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Top 11 Using Stroller Tips At Disney World

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Using stroller tips can make your vacation comfortable at an outdoor park like Disney World. Disney World can be a good choice for any parents to spend their vacation. Kids enjoy Disney world.

If it is your first time at Disney with your kid then there are some tips for using a stroller at Disney World. These tips will help to make your vacation more comfortable and you will enjoy the most.

Why Do You Really Follow Using Stroller Tips At Disney World?

You will get various opinions about the utility of the stroller at Disney World. And obviously, these options are too much conflicting. If it is your first time at Disney World with your kids then definitely it is difficult to decide whether to carry a stroller or not.

Another problem is that you have no idea about your kid’s performance in such a gigantic size of the area.

There is some reason why should you carry a stroller at Disney World during your vacation. Let’s see the reasons:

  • A stroller can be the best place to take a rest for your baby. A safe place to sit or sleep. The stroller also can be a great transport to visit the whole park end to end. Choose the best strollers for Disney world which may make your move easy.
  • Some necessary goods like a diaper bag and extra dresses for babies can easily store in a stroller basket.
  • In my opinion, the best thing about taking the stroller with you is to protect your baby from the unfriendly weather. At the time of rain or the extreme heat of the sun, you can easily protect your baby by using it.
  • If you do not take the stroller to Disney Wired, you might have to pay some money to rent. Another problem with the rental is you may not get all the comfort from it. So, if you have a good one then why should you waste money on an uncomfortable vehicle?
  • The vital reason for taking the stroller with you is the use of the baby’s nap Many parents have to return to the hotel only because the baby needs rest. You will get some quiet corners in many parts of the park to sleep your baby. Then why should you take hustle to leave the park, just take your stroller and enjoy the full time?

11 Using stroller tips for having an enjoyable Disney World trip

If you are taking your kids and going to Disney World for the first time then these using stroller tips will be quite helpful for you. Here we share how you can make the best use of your stroller. What should you do with it and what should not? Let us see the tips.

1. During the visit save $15 to $25 every day

As we already said, you may have wasted money by renting a stroller. Especially if you plan more than one or two days spend in the park then you have to expense $15 to $25 every day. The main thing is that bringing your own stroller not only makes comfort your vacation but also saves your wallet.

2. Bring your stroller by an Airline

Many kinds of transport can refuse to carry your stroller due to lack of enough space. But for easy movement at Disney world, the stroller is a must. So how can you solve this problem?  Why don’t you find an available flight toward Disney world?

Yes, you will available for flights from many destinations to Disney world. Search for the suitable one for you who has a nice journey with your own stroller.

Make sure before flying that the airline carries a stroller or not. Most airline allows car seat, stroller, and infant to carry the seat. You may have to undergo some security procedures but don’t worry these are only for others’ safety.

3. Rent a stroller for easy moving

Sometimes it is hard to fit a stroller in the transport. Besides this, many public types of transport do not allow carrying a stroller. As we know that the average size of the stroller is 31″X52″ and it is quite difficult to set into the available vehicles. The only solution to this problem is to rent a stroller.

The rental strollers of Disney world are looking for something like a jogging stroller but don’t worry it will purely suitable for you. We have already mentioned that you expend about $15 to $25 every day for the rental vehicle.

4. You can buy it also

Another option is to buy a stroller. You will get the vehicles at the same place where the rental is located. These strollers can carry about 40 to 50 pounds easily. It may cost about $60. If you plan to spend time more than one or two days at Disney world then buying it is a better idea than renting one.

5. Leave a sign on your stroller

You will find a large number of similar strollers in the park. Especially when you leave it in a specific parking area. It may become a big challenge for you to find out you are one among the hundreds of others. The easy way to find your vehicle tags is something like a colorful small flag, balloon, or ribbon, or leaving a sign for marking as yours.

6. For a long duration park your vehicle in the denominated area

Disney world is full of the attractive part of Fantasyland, Toon Town, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, etc. You can’t carry a stroller everywhere. The perfect solution is to park your vehicle in the specific parking area and then enjoy.

As you can’t constantly move with and without a stroller, you should find out the place where you can park it and easy to find at the time of back.

Remember one thing that parks your vehicle only at a dedicated parking area which is selected by the administrative authority of Disney world. If you leave the stroller at any undesired place like beside a garbage can or in front of a sitting place then the possibility is don’t see it where you left it after a return.

Authority will move it to the right place because it may disturb other visitors to the park. But don’t worry dear visitor, you will get a dedicated parking area nearby every attractive part of the park.  Just park the stroller and enjoy your vacation.

7. Keep your eyes open

Disney World is a place where you will get a sea of the crowd at every part. Hope you imagine that moving with a stroller how much more difficult through crowds. You should keep hard patience and walk slowly along with crowds of people.

Be careful not to hurt others’ backs or ankles. Don’t try to overtake those who are moving slowly in front of you. Otherwise, there can be a conflict. You should behave with other guests very friendly.

8. Buy some extra accessories for the stroller

Some extra accessories for the stroller may make your vacation more comfortable. Use shade on the stroller, because it will give you extra protection at the time when you take a break. You will get an excellent Disney experience.

But in my opinion, it is better for the children to get a stroller used at home without taking a stroller from Disney World. This will make the kids feel more comfortable.

If you have an infant then my suggestion is to use a full-set stroller. It will protect your baby from sunshine and raindrops. You can take an extra snack tray and obviously a safety harness. These accessories will make your vacation not only comfortable but also safe.

9. Take a rain cover with you

Now I’m going to give you the best tips for using a stroller at Disney World. And the tips are ‘take a rain cover with you’. You can’t take a chance with your baby’s safety, isn’t it? You can’t predict rain, especially in summer. So why should you take a risk?

The cover must be a stroller size. Make sure that there are enough ventilation paths otherwise baby can feel suffocation. Try to choose a multifunctional cover that may protect your baby not only from rain but also from snow and fog.

10. The stroller has to be breathable must

Some pediatricians said that the stroller may become extremely hot which can make an easily sick a baby. So you should be very conscious of the sun’s heat. Sometimes a parent becomes relaxed by taking the stroller with the largest canopy. But you know, the canopy is not sufficient to prevent heat, especially in the summer sun.

So, now take another best tip for using a stroller at Disney World and that is taking a breathable stroller cover. You should avoid blankets. If you are really serious about a breathable stroller cover then you can try SnoozeShade Plus.

You should very conscious about heart attacks in your baby. Keep checking after a few minutes. If your baby’s skin feels hot to touch and becomes radish, looks tired, over sweating then take all these as warning signs. Don’t waste time at all, as soon as possible consult with a doctor. Move your baby to a comparatively cool place quickly.

11. Disney world stroller policy

Several policies have been recommended for the safety of Disney World. This policy applies to everyone regardless of small ones. There are some instructions for using their own stroller. It is compulsory to comply with these instructions. Let’s learn about the principles of the stroller.

  • Strollers are not allowed larger than 31″X 52″ (79 cm X 132 cm)
  • Any trailer-like object that is pushed or towed by an Electronic Convenience Vehicle, wheelchair, or stroller, or pulled by a person or wagon is not allowed.

You must follow the park rules of Disney World for your safe journey.

Can you take strollers on Disney buses?

In this section of the useful stroller tips, we will discuss carrying a stroller on a Disney bus. We know that Disney has grown up with a lot of space where buses are used for transport to various parts. So many people have this question ‘can I take a stroller on Disney buses’?

In fact, it is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents on their Disney trip. The answer is ‘yes’ you can. But here are some noticeable things.

First of all, when you want to take a stroller on a Disney trip, check that its size is per Disney World’s rules or not. Because Disney authorities strictly follow their rules. And if your vehicle is not of its intended size, you will not be allowed to use it.

When you get on the bus with your stroller, you must fold it to make it as small as possible in size. It is a Disney rule also. Try to enter into an empty or less crowded bus because dealing with a stroller on a full bus can be very difficult. An umbrella stroller may be easy to deal with.

How do you keep your stroller from being stolen?

Stroller theft at Disney World can be a horrible experience for you. Are you surprised? It can happen to you as it has done too many before. If you do not want to feel broken-heart and so much violated at the happiest place like Disney World, then you should be aware all the time.

But that doesn’t mean you should always think of a stroller, except if you enjoy your trip. There are many ideas to protect the stroller even with too much crowd also. For your convenience, here are the best tips that I have found.

1. Make a tag for your stroller

It is the simplest way to protect the stroller from being stolen. You can laminate your tag and then attach it to the stroller with a heavy-duty zip tie. Don’t you like this option? Okay, then why don’t you create a decal and iron on the stroller somehow?

It looks like you are saying, “it is my stroller, and don’t you dare to touch it” No one will want to use a stroller that contains another family’s name on it.

2. Buy a stroller lock and use it

A stroller lock also can be a great way to prevent your stroller from being stolen. There are plenty of varieties of stroller locks available in the market such as BuggyGuard Retractable Stroller Lock, Baby lock n’ Go Retractable Stroller Lock, etc.

You will not allow to lock it with a stationary object in the parks but do not worry, tie your stroller’s wheels together. It also keeps your stroller safe.

3. Now protect yourself

It is also quite important. You do not dare to leave anything ever on the stroller. Again says, do not leave anything ever on the stroller. You can understand the importance of seeing the same words repeated.

Traveling to Disney World is just like a dream for many people. We do not want to let your dream trip go by loosening anything valuable, and you go back home with a crappy experience. So again, I caution, do not to go anywhere without leaving anything in a stroller.

4. Decorate your stroller

Do not stop by simply tagging your family name to protect your beloved stroller from being stolen. Remember, sometimes a thief can be smarter than you. Wondering what else to do?

Decorate your stroller. It will not only look nice on your stroller but also make it different than the other. Tie some balloons, wrap the body with colored paper, and put some rope lights on the wheel. Just make your stroller unique.

5. Do not cover your stroller with a poncho

Though most travelers do it, you should not do it. Because Disney authority sells only one poncho so your one will also be the same as many others. Just think, after the rain, what happens when you see all strollers covered with the same poncho? Can you able to identify your one immediately? Never.

As a result, it will be easy for a thief to steal any stroller because anyone can’t notice. Even there is a chance of anyone mistakenly taking your gear and leaving their one behind. So you should find a stroller cover that is clear and transparent and definitely look different from others. Or just let get wet your stroller.

Final Verdict

Finally, as we know Disney World is a crowded place, as a result, it becomes quite difficult to take a stroller. Here I have discussed possible obstacles against the used stroller in Disney World and their solution also. So try to follow these using stroller tips at Disney World and enjoy a happy vacation.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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