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How To Clean A Stroller In The Bathtub | Step By Step

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Cleaning a stroller sometimes becomes a headache for parents. Especially when you return from any vacation, your stroller needs a thorough cleaning before the next use. It is essential for your baby’s safety also. You may think that a cleaning stroller may be quite a tough job, but you can do it in your bathtub easily.

Cleaning Your Stroller in Bathtub | Easily & Effectively

It is really a very easy method to clean the entire stroller. Your stroller will look like a new one. Let us see how to clean a stroller in the bathtub step by step.

Step one

Before you start your cleaning, you should remove the outer extra dirt layer of the stroller. You can do it outside of your house as well with a hose. If it is not possible, then just fold the stroller and place it under the shower. Within a few minutes, loose dirt will wash away.

Step two

Fold the stroller and lay it down in the bathtub. Take a bucket of hot water and run over the stroller. Fill half of the bathtub with liquid laundry detergent. Now fill up the bathtub with normal water and let sit for a few minutes. It will be best if you can leave the stroller to sit there for at least one hour.

Step three

It is time to rub the stroller. Take some different size brushes and scrub the parts of them. The seat fabric, canopy, handle, wheels, and other parts of the stroller can store dirt. So scrub each part with a suitable brush. Shake it back and forth in soapy water. You need to do this a few times rotating the stroller so that all parts of it get a chance to cover in the water.

Step four

Drain the bathtub. Take out the stroller and open it. Give another shower to remove dirt, and stains along with soap. Keep it under the sun outdoors to dry for at least one day.

If it is not possible to dry under the sun, then you can also keep it in a room under a fan, but drying under the sun will be the best. The next day you will get a clean, sparkling stroller for your baby.

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Wrapping up

We hope now you can clean a stroller in the bathtub easily. The entire process is quite easy and simple. Just follow our step-by-step process and make your stroller like a new one year after year. Clean your stroller this way every few months for proper maintenance.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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