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How to Wash City Mini Stroller | 7 Simple & Easy Steps

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The City Mini stroller is an outstanding staple for little kids. Baby Jogger City Mini stroller is a popular choice among parents because it is lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver. Its outstanding performance and convenient usage make it the best stroller out there.

Maintaining the longevity of the stroller, the stroller requires some regular maintenance. Moreover, babies can make it dirty due to food, drink spills, or dirt. So you should wash the stroller regularly. If you own a City Mini stroller, this article is for you. Here we have explained step-by-step instructions to wash the City Mini stroller.

How to wash the City Mini stroller?

Cleaning a stroller can be a hassle for someone. But the City Mini stroller is much easier to clean and wash. The cleanliness of the stroller is essential for the health conditions of your baby.

Babies have an amateur immune system so the things that come into regular contact need to be cleaned and germ-free. Below is the washing process of the City Mini Stroller.

Step 1: Disassemble the canopy

Before washing the stroller, you need to disassemble the canopy or padded portion from the metal frame. You can remove all the fabric from the frame which makes it easier to clean and wash.

  • To remove the upper canopy from the lower portion, you need to remove buttons and straps that fasten on the frame from both sides. There is a zipper to attach them together, so unzip it to separate the canopy. Now, hold on to the base of the canopy and pull up connection points to remove it from the frame. There are three ribs on the canopy and you need a screwdriver to remove the ribs from the canopy.
  • Now, the lower portion needs to be removed. Disconnect the screws, straps, and fasteners from both sides. There are little hooks that connect the seats to the frame. Hold the seat and pull up in the same direction and you can remove the seat.
  • The seat has a little metal frame and PE boards inside. You can see fasteners on the backside of the seat, open it and you can see the boards and frame. There are a total of three PE boards that are placed on the upper side, base, and foot base.
  • Also, remove the net portion because it is dirty as well as the rest of the parts. There are also buttons and straps to remove it from the frame.

Store all the small stuff safe until you wash the stroller. Make sure you remove metal frames and hardens from the fabric.

Step 2: Brush away debris

Look for larger crumbs that are collected through the seat. Brush them away. Sometimes food spills also lay on the seat, so you need to clean them first. Small pieces of crumbs and fine dirt can not be removed with a brush, so use a vacuum to get them off thoroughly.

Especially, the storage pockets get dirty too quickly, so run the vacuum twice on these areas. The connection points of the back seat and stroller tend to be the dirtiest spot with more dirt and debris. Pay attention to these dirty parts.

Step 3: Wash the fabric

It is incredible that you can wash the fabric of the City Mini stroller in a washing machine. Put the detached seat and canopy in the washing machine and give a cold bath. Use a 30-degree water temperature to wash the fabric. You need to use mild detergent for washing. Never use caustic, solvents, or abrasive cleaning materials.

If you don’t have a machine, you can give a hand wash using normal temperature water and mild detergent. You can use a smaller brush for spot cleaning and removing stains.

Since the stroller’s fabric is designed to withstand the elements, don’t be afraid to give a nice scrub to remove stains. Sometimes mold can be seen in the hidden spots. Look at those areas carefully, and scrub away any mold.

Step 4: Air-dry the fabric

Never put the stroller fabric inside the dryer, it will damage the fabric. Dry the fabric with air, not in direct sunlight. Many times, the fabric gets shrinkage and doesn’t give a nice appearance.

To minimize shrinkage, reattach the fabric with the flame and then let it dry. Moreover, never use the press, iron, or dry clean the fabric.

Step 5: Clean the frame

Cleaning the frame is also an important part of preserving the longevity of the stroller. It is also very simple to clean. Use lukewarm water and mild baby-safe soap to clean the frame.

Take a large fabric, dampen it with soapy water, and wipe down all the parts of the frame. Rub the handlebar, nooks, crannies, snack trays, and other parts. Make sure you are using non-toxic cleaners on the frame.

After wiping with soapy water, soak the water with a soft towel and dry the frame. While cleaning the stroller, you don’t need to dismantle or alter any parts of the seat folding mechanism or brakes. Then use some disinfectant spray to kill all germs from the stroller.

Step 6: Wheel care

The wheels can be rinsed using a damp cloth, or you can remove them fully from the stroller mechanism and wash them with soapy water. Utilize a brush to remove sand and dirt from the tires.

Also, check the air pressure and the time and make sure they are working correctly. After washing, dry them completely with a soft towel.

Step 7: Check the brakes

Wipe and clean dirt and debris from the bracks and make sure they are placed properly. The stroller may have squeaky or sticky brakes. You can spray WD-40 to make the brakes free. Moreover, you can use lubricant on the joint points and folding areas so that the stroller runs smoothly.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a healthy condition for both your baby and the stroller. After disassembling the fabric and other parts for washing, you thoroughly dried all the parts and reassembled them in place. However, some regular maintenance you can perform:

  • Brush or vacuum the stroller after every use to remove dirt and debris from it. Regular cleaning will prevent germs and bacteria from growing on the stroller. 
  • Spray disinfectant on the stroller. It will keep the stroller deodorized, give you a pleasant smell and make it fresh. 
  • If you feel the tension in the stroller, take it to a Baby Jogger’s authorized dealer and solve the problem. 
  • The stroller can be wet for many reasons. But you have to dry the stroller well before folding it. Drying will prevent rust and mold on the stroller.

Storing City Mini Stroller

A Stroller can be completely damaged due to a lack of ideal storage. Here are tips to store the stroller

  • Never store it outside because sunshine will fade away the fabric and dry out the tires. 
  • Store the stroller in a dry environment. Indoor storage will lengthen the life of the stroller. 
  • Ensure completely dry before storing it for a prolonged period. 
  • Store the stroller in a safe place like a cabinet when not in use. 
  • Do not keep heavy objects on the top of the stroller. 
  • Keep away the stroller from direct heat sources like fire or radiator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you hose down a stroller?

If you can not remove the canopy from the stroller frame, you can hose it down for washing. However, the City Mini stroller allows you to remove the fabric from the frame and give it a wash in a washing machine. Washing fabric ensures the proper cleanliness of the stroller.

How do you sanitize a used stroller?

Firstly, you have to spot-clean the fabric and wash it down properly to remove dirt and debris. Afterward, you can use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the stroller. You can get many commercial products to sanitize it.

How do you get the urine smell out of a stroller?

Washing may help you to remove the urine smell from a stroller. However, you can use baking soda for this purpose. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the seat, then wait for a few minutes, and vacuum the residue.

How do you clean the stroller wheel?

You can use soapy water to wipe the wheels and use a brush to remove sand and debris from the tires. You may remove the wheels and clean them.

Final Words

Washing the stroller is a part of regular maintenance. Actually, washing is the utmost way to make the stuff safe for your baby. You use the stroller every day and outside dirt and debris make it contaminated. For a healthy and disinfectant condition, you have to wash and clean the stroller on a regular basis.

By obeying these actions, you can easily wash your City Mini stroller. The whole process is easy and quick. Moreover, washing the fabric with a machine makes the process hassle-free. Be sure, you strictly follow the manual before removing the mechanism parts.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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