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Stroller With Rubber Wheels Vs Plastic | Which One Is Better?

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You will find different varieties while choosing the strollers, and there are variations in the wheel type too. Now if you are new to buying a stroller, the difference in wheels may confuse you.

So, stroller with rubber wheels vs plastic, which will be suitable for the move? We will have to say rubber wheels in this case. Rubber wheels offer you good traction on muddy or greasy surfaces and a smooth ride. There will be no wear or tear so, it is an advantage.

It’s not like the plastic wheels are of no use. They can be good too if you are not into running and if you don’t take out the stroller that much. However, we have gathered more information in this regard so that’s what we will spill today!

Stroller With Rubber Wheels Vs Plastic

Both rubber and plastic wheels are popular choices in strollers. But if you want our suggestion, we will give the upvote to rubber wheels. And there are strong reasons behind the pick.

If you live in a cold area, or if it snows, the snow can affect the plastic wheels greatly. Sometimes, the water can get inside the wheels, causing an interruption in the move. There are possibilities of cracks as well.

Due to freezing temperatures, the water may freeze inside the plastic wheels, making them stuck. You will find yourself in an awful situation at that moment. However, you won’t face such issues with rubber wheels as those are water-repellant and do not get cracked.

However, rubber wheels may get punctured if you go through a rough trail. But you can fill the air anytime if the rubber wheel is air-filled. You can also find foam-filled tires, which are more easygoing.

Another reason behind picking out the rubber wheels as the good ones over plastic is because they provide way better traction over roads. They can get you through rugged or slippery, snowy roads easily.

Noteworthy Information About Rubber Wheels:

  • Strollers with rubber wheels can be slightly more expensive than plastic-wheeled ones.
  • Rubber tires make the stroller heavier which might be an issue for you.
  • The wheels can be air-filled or foam-filled. If the wheel is air-filled, then you have to refill the air every 10-15 days.
  • In some cases, the rubber wheels may take up more space, making it harder for you to travel with the stroller.

Types Of Rubber Wheels

As mentioned above, there are two types of rubber wheels; air-filled and foam-filled. For a better understanding, we will talk more about the types:

Air-Filled Rubber Wheels

These are more common than foam-filled ones. The advantage is that you can refill the wheels whenever you feel that it has been damped. Air-filled wheels can give you a smooth ride which is an advantage if you are going to the countryside.

They are also good shock absorbers, so you will get better traction on the way. Another great thing is the smooth ride; pushing the stroller is way more comfortable than other wheel options.

However, you will have to ensure proper maintenance of the air-filled tires as they need to be refilled every 10-15 days. Otherwise, the stroller will be hard to roll if the wheel is not adequately filled with air.

Foam-Filled Rubber Wheels

Foam-filled wheels are also popular and can give you a good ride on uneven surfaces. However, it is filled with rubber instead of air, so you won’t have to refill it. Also, they are not prone to punctures, and you won’t have to refill them now and then.

These tires stand out for their longevity, which is excellent if you want stroller wheels that last long. The only downside is that as the tires are filled with foam, they are pretty heavy. As a result, the stroller becomes hard to push or roll.

Another Tire Option For A Stroller

Alongside the rubber and plastic wheels, another available variety is the EVA wheels. Now we will share a little bit of information about it:

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Wheels

EVA is a unique material for wheels that is very lightweight. These wheels offer amazing flexibility in the ride making the stroller easy to move here and there. However, these tires are not that good for uneven or bumpy surfaces.

Therefore, you can use these wheels when just going out in the yard or nearby areas. Another greatness of these tires is that they require much less maintenance and do not get punctured. However, they require lubricating from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kind Of Stroller Wheels Are Best?

From our personal experience, we have to say that the rubber wheels are perfect. They can get you through any kind of terrain and offer great flexibility. Both air-filled and foam-filled rubber wheels are awesome picks.

Are Jogging Strollers Easier To Push?

If you are a runner, then jogging strollers are the best option, as regular strollers cannot cope with the speed. And they may feel stiff while moving at a fast pace. So, yes, the jogging strollers are easier to push and run.

What Are Pneumatic Tires On Strollers?

Pneumatic tires are quite heavier than other tire options that offer amazing flexibility. However, the weight can be a downside sometimes. But they offer a smooth ride on bumpy roads depending on the inflation.

How Long Do Foam-Filled Tires Last?

The foam-filled tires are known for longevity so as long as the casing is good, you can expect to have a long run. If you can ensure proper maintenance of the casing, the tire will follow the durability.

Final Observation

So, we are done discussing strollers with rubber wheels vs plastic. In many ways, the rubber wheels stand out, in our opinion. So if you want a supple ride, durability, and less hassle, you should go with this one.

However, there is no right or wrong regarding stroller wheels, as it mostly depends on your preference. So, if you like plastic wheels, you can go for them without any second thought.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Marcia Hatman

    Thanks for writing this article. I’ve spent hours over the past two days trying to pick out a stroller on Amazon, and today I finally did. I found a nice stroller with rubber wheels – I took your advice to heart – and, as it turned out, the red version of the stroller I was going to order was about $159 but the blue version was $99. Guess which one we ordered.

    Our only problem now is that it won’t get here until Friday, and we go out every day. I have a very nice little red wagon I use to carry in groceries, so for now my dachshund rides in the wagon. Our Yorkie just walks. Doxie has a back injury that has been exacerbated for a few days, and her old stroller tried to tump her out on her head the other night, so that’s it.

    Thanks so much for the advice about the tires/wheels. I probably would’ve bought a cheaper stroller with those EVA wheels and thought I’d done a good job if I hadn’t read your article. Not only did I buy a stroller from Amazon, where I do almost all my shopping, but I got a good one that should last for years. I also bought the 3-year warranty. And I got the good tires so we don’t have to worry about that.

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