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How to Pump Bob Stroller Tire | 6 Simple Steps

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A stroller is beneficial in many ways. It lets you stay close to your baby while jogging, shopping, or a walk around. Babies also enjoy this awesome trip with you. A stroller simply fits into the family until it is safer for your baby. Maintain the stroller well to ensure its longevity.

Since there are many components in the stroller, the tires are the most important ones. Tires help to ride the stroller and move forward.

If your stroller tires don’t have enough air, the stroller won’t move smoothly. It doesn’t properly operate without fully air-filled tires. Sometimes inflated tires may cause accidents.

So whenever you are taking out your baby with a stroller, check the tires and make sure they are air-filled. Many parents don’t know how to pump Bob’s stroller tire. Here we will guide you on how to properly pump Bob’s stroller.

How to Pump Bob stroller Tire?

In this guide, we try to give ample knowledge about pumping Bob tires. To pump your Bob stroller tires, you need to perform certain steps.

Step 1: Arrange the right tools

If you own a stroller, you must have some basic tools like an air pump, inflator, gloves, etc. These tools are a must to pump the tires. However, you need to get the right pump that effectively works. Often, bike pumps are suitable to pump the stroller tires. But consider the tire type at first.

There are mostly two types of tire valves: Schrader or Presta. You can find two types of pumpers for these two different valve heads. However, some pumps have dual pump attachments. If you have a dual pump attachment, then inspect your stroller tire valve and get the right pump. Most Bob strollers have Schrader tire valves.

Step 2: Prepare the valve

The valve is closed with a plastic cap. So first, you need to remove the cap to pump the tire. Suppose you lost the cap, no big deal if the tires have a Presta valve head. On the contrary, the Schrader valve is sealed with a tiny nut. In this case, you need to unscrew the valve. The nut won’t miss as it is screwed inside the valve head.

Step 3: Know the tire pressure

Since different stroller tire models have different tire pressure, you need to inspect the tire PSI range. Many stroller tires’ PSI range is 235-250; your one may have more or less.

Check the sidewalls for knowing the PSI range as you don’t want to overfill the tire with air. Additionally, check for any wear and tear in the tire. If the tire is worn out, you may need to replace it.

Step 4: Attach the pump

You need an inflator to pump the stroller tires. Attach the inflator at the end of the pressure pump. Once you attach the inflator, fit the pump in the tire valve head, and make sure it sits properly.

Some pumps have a threaded screw or flipping the switch to fit the pump head. It securely holds the pump head and doesn’t allow it to escape air. If there is no air leakage, you can effectively and quickly pump the baby stroller.

Further, you can create a sealed system for effective pumping. However, while pumping always keep an eye on the gauge.

Step 5: Pump to the right level

Every parent wants a bump-free ride for babies. So you need to pump the tubes to the optimal pressure. Many best pumps have gauges, so check on it and don’t be rough on the pump. Then counter-check to see if the rest of the tires are filled with air at the right levels.

Step 6: Remove the pump

Once the tire reaches the right pressure level, pop off the pump head or flip-switch it. Unthread the pump head. Then re-attach the locking nut in the Schrader valve or close the valve cap.

How To Fix a Bob Stroller Flat tire?

If your stroller has a flat tire, then only pumping won’t solve the problem. There may have been damage to the inner tube. The inner tube is the significant part that holds the shape of the tire when pumped up. For flat tires, you want to replace the whole tire unit. But you don’t need to. Changing the inner tube may solve the problem.

Firstly, remove the tire and inner tube from the stroller to inspect them properly. Now, you need to check the tread if there is any large hole or rip on the inner tube. After checking visually, run your fingers gingerly inside the tire for anything sticking out.

Then fix the punctured inner tube. You need to pump up the tube and submerge it in a large bowl filled with water. If bubbles originate from the tube, then understand there is a hole inside the tube. Mark the spot and patch it up.

Many BOB strollers have an aluminum wheel. If the rubber rim strip is missing and exposes the spoke nipples, then the inner tube may be defective. The spoke nipples should be covered.

In this case, the rubber rim strip works like a barrier between mental spoke nipples and the inner tube. If the rim strip is defective, replace it or use some duct or wheel tape. However, the rubber rim strip is specific for the Aluminum wheel, not for the polymer wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a bike pump on Bob’s stroller?

You can use the bike pump on the Bob stroller but don’t be harsh to the tire. You need to gently pump the tires. It would be better if you check the gauge system while pumping for proper air filling.

What is the recommended air pressure for BOB stroller tires?

In most Bob plastic wheels, the inflation pressure is 30 pounds PSI. When inflation pressure is right on the wheel, it will run smoothly.

Do stroller tires have tubes?

Yes, stroller tires have inner tubes that hold the air and give the expected shape. If there is any leakage on the tube, the stroller tire will be flat and won’t run properly.

Final Words

Tires in the stroller are significant for an enjoyable ride for the baby. That’s why you should not neglect to maintain the tires. You need to pump it properly with the right tool.

Also, make sure the inner tube of the tire is properly air-filled and doesn’t have any leakage. Don’t use sharp things like a screwdriver to bring out the inner tire. This article is a complete solution for you. Following the steps, you can properly pump the BOB stroller tire.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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