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Disney World Tips For First Timers | Effective Guide

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If you are going to visit Disney World for the first time, then you may need some Disney World tips. Often it is seen that most first-time visitors make a lot of mistakes. There are plenty of things that are quite impossible until you visit the parks.

Not only that, Disney World Park has organized many events throughout the year. Due to not having clear ideas about these issues, there might be problems creating a new trip plan for newcomers.

Keep this issue in mind; we’ve listed some important things which the first-time visitor ought to know. These Disney World tips will be quite workable if you are planning to visit the park in recent times. Even if you have already visited once, these tips will get a lot of new information which will be very helpful for your next journey.

Disney World tips for first-time visitors

These Disney World tips were collected from the experiences of the visitors who have visited the park several times. Let’s see the basic things that first-time Disney park visitors should know.

1. Know the basic things

At the beginning of your planning, you should make research Disney World for its necessary information. The information like how big the resort is, what are the main attractions of the park, the opening and closing times, what are the upcoming seasonal events going to be held, etc. Even if you think that you are quite familiar with the park’s basics, you should research the latest updates.

2. Plan ahead

For Disney World trips, great planning means vast options. That’s why I recommend planning should start at least a few months in advance whenever you want to go.

Disney World is so popular and so many people visit it every year that it stayed crowded throughout the year. For this reason, if you do not make reservations before most of the place, you can be deprived of enjoying it.

For example, dining reservations for all on-site Disney restaurants can be made up to 180 days in advance. Mainly when Disney offers any special discount and during favorite travel times, all on-site resorts are booked in advance. If you want to drive your Disney trip on a budget then these discount offers will be quite helpful for you.

3. Choose the departure date

You can make your first trip to Disney World great at any time of the year, but the advanced information about the weather and expected crowds can help you get prepared correctly for the trip.

For many visitors, choosing the trip time depends on work and school vacation schedules. You should also consider some other factors to selecting the date such as crowds, weather, cost, etc.

Usually, the resort prices and crowds become high at the favorite travel times of parks such as winter and spring breaks, the week between Christmas and new year’s, summer vacation, etc. Summer and winter are not such good times for their unpredictable weather.

My Disney World tip for first-time visitors is to try to choose the fall for the trip. It is the best time to go to Disney World, and you can enjoy the special event also.

4. Use Disney apps for ordering food and beverage

It is one of the best Disney World tips on this list. You can use the “My Disney Experience App” on your android mobile to get the quick service of restaurants. You don’t need to lose your time waiting in line. You can place your order wherever you are for saving time.

You have added everything that you want in your cart and then review the order and place it using the app. The park currently accepts Disney dining plans, debit cards, and credit cards for mobile order payments.

5. Take a power strip

Another important Disney World tip is; do not to forget to take a power strip when you pack for your vacation. From my experience, most hotel rooms do not have enough sockets, or the rest sockets are in awkward positions throughout the room. So for ensuring you’re, all electronic devices are correctly charged a power strip is essential.

6. Pack only what you need

We usually pack quite a big bag due to visiting somewhere for a few days. And so, my next Disney World tip, try to know what to bring to Disney World. You should keep some free space in your bag. Take only a few more necessary things.

Because you need more room to carry souvenirs. And another practical reason is a lightweight bag will be easy to bring for the whole trip.

Besides this, you may know that usually a large bag is not often allowed on rides and there are free spaces at our rear to leave your bags while you ride.

7. Take enough battery backup

Don’t forget to take a power bank to reserve power for your phone and camera. Most of the time of the day you will spend in the park, and your phone will be used frequently. As a result, you may run out of power before you finish your day. During this situation, your portable backup battery pack will help you to continue the use of your devices.

8. Book FastPasses

FastPasses give you a fantastic opportunity to pass a one-hour window, and during this period you can enter any attraction and ride with little to no wait.

You can book these FastPasses up to 60 days in advance of your vacation if you are going to stay onsite and 30 days in advance if you are going to remain offsite. Note that, you have to go through some procedures to book FastPass.

You can make research on the internet and the Disney World web page for detailed information. You are allowed to book in advance three FastPasses per day, and all passes should be for the same theme park.

9. A rental car may be expensive

There is a complimentary transport service on behalf of the park from Orlando Airport to Disney hotels, and people love to use this Disney Magical Express. This transport service is quite popular among Disney visitors because the rental car at the airport can be too expensive.

You can avoid renting a car in two ways. One is, that you can rent your car from an off-airport location, and another is you can use Disney’s Magical Express. You can also make a call to Uber or Lyft. These services are also budget-friendly and better than having a rental car.

10. Prepare physically for a long time walking

We all know that Disney World Park is such a big area that it is quite tight to visit on foot. During your trip, you may tire out walking around the park for a whole day long. So if you are not physically able, then long-term travel to Disney World can be painful for you.

So, if you plan to stay the entire day at the park, then my next Disney World tips are that you should physically get prepared for it.

You can start some freehand workouts a few days ago from your departure date. These freehand exercises will help you walk for the whole day in the park without fatigue and blisters.

11. Learn about the main attractions

You may don’t have enough time to cover each park. You should arrange a guide for all entertainment, attractions, and rides of each park. There are various parks in Disney World; these are Animal kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom. Try to know the ride guide and attractions of these parks before you set up your plan.

12. Purchase a guidebook

It is an open truth that information in the printed world is quite more than on the internet. My next Disney World tip is; to consider buying a guidebook before you start your planning. Try to buy an accessible guide for planning your Disney World trip. Although many people prefer online to get updated information, I like the printed guidebook for details.

13. Don’t make over schedule

Many people were unable to create compatible plans between the time and the size of the park during the first time of their travels. As a result, the schedule becomes very tight.

If you have such problems in your planning, then you will be exhausted at the beginning of the journey. And you cannot enjoy enough the rest days of your trip. Remember that this is a vacation, so it is not necessary to keep every moment busy.

14. Reusable Water Bottle

Trust me; reusable water bottle is super money-saving Disney World tips. Reusable means the container you can fill again after finishing the water, and it is quite good for the environment also.

You can quickly become thirsty because of long walks in large parks like Disney World. So it is essential to drink healthy water to avoid dehydration. If you don’t like plain water then can use flavor packs.

15. An advanced dining reservation is important

One of the critical Disney World tips is to make an advance dining reservation. You have to make this reservation at Disney World restaurants at least 180 days before your trip. You have to do this in advance because your favorite restaurant like Chef Mickey’s, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Le Cellier book up months in advance.

Since all the restaurants are already booked, you can also make your reservation an adequate time ahead. Otherwise, you will have to stay hungry while traveling.

16. Take a short break

Don’t plan to travel the whole day long without any interruption. It is a horrible idea. It will burn all your energy on the first day and the rest of the day of your trip will be very pale due to your fatigue and tiredness.

So time to time take a short break from your tour and go back to the resort for a nap. You can pass your free time by sitting at a character lunch or pool time also.

17. Wear comfy shoes

If you don’t have a trip to Disney World yet, then you may have a not clear idea of how much you have to walk during the visit. Don’t forget to take your comfy shoes. You will not want to have sore toes and blisters on your first day.

18. Bring your ponchos

Ponchos are other essential elements that you will badly need at Disney World. Though the park authority sells their won ponchos, they are quite expensive. You are not bound to buy these adorable ponchos at all; you can buy them if you are not prepared. If you are planning your Disney World trip on a budget, then my next Disney World tips bring your ponchos.

19. Make your memory with pictures

You are allowed to be crazy to take photos. No matter what people say about you, it is your dream vacation you should make large memory by taking pictures.

Forget everything; take pictures as many as you want. Just keep in mind that do not let your photography cause another person’s annoyance. Others like you are here to enjoy their vacation. So you can not waste any other holiday for your pleasure in any way.

20. Use sunscreen

The sun in Florida is hot throughout the year. You might be surprised to know that Florida is still warm enough in the cloudy and humid weather. For this reason, do not forget to use sunscreen for you and your family members. You should apply it before you leave your hotel.

21. Take some extra baby products

If your child is with you on this trip, take a look at his packing. Take his/her necessary things. Such as diapers, baby food, wipes, extra clothes, a stroller, etc. The park authority imposed some conditions for carrying the straw.

Check that your stroller is filling this condition beforehand. Or some of the best strollers for Disney World are available on the market; you can buy them according to your requirements.

Disney world tips and secrets

We have already discussed some Disney World tips in our above discussion. Here we listed some more Disney World tips and secrets which can make your vacation fantastic. Let’s see the tips and secrets.

1. Make a birthday call

Do you have your baby’s birthday during the Disney World trip? Do you want to surprise him/her on your baby’s birthday? You can make a wake-up call from Disney characters. You have to ask a Cast member and talk to the front desk to help you set them up. Trust me; it will be the most pleasant surprise for your baby.

2. Use a baby care center

If you have a kid, then you can take advantage of the baby care center situated at both parks. You can go shopping for various baby necessities from this center. You can use this center to feed and change babies and can take a break with your little one.

3. Use a Disney travel agent

Our next Disney World tip; use a Disney travel agent. These agents are quite knowledgeable, and the most beautiful thing is that you don’t need to cost anything for their advice. They will advise all related things like how to make your dining reservation, what parks to go to on what days, which fast passes to get etc.

4. You can buy your Disney costume from the outlet

Buying gifts, uniforms, and souvenirs is a part of the vacation. But if your trip is going under a limited budget then try to buy them from the Disney outlet. It is one of the most important money-saving Disney World tips.

5. Collect transportation cards

It is not any secret Disney World tip, but no one notices the fantastic part of this activity that why I am calling it a secret. You can’t imagine how much fun to collect these cards. You can ask for your transportation card from any Disney World transportation driver and most of the time they have one.

Must do at Disney World

Are you going to visit Disney World for the first time? This famous park has so many fun things to enjoy that many people have been confused during their first visit. Here we listed some fun stuff that you must do at Disney World.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

It is one of the main attractions of the magic kingdom. After the super success of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the park has added some fantastic features to this old attraction. It is quite better than before so do not miss it.

2. Expedition Everest

The animal kingdom is one of the famous parts of Disney World. The main attraction of it is Kilimanjaro Safaris. But it is not the only one on the list. Plenty of thrills rides and summits here as well. The most significant draw of this park is Expedition Everest. You must enjoy this summit during your trip.

3. Water Parks

Disney World has two amazing water parks-Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. We suggest to you as our next Disney tip that you should visit these water parks. These are the most exciting and fun areas in other parts of the park.

4. Holiday Festivals

Disney World is always crowded and delightful. But the fun of Park reached different levels of happiness in holidays. Various events are organized based on holidays throughout the year. Such as Epcot’s international festival, Halloween party, Merry Christmas party, etc. Try to make your Disney World trip during any holiday.

5. Disney Character dining meals

Every person including kids should enjoy at least one Disney character meal during their vacation. This meal becomes full of fun when you enjoy your food with some of the most beloved characters for Disney.

6. Magic Kingdom’s mountain

Your Disney World tour will not be complete until you travel to the three-storied mountains of Magic Kingdom. These mountains are Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. So be prepared to climb these fantastic mountains and do unlimited fun.

7. Discover other Disney resorts

Don’t miss discovering other Disney resorts. It is a very unusual Disney World tip. You can check out their grounds, lobbies, and other special features that make every Disney resort distinct and exciting. Some of the most beautiful and exciting resorts are Port Orleans, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Fort Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, etc.

8. Rent a boat

If you love boating, then Disney World has a fabulous offer for you. Disney’s Campground and Fort Wilderness have a fantastic opportunity to rent a canoe and kayak. There are varsities of watercraft such as Boston Whalers, Sea Raycers, and Sun Trackers. You may spend some money but the fun will be quite more than that.

Mistakes to avoid at Disney World

During the Disney World Tour for the first time, most visitors make many mistakes. Our next Disney World tips are some of the standard errors that can cause the whole trip to be lost.

1. Don’t miss to sign up for a discount

It is quite an impressive offer from the park authority. By signing up for free vacation planning, you can get various discount offers such as free dining, room discount, ticket discount, etc. So don’t forget to sign up for a refund.

2. Don’t miss to check the crowd calendar

It is another important Disney World tip for all first-timer. Though the park stays crowded throughout the year during some specific times and events, the park becomes overcrowded. If you don’t want to lose your valuable time standing in a queue, then don’t forget to check the crowd calendar to find the best time to go to Disney World.

3. Don’t forget to take comfy shoes

If you do not visit the park yet, then you can’t imagine how much you have to walk to visit the park. That’s why to take this advice as Disney World tips and don’t forget to take those shoes which are most comfortable for you.

4. Do your shopping at the end of the day

Many people make a mistake during the first Disney World tour. Become so excited and bought many gifts and souvenirs at the beginning of the day. As a result, many shopping bags have to carry during daytime travel in the park. So, after completing your day trip, make a purchase.

5. Calculate the Disney dining plan

Disney World is quite famous for its food also. You will be entertained by more than 135 dishes. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Disney offers some amazing meal plans for their guest. If you want to take something light, then Disney’s quick service is the best choice for you. You can choose the deluxe dining plan for three meals a day also.

6. Don’t miss to take advantage of the rope drop

Rope drop means the very first period when the park opens for the day. At this time there is the least crowd in the park. For a family trip, the early two hours after rope drop are the best time for a visit without FastPasses. Because it is the time when the line of most of the rides is very decent, and you have to minimal wait.

Best Disney World restaurant, resort, and rides

All visitors to the park especially first-timers frequently ask the question that what are the best Disney World restaurant, resorts, and rides.

The best restaurants in Disney World are:

• Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
• 50’s Prime Time Cafe
• Biergarten
• Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
• San Angel Inn Restaurant
• Be Our Guest Restaurant
• Coral reef etc.

The best resorts at Disney World are:

• Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
• Four Season Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort
• Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
• Disney’s Contemporary Resort
• Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
• Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Resort
• Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

The best rides at Disney World are:

• Pirates of the Caribbean
• The Twilight Zone Tower of terror
• The Haunted Mansion
• Avatar Flight of Passage
• Star Tours- The adventure continues
• Soarin’ Around the World
• Expedition Everest etc.

Things that you absolutely cannot take into Disney World

The authority of the park has placed a list of top things that you can’t carry inside along with you. Though the file is not so long if you are a first-time visitor, then you should know the list.

  • Alcohol and drugs: All types of alcohol are not allowed, and only some prescribed drugs are. Keep a copy of your prescription for security reasons.
  • Large bags: You must carry a reasonable size bag pack.
  • Trailer-like objects: These types of objects are also not allowed. This includes coolers on wheels, wagons, or anything like this.
  • Large strollers: Disney authority has bound sizes for strollers. You can carry only a 36″x 52″ stroller. Please note that you cannot carry a larger than a 31″x 52″ stroller from 1st May 2019. If your vehicle can’t meet the condition, then you can rent a stroller at Disney World.
  • Weapons: You are not allowed to carry any toy weapons to avoid confusion. All guests of the parks are requested to leave their firearms in their hotel safe or vehicles.
  • Selfie Sticks: It may be sad news for selfie lovers that selfie sticks and any telescopic handheld devices are not allowed at Disney World.
  • Folding chair: You can’t carry any folding chair or a comfy seat for your personal use.
  • Professional photographer: The Disney World authority has not allowed any professional photoshoots at their compound.
  • Animals and pets: Any pets and animals are not allowed at the park, but you can leave your pet daycare located outside of the park.
  • Inappropriate clothes: This is another essential Disney World tip; anyone is not allowed in inappropriate clothing. For example-
    • You must wear shirts and shoes at all times
    • Any offensive graphics and language are not allowed
    • Guests have to cover their body parts modestly
    • Tank tops are allowed, but bra tops are not
    • Shorts are, but short-shorts are not.

Wrapping up

Disney World is so big and so abundant in the fun that for the first time, many have been confused about what to do. As a result, they cannot enjoy their trip well. Hopefully, the Disney World Tips discussed above will be very useful for those who travel to the park for the first time. This article is not just tips; it’s a complete guideline for first-timers.

So, get informed of all necessary issues about Disney World and enjoy your trip the most If you need to know more about Disney World and the updated information then you can visit the official website of Disney World.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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