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How to Remove Baby Trend Stroller Wheels | Quick Procedure

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Removing the baby trend stroller wheels requires some tactics unless you want to experience something bizarre. Although the removal procedure is straightforward, you will need a good lead to follow it through.

So, therefore, today’s attempt is to show you how to remove baby trend stroller wheels with the easiest steps. For a quick follow-up, you can try:

  • Remove the forks from the front wheel and unlock it.
  • Lay the stroller sidewise and pull out the rear wheels from the place.

Now, we will move to an elaborate explanation of what you will need to do. Let’s move forward with the details!

How to Remove Baby Trend Stroller Wheels? In 4 Easy Steps

As we mentioned, the removal procedure isn’t rocket science to master. There are three wheels in this stroller. So you have to remove two rear wheels and one front wheel. Let’s see the steps to follow:


The front wheel is attached to the forks. So you have to remove the forks from both sides carefully.


Once you remove the forks, the wheel will loosen from its place. Then remove the locking assembly to remove the wheel. And then you can pull it out.


Now, you have to lay the stroller on one side to remove the rear wheels. After laying the stroller down,


The procedure to remove the rear wheels is pretty simple. As the rear wheels are attached to the frames, you can simply pull them out from the place. Once you are done with one side, roll the stroller over to remove the other wheel.

See, the whole procedure is effortless. Now, if you have removed the stroller wheels and don’t know how to reassemble them, let’s see what you can do in that case!

How To Assemble Baby Trend Stroller Wheels?

Just like the removal procedure, assembling stroller wheels is easy too. So here’s how you can do it:


First, you have to assemble the front wheels. To do so, lock the frame and lean the stroller on its handle. Afterward, check whether the forks are in place or not. The forks keep the wheels in place.


Now, loosen the locking mechanism from both sides of the wheel. Then slide the wheel into the forks and secure it into them properly.


Now tighten the lever clockwise until you feel it’s secured enough. Once the securing is done, your front wheel installation is completed.


Now, it’s time to install the rear wheels. To do so, lay the stroller sidewise and secure the wheels. Installing the rear wheels is easier than the front wheel. All you have to do is just place them in the correct area and lock them properly.

Why Is It Important To Correctly Install The Stroller Wheels?

Securing the wheels in place is essential if you want to avoid any sort of accident while traveling with strollers. If you don’t install the wheels properly, there’s a high risk of them falling out of place.

As a result, the stroller can crash and fall down. So if you’re carrying your baby in it, your baby will be at risk of injuring themselves.

Also, if you don’t install the wheels properly, you cannot move the stroller comfortably. It may get stuck in places that won’t be a pleasing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Replace A Wheel On A Stroller?

Yes, if needed, you can easily replace the stroller wheels. Just as shown in the removal technique, you can follow the same to remove your stroller wheels and install a new one. If your previous wheels are worn out, broken, or squeaky, it’s better to go for a replacement soon.

Are Bigger Wheels Better On A Stroller?

Yes, bigger wheels can handle uneven surfaces more efficiently. So if you want the best support and comfort from the stroller, going for bigger wheels is a good idea. However, don’t go for a wheel that’s too big for your stroller; it will create a mismatch.

Why Do My Wheels Squeak When I Drive?

Worn-out or damaged wheels can cause squeaking while driving. Driving using a worn-out stroller wheel is quite risky as it can fall out and cause injuries. So if you notice any squeaking, it’s better to get a replacement soon.

Why Do Strollers Have Double Wheels?

Double wheels make the movement of strollers easier. You can move comfortably and get better support. As a result, these strollers are less prone to accidents. Besides, the wheels help to get through any terrain, making it more flexible.

Wrapping Up

We have already shared the details of how to remove baby trend stroller wheels. The procedure is very simple if you can follow the steps properly. However, you need to check the instructions before you move forward because otherwise, leaving anything behind can cause the risk of accidents in the future.

Also, if you see any of the wheels worn out or damaged, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible. Damaged wheels can fall out anytime, causing danger while moving.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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