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How To Plan Disney World On A Budget | Great Tips

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Have you ever thought about spending a vacation at Disney World on a budget? It may be a dream to travel to Disney Park for many people as it is quite costly.

It is easy to understand that the cost will continue to grow but only, for this reason, we can’t leave our dream to visit Disney world, isn’t it? Let us discuss today, how we can make a plan to visit Disney World under our budget.

Tips for planning a trip to Disney World on a budget

Many of you may be planning a vacation at Disney World on a budget at a different time. But due to a lack of proper direction, you could not succeed with your plan.

So today, here I’m going to discuss some tips for having a successful vacation at Disney World on a budget. In light of the experience of those who have successfully completed their trip at this park on their fixed budget.

1. Keep basic elements in your choice

Try to choose all basic elements related to travel like transport, hotel, visit area, meal, etc. Suppose airline, rental car, and personal drive are the option for transportation. Try to choose that option which will offer you the minimum cost.

2. Try to make a vacation plan on off-pick time

If you plan to visit Disney World with your family then try to make it at off-pick time. Usually, at pick time, all types of costs related to the tour become very high, especially the rent of the hotel.

You can save around 25% to 30% on hotel costs by planning your vacation during the off-pick season. There is another benefit of visiting off-pick season is you can avoid the crowd because at pick season, sometimes Disney World becomes overcrowded.

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3. Choose your transport wisely

Before selecting, your transport compares all the options carefully. Airline service often offers a discount for the Disney route but if you want to visit with your family and suppose your member is 7 or 8 then I don’t think the discount offer can save you money.

The cost of an 8 plane ticket is quite expensive and it can overflow your limited budget. I have a nice idea for you! Why don’t you drive own with your family? It will not only save you money but will give you a pre-vacation mood also.

4. Try to take the necessary regular used goods from home

If you have a baby then definitely you need some necessary goods for all time. Such as baby food, extra cloth, some toys, a stroller, etc. The better job is you should research a little bit on what to bring to Disney world parks before packing. The benefit is that you can take all the necessary goods from home and cut the chance of extra cost of buying necessary goods from outside.

5. Take your own stroller

If you have kids on your team then a stroller is essential. As Disney World has a big area, without a stroller you may not manage your kids. Though the park authority offers to rent a stroller from them as you are bonded by your budget you should bring your own. There is a lot of variety of stroller in the market which is suitable for Disney World.

Again try to research which are the best strollers for Disney World and make your selection. Strollers smaller than 36” X 52” will be allowed till 30th April 2019. Please note that you cannot carry a stroller larger than 31” X 52” from 1st May 2019.

6. Try to be cheap on the meal plan

It may become an excess cost if you want to purchase a meal from the Disney meal plan. Some hotel offers free breakfast under the package. The money-saving plan is, to try to have your breakfast at your hotel room or roadside food shop and pack your lunch from here also. Trust me, it is a 100% working money-saving plan if you can prohibit completely Disney meals.

7. Look for Disney offers

These kinds of parks usually give different offers throughout the year. Some of them are seasonal like a little bit of discount for off-pick season visitors.

A special offer may be listed for the family of current and retired military personnel. Sometimes they announce an offer for the residence of some particular place like California, Florida, etc. So don’t forget to have a look at the official website of Disney World before making your budget.

8. Don’t forget to take your rain protection

According to the experience of those people who have already visited Disney World, you should bring your rain protection or ponchos from home. During summer, rain may come at any time and if you are not prepared, you may have to pay plenty for renting Disney rain protection.

So, the wise and money-saving decision is that, not only for kids but also for all members, you must bring your own rain protection from home.

9. Try to use a Disney property

Are you surprised? Thinking of how can you use the Disney property under the low-budget plan? Actually, some experienced visitor shares their ideas and I think they are not wrong. First of all, if you used Disney transport then you can easily save the parking fees.

And you know that the per day fee is &20 and now calculate again your budget!  According to the expert’s opinion, you should stay at the Disney hotel also. These hotels are under budget and quite well-maintained also.

10. Be tricky about buying your tickets

If you are going to drive your trip under the package then there is nothing to worry about regarding the ticket. But if not, then try to be tricky about buying it. How? You can buy your ticket from an authorized third party in advance instead of Disney.

Usually, these party offers the visitors saving a discount of around 5-20% of Disney’s price. It may be more or less from time to time. Is the savings little? If make an addition to this kind of small savings, definitely you will get a huge savings budget plan, right?

If you don’t want to buy a ticket from these parties then there are many other cheap sources. Such as, along the way to Disney World, you will see many advertisements for selling the ticket at a cheap rate. Be very careful to deal with them, they can be scams.

11. Don’t expense much on souvenirs

Since you want to make Disney World’s vacations within your budget, you should not spend more on souvenirs. If you want to shop for something for your kids then the best job is to look for any clearance sales or deals on famous online shops like Amazon.

Another way is you just keep your eyes on the clearance section of the local Disney Store and shop for some toys and give them to your kids at the park.

You can be a little bit tricky here also. Ask your kids to make savings from their own pocket money. Encourage them to start saving from a few days ago of vacation. This tricky idea will give you at least two benefits. One is your kids will habituate to savings and your vacation will be passed easily under budget.

Another way of savings

  • Buy a saving jar and start saving from today and encourage the other members also.
  • Save extra income like holiday allowance, X mass bonus, and save the budget for the birthday celebration by skipping it.
  • Try to save on daily expenses. Carry your daily lunch and avoid having breakfast and snacks outdoors.
  • Try to cut out some small expenses. Like walking for a near destination, cutting off at least one coffee daily, or limiting your budget for evening snacks. All of these may save only &2 per day but multiply by 360 and get a big saving for a Disney World vacation end of the year!

Final Verdict

Vacation at an expensive place like Disney world is not easily affordable for all. But the dream has no bounds and no limit. Isn’t it? I hope the tips I have discussed above will help you plan a trip to Disney World. Making a plan successful alone is quite a hard job. So try to involve all members of your family who are excited to be accompanied by you.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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