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How to Plan a Family Vacation Step by Step Guide

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A family vacation at a beautiful location can be a memorable part for you and your family. It gives you a short break from your busy life and also is an exclusive chance to re-tight your family bond together. Another benefit of the family vacation is it gives the opportunity to spend quality time with children and let them discover some fantastic parts of the world.

Many people think it is very challenging to plan a trip with a child. However, how much this trip can be challenging depends on the age of the child, your experience, preparation for travel, travel places, etc.

I will discuss here all the necessary preparation step by step for a nice trip with all members of the family. Hopefully, this discussion will make your upcoming family trip delightful and fruitful.

Plan your family vacation step by step

Here we have presented six separate steps to help you plan your upcoming family vacation. Hopefully, you will be successful if you plan your trip by following these steps. Let’s talk about the steps in detail.

Step 1: Choose your destination carefully

  1. Allow your family to share their interests

When you plan for family travel, select the destination after knowing the importance of all members of the family. You can choose the target by your family member’s interests. Try to find what types of enjoyment the members like to do in a group.

Do they love visiting new places, swimming, or hiking together? Make a list of such kinds of possible places and select one destination based on the mass opinion for your family travel. Here are some family vacation ideas or locations which can be your ideal choice.

  • A beach
  • A lake
  • The Mountain
  • A historical city
  • A cruise and
  • An amusement or water park.
  1. Make a budget

Sometimes your budget will determine which destination you should pick. For example, if your budget is unlimited, then you can choose your beach vacation in the U.S., but if the budget is limited, then your destination for family vacation should be the beach in another country. That is why you must know how to save money for travel.

You should include transportation costs, accommodation, food, and entertainment cost in your budget. It will help you make a perfect travel plan. Include your family members when you are planning a trip, the best budget can come out only when all willingly contribute.

  1. Pick a potential date

Usually, summer is the best time for a family vacation as the schools remain closed at this time.  But summer is not the single option; winter vacation and spring break are also excellent times for family travel plans. Good to know that Christmas and Thanksgiving Day is the most expensive time for family vacations.

If your budget is limited then take the travel tips from me, choose the three weeks between Christmas and Thanksgiving Day because this period is the cheapest family vacation. Here are some travel tips for selecting a potential date-

  • Make your travel schedule according to your kid’s academic calendar.
  • Make a discussion with your kid’s teacher before picking the vacation date.
  • Avoid making a travel plan during a time when your kids have to attend their standardized tests.

Step 2: Planning the logistics for the trip

  1. Purchase air tickets in advance

If you choose flight as your transport, then try to purchase them in advance to get the best fares. You should buy them almost 6 to 8 weeks before your right dispatch date.

  • You don’t need to purchase an air ticket for your less than two years old baby but have to hold your baby on your lap.
  • For making the best deal, compare the airfare with other competitive companies before purchasing.
  • Don’t forget about the luggage limits on airlines. You should try to pack lightly and encourage your family to do so also. So make your packing list wisely.
  1. Book the accommodation

Make your decision about housing after comparing prices at different hotels. Condos and rental homes are also attractive options, but you can make search on websites for knowing the availability and rates. Consider some factors for choosing the accommodation-

  • The location of shelter should be in a central location so that you can walk to the nearest destinations.
  • Check the reviews online of your selected options then take a final decision. Don’t forget to check the hotel you are going to choose is safe and clean or not.
  1. Plan for other activities

Some activities require a reservation. Such as theme park passes, theater tickets, and tickets for popular sightseeing tours. Before making your reservation, ask your kids and other family members.

It will make your family vacation more enjoyable they will feel more involved in the travel plan. You can consider those hotels and resorts which offer to provide games, various shows or scavenger hunts, and other activities for kids.

  1. Get ready for the passport

Check the passport if you are traveling overseas for a family vacation. If you choose flight as your transport, then check the passport of all family members a few days before flying. Do not forget to check your kid’s passport in particular. Remember that until the age of 16, you have to apply for a child’s visa.

  1. Be prepared to flying

If you have a kid in your family who travel, then you should be a little bit tricky and need to know flying with baby tips. Such as, taking the printout of the boarding pass from home so that you do not have to stand in line for extra time.

Do not forget to teach your children basic things about flying. By this, you can avoid any unnecessary hassles. Let your kid carry their backpack; it will increase their responsibilities.

  1. You can drive also

You can also operate if your destination is close to you. It is a cheaper option than flying. If you have a small child, then the following travel tips will be useful.

  • Take a short break time for the bathroom and have snacks.
  • You can choose your baby’s nap time for your road trip if it is short. For example, usually, take a nap right after lunch so that you can choose this time for departure.
  • Take some homemade snacks for your kids and other family members.

Step 3: Advice from expert

If you go for a family vacation for the first time, then the best way is to consult with an experienced person who has already visited your selected destination. You can ask a reputed travel company or contact a local blogger for planning a trip.

  • Consult with your family physician if you have an infant or an old-age person in your family.
  • Take advice about a kid-friendly resort or hotel from the residents of your destination.
  • Search for the available meal at the destination. If the menu is entirely different from your habit, then pack some homemade food or some regular lunch for your baby.
  • Arrange a meeting with the teacher of your kids. Discuss with them to know how many days of holidays will not harm children’s education.

Step 4: Health and safety issues

You should give priority to health and safety issues. When you travel with family and your family contains kids and old age members then never forget to collect information from local doctors.

If you drive your family vacation under any travel agency, you will get all related information from the agency. But if you are planning a trip on your own, then you have to collect the address and contact number of a local physician.

  1. Check transport suitability

To reach the destination for your family vacation, you can choose a flight, car, or any other transport, but be aware that it is safe for the child. If you select the trip, then specify the flight time with the child’s nap time. And arrange safe transport to reach your destination from the airport, because the airports are usually away from the city.

Check some facilities that your favorite airline offers or not such as an adequate nursing room in the terminal, toddler-friendly play areas, decent baby change tables in place, etc.

  1. Take necessary vaccines

Some vaccines are common worldwide such as hepatitis A, and malaria; typhoid is quite common in Southeast Asia, etc. You can carry small portable insect repellent for protecting your kids from mosquitoes. For better protection from the mosquito, you can avoid going out at sunset and sunrise.

  1. Hospital availability

When you are traveling alone or with family, always know where the nearest hospital is. If you are single, then a small clinic in a remote location may be enough for you, but with kids, a proper emergency room and an English-speaking doctor nearby are essential. So never forget to make research on this topic while selecting the destination for a family vacation.

  1. Internal transport

You should make some research on the availability of domestic transportation also. Because there is a local law of internal movement everywhere. So if there is no comfortable transporter arrangement, then there may be problems traveling with the child. It is essential to know how safe the local vehicles are.

The easy solution to any unpleasant occurrence regarding transport is you can make a contract with a reputable local transport Supplier Company.

Step 5: Pack wisely

Packing is an essential part of a successful vacation. Only you know better which products will you need on your vacation. So make a product checklist a few days ago from your departure date. You will get various travel tips for creating a perfect packing list from an online and experienced person.

But we believe that you are the only person who knows best what to pack. When you take your kids on your family vacation, you may have to make some extra baggage for formula meals, toys, swaddles, burp rags, changes of clothes, bottles, diapers,s and so on. You might consider the following international travel packing list:

  • Take some interesting elements like little toys, favorite storybooks, portable video games, etc.
  • Pack some homemade snack items like cereal, crackers, cookies, etc.
  • Take some security items like a pillow, plush toy, blanket, etc.
  • Pack some extra clothes. Finding laundry and department stores on a family vacation can be tough.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen during outdoor visiting to avoid burning.
  • Take hats for all family members.
  • Take a first aid box with some common medicines and medical kits like a thermometer, pain relief spray, band-aid, etc.
  • Include some extra sanitary products in your packing list like wipes, diapers, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Take a stroller for your baby. You can carry your regular-use stroller from home. If you don’t buy one yet, then a lightweight stroller can be your best choice.

Don’t forget in your packing list

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Some local currency
  • Travel related documents
  • Phone, camera, and other necessary devices
  • Phone and camera charger and power bank
  • Sanitary items like hand sanitizer, tissue, wipes, bath soap, shampoo, etc
  • Brash and toothpaste
  • Portable insect repellent
  • Lighter/matches, candle.

Step 6: Enjoying your family vacation

For making successful your family vacation, add some enjoying elements to the travel plan. Here are some travel tips for you-

  1. Keep open your schedule

Do not create your program over tight by including many activities. Try to add one or two significant activities or outing in a day and keep plenty of time or take a rest. Whenever you will plan for an outing or any other event, keep your mind your kid’s age and stamina.

  1. Set your program according to the weather

During the summer season, usually, 10 to 2.00 pm is the hottest hour in the daytime. So you should avoid doing anything with your kids during this period outdoors. Check your kids’ minds; keep some activities that they like most.

  1. Make some family memory

Vacation is the best opportunity to make a family memory. Encourage your kids to collect some essential items such as seashells, candy wrappers from a favorite shop, ticket stubs, and a handful of sand from the favorite beach.

  1. Plan quality time for a couple

A simple dinner or a gift can surprise your spouse. Various hotels and restaurants offer babysitting services so that you can enjoy a romantic meal with your loved ones.

Some additional family vacation tips

Try to get a bulkhead seat so that you can get some extra space. You can use this space for your baby or store necessary things.

  • Take your baby’s car seat. It is essential when you will travel in a car.
  • Take an extra blanket or warm cloth. Usually, the bulkhead seats are a little bit colder than other seats.
  • Bring some toys, storybooks, and tabs to keep your toddler busy on the flight. Try to match the trip with the kid’s nap time.
  • Try to choose those hotels and restaurants where babysitting service is available.
  • Take some extra sunglasses, hats, Sippy cups, and water bottles.
  • You need to take a back carrier even if you have a stroller because many countries in the developing world don’t have enough sidewalks for using strollers.
  • Allow your toddlers to make their travel plans and packing list. This will increase their excitement.
  • Let your kids carry their own lightweight snacks bag.

Wrapping up

Planning for a successful family vacation is not such an easy job. But you can do it quickly if you make your plan following the above steps. If you have successfully managed a family trip, you can share your experience with us. You are welcome to share your travel tips through comments.

On the other hand, if you have not already gone on a family vacation and read this article if you get excited, you can knock us for any advice. We will answer you from our level best. Good luck.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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