimsuit for each member. A swimsuit is normally very small in size, so you can easily carry it in your backpack.

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11. Sun protection hat

As we know the Disney World Parks is an open theme park, the direct fall sunlight keeps it hot almost all season. This hot weather can make you and your family sick within a few hours and then it will ruin your trip.  The solution to this problem is bringing the sun-protection hat. Trusts me, the fashionable sun-protected will add an extra cool look to your personality!

Sun protection hat

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12. Sunblock lotion is also essential

The reason why your sun-protected hat needs to be brought in due to the same reason that Sunblock lotions should be brought. The sunlight may darn your skin directly and you may have to suffer for a long time with your sunburnt skin. So this precaution is very important.

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13. Need umbrella raincoat

As we are talking about precautions, an umbrella is a very helpful element. It will protect you from both sun and rain. Personally, I prefer to carry an umbrella in any trip like Disney Park but many people dislike to carry it. If you are one of them then raincoat is another better option for you.

raincoat for travel

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14. Extra stroller accessories

The stroller is also another essential product for carrying out as I already said. You should take some extra accessories like a safety harness for kids; stroller clip for keep attached other loose items. Take an extra rain guard and umbrella shade if they are not provided with the stroller from the seller.

stroller organizer

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15. Bring own water bottle

Remember that most of the time of this trip of Disney Park will pass under the open sun. So keep yourself hydride is very important. Bring your own water bottle from the house. You can take some fresh juice also. It also saves you money.

water bottle for travel

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16. Take some snacks also

I just love to have snacks especially at the time of outing like Disney trip. You can also take some snacks with you. A small snacks brake will make you more energetic. Try to pack the snacks into small packets that you can have all at one time.

healthy snacks for travel

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17. Use sunglasses

Bright sunlight is harmful to your eyesight. The sun becomes very hot especially in summer in Florida. Temperature sometimes becomes as much as high that it may hard to tolerate. The wise decision is to make sunglasses your best friend!

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18. Take some small toys

There are many places where you have to wait for some time. Such as in front of the ticket counter, the row of a ride, etc. If your kid is with you then these toys will make him/her busy. These small toys will entertain them. You can bring a video game also. But you cannot carry any toys that appear to be weapon or firearms.

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19. Keep your autograph book with you

Are you an amateur autograph collector? Then never forget to bring your autograph collection book. Because Disney Park is such kind of place where you have a chance to meet with the famous person any time.

Disney world autograph book

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20. Guidebook

As I have stated time that Disney World Parks has a gigantic land area and it continues to innovate itself round of the year.  So it will all the time quite new to you. A guidebook may help you guide the attractive shows and eye-catching places.

Disney world guide book

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This list can be made longer but all are possible to carry out. So you should study before set a trip plan and then have a look on this list. Pack your backpack with that product which you think are essential for you. Cut that name whose you think you can manage in the park. So enjoy your trip and good luck to you.

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