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7 Best Stroller For Twins | Smart Mothers Choice

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The baby stroller is the essential equipment for moms who have little kids, infants, or twins. From the time you welcome a baby, a stroller is the most needed item until 3-4 years. You can’t think of a single day without a stroller if you love to go for a walk or shopping with your loving kids. Sometimes you may use it until your kids grow up to 7 or 8 years.

As the parents of new babies, it is not a very easy task to find the perfect stroller that fits you and your baby’s needs. Some parents get upset while they are trying to find a perfect fit stroller for twins.

7 Best Stroller For Twins Review

After completing research, we have picked some best strollers for twins, which can be perfect for your kids.

1. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select is a great stroller that is very popular because it has excellent features. It can be transformed from a single stroller to a double stroller with an extra bassinet, car seat adapter, or an extra seat. It can be featured with 16 varieties of seat combinations. Actually, this is great. It also comes with a large canopy, a big giant storage basket, and an easily adjustable handlebar. It is a stylish, good-looking, modern design and innovative stroller.

The transform option from the single into the double stroller is a unique feature compared to other strollers.

Most of the side-by-side double strollers with both seats are very wide and quite hard to manage in busy public places.

In spite of having the name Jogger, it is not a jogging stroller. This is designed for regular use like going shopping, walking around, enjoying the beauty of the park, etc. It is a one-hand stroller, and 1 step fold for added convenience. The item weight is 35 pounds.

It has a big choice of car seat adapters to choose from to mark it as a travel system. This is really a perfect stroller for twins of your growing family.

Product Key Features

  • The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller 2nd seat is an easy folding stroller. It can fold itself you just need to pull up the sides which are very simple
  • It has 16 different seat positions combinations such as forward-facing, parent facing, sibling facing, etc., and some more to set the seats
  • This is one of the popular features for parents that are multiple seat reclining options. Your baby can sleep comfortably
  • It has a big UV 50+ sun canopy to protect your babies and a window with a magnetic closure to check your kids easily
  • It can be used as a single stroller double stroller or triple stroller. You just need to buy the 2nd seat and a glider board to convert it to a double and triple stroller
  • It comes with an adjustable handlebar. It can be adjusted in height which is amazing for tall parents. The brake is on the handlebar so easy to release and manage
  • The maximum weight capacity for each seat is 45 pounds
  • The front wheels are wide enough and it can be locked for long-distance walking. The rear tires are 12 inch
  • For this stroller, you can buy an adapter to attach your car seats and if you like you can add a bassinet option
  • The seat comes with 5 point harness

Baby Jogger Select Double Stroller

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  • It’s a solid, durable, and steady stroller
  • It has extraordinary maneuverability and is lightweight as well
  • The 5 point harness provides a comfortable and secure ride
  • The handlebar is covered with a comfortable pad
  • Easy to fold and can be open and close by just using one hand
  • You can remove and join seats easily
  • Provides good protection from the sun, rain, and wind with the canopy
  • It has a storage basket


  • Compared to other strollers this one is a little bit heavy

2. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

The Chicco Cortina is one of the famous brands for a single traditional stroller, maybe you already heard that. Similarly, the double stroller from Chicco Cortina is also an excellent stroller for twins. It comes in a tandem style which is called Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

In this stroller, you will get 4 different seating combinations. So you can use it for different ages children, twins and infants to older babies. You can use 2 infant car seats in this stroller by making it to the Chicco travel system.

If you have two older kids, you don’t need to add any infant car seats. You can use the front and rear seats. If you have different age children such as one newborn and the other one is an older kid, then you can use only one car seat. You have four different options you can use according to your requirements.

This stroller is comfortable for your little champs. It has two padded seats with independently multi-position reclining options. It also features easily removable and adjustable canopies.

The front seat comes with drinks holders for your kids, which are interchangeable, and a padded armbar. It has a zipped access storage basket to keep all your baby’s essentials.

This stroller is easy to manage, and it has one hand active system so you can fold it easily just using your one hand and easy to store and maneuver at any place. It also includes 2 drink holders parents and storage space on the tray for small items such as keys, phones, snacks, etc. The item weight is 34 lbs.

The 3 positions adjustable handlebar comes with a pad that is comfortable for parents, and the toe-tap braking system makes a secure parking position.

Product Key Features

  • It can be used as a car seat travel system since parents can use two Chicco keyfit or Keyfit 30
  • Under the seat, there is a big storage basket with rear zip access
  • The front wheels come with a swivel locking system and front wheels suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • It has sun protection canopies that you can adjust easily and can remove if necessary. It has a magnetic pick a boo window so you can have a look at your babies
  • This stroller is easy to fold just using one hand and can be stored easily
  • There is an adjustable leg rest available
  • The parent’s handlebar is easy to adjust according to your height which is a great feature for tall parents
  • It has a parent’s tray with small storage space to keep the key, phone, etc. and a drinks holder for parents
  • The child’s cup holder bar is interchangeable
  • It features with one step joined a braking system
  • The padded seats have a reclining system so you can set the seat according to your baby’s need and comes with an easy adjustable 5 point harness for safety and comfort
  • The maximum weight capacity is 40 pounds for each seat

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

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  • Easy to fold by just using one hand activated an option
  • The handlebar is adjustable with height
  • The Child’s arm-bar and cup holders are interchangeable
  • It has adjustable and removable canopies for the baby’s protection from the natural climates
  • The front swivel wheel with locking system and front wheel suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • It has easily adjustable car seats to make your own travel system


  • The Canopies are not very big

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

The ScooterX2 double stroller is new and stylish. It can make a trip special for you and your beloved little ones. This stroller is fit enough to pass through most doorways. It has wheels with a quite large sealed bearing which gives your kids a smooth and comfortable ride. The individual reclining seats can be set in various positions, and two massive sporting canopies to protect your kids from the sun, rain, and heavy winds.

The Joovy Scooter X2 has a large storage basket. It provides ample space to take everything you need for babies. The stroller has two handy cup holders for drinks and two zipped lock pockets to protect your belongings.

This stroller features single-hand folding and can be fitted with any trunk, car easily. It is suitable for your twins while traveling outside. This stroller makes your strolling experience comfortable, exciting, and real fun with both kids. The item weight is 39 lbs.

The Scooter X2 is a side-by-side double stroller with plenty of features and great value. This is perfect for same-age siblings or twins anywhere.

Product Key Features

  • The stroller contains two large seats and has a reclining system so your both kids can have a comfortable ride either sitting straight or sleeping
  • The weight capacity of the stroller is 45 lbs for each seat
  • The stroller features a huge canopy to protect your babies from heavy sun, rain, and wind
  • It features with peek a boo window so that you can watch your babies while pushing the stroller
  • It is featuring with mesh pockets for drinks, snacks, and toys
  • There is an easily removable bumper bar
  • The stroller comes with large sealed bearing wheels front wheels 7 inches and rear wheels 9.5 inches give a smooth and comfortable ride with great maneuverability and also has one-step linked parking brakes to control easily
  • The Scooter X2 designed to add some handy accessories like two trays including drink holders and some space for snacks items
  • It features two zipped pockets with both seats and it offers plenty of spaces for the key, phones, and wallet
  • It has an extra-large storage basket under the seats and you can take all the belongings of your kids with you
  • This is a single hand folding stroller, easy to fold and fits in any place easily
  • It also has 5 point harness for both seats for your kid’s safety

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

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  • This stroller is 30 inches wide which means narrow enough to fit almost all doorways
  • The storage basket is huge to carry all your necessary stuff for your kids
  • The seats are independently reclining which is comfortable for kids
  • The design is very stylish, good looking, and sleek
  • High quality for the price
  • Easy to fold and move
  • The stroller has a big canopy for the kids’ protection


  • This stroller is not compatible with all car seats

4. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is comfortable and can navigate in any crowded public area easily. You will love the unique play music feature of the stroller. You and your kids can enjoy the music while strolling. It is perfect for twins or same-age kids.

The baby trend navigator double stroller is loaded with lots of features. It comes with two front wheels, which make maneuverability easy and smooth. The baby trend navigator double jogger stroller can ensure a safe ride for you and your kids. This stroller is easy to move and turn. It also can take two newborn car seats to convert into a travel system.

This stroller is very stylish and reliable. It has two designs variety, so you can grab your preferred one easily.

This is a side-by-side double stroller. The baby trend is not a very small stroller, and the weight of the stroller is 43 pounds. It can take 55 pounds for each seat. The stroller is compatible with infant car seats, so it can be used for newborns as well. Parents are recommended not to jog with newborns until they become up to 6 months old.

Product Key Features

  • The stroller has built-in speakers which can help you to put your kid’s fall to sleep with the music. You can connect your phone or MP3 players with the speakers and can enjoy some music while strolling
  • The reclining seats of the stroller allow your kids to take their naps comfortably
  • It can accommodate the baby trend car seats easily. You can convert it into a travel system by using infant car seats for your twins or you can put one car seat and a child in the stroller
  • The baby trend navigation double jogger stroller comes with padded seats so your kids can sit comfortably while riding on it.
  • Both seats come with swivel trays where you can take drinks and snacks items for your kids. The car seats attach to the swivel tray when using the car seats
  • Since it’s a jogging stroller, the tires are durable enough to jog through all most any terrain easily. It is designed to move over any difficult path with your kid’s perfect safety
  • The double stroller comes with a footrest so your kids can place their feet and enjoy the ride.
  • There is a parent’s tray so you can keep your phones and belong on the stroller’s parent tray. It also comes with two drinks holders to hold your drinks cup or water bottle while you are going jogging
  • The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger is easy to manage because it has two front swivel wheels that make the turning and navigating stress-free for you
  • The Navigator Double Jogger is easy to fold and can be stored in any place quickly
  • Most of the strollers have canopies attached with the handlebars but for the baby trend navigator double jogger stroller, the canopy detached from the handlebars. It will protect your kids from the sun easily
  • There is a peek a boo window with the canopy so that you can watch your kids properly while the canopy is pulled down
  • The baby trend stroller has a five-point harness so nothing to worry about your kid’s safety while running
  • The front wheels of the stroller come with lock swivel wheels which make the ride comfortable over rock and rough terrains.
  • The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger has an easy-to-use foot brake that you can use while you are parked and your kid’s stroller stops in place.
  • It features with large storage basket under the seat so you can take with you all the necessary stuff for your kids

Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller

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  • It has a foot brake which can be used while parking the stroller
  • Multi-position reclining seats can provide a comfortable ride for your kids. The seats are padded and easy washable
  • It comes with built-in speakers to entertain you and your kids
  • The plenty of spaces for storage under the seats to keep all the belongings with you for your kids
  • The stroller is easy to fold
  • Features locking front swivel wheels
  • Features with individual canopies for sun protection and five 5 point safety harnesses provide extra safety and protection for your kids
  • It has trays for both kids and parents to hold drinks and some snacks
  • It is a perfect stroller for all kinds of terrain


  • The stroller is large in size so sometimes can cause difficult to pass through the doorways
  • It is quite heavy in weight

5. Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is a perfect double stroller for your growing family. This is a lightweight double stroller that contains lots of features.

It has a marvelous style of seats. The rear sitting baby seat is slightly raised so that your baby can enjoy the beauty of the view. Both seats have a reclining system to keep both travelers comfortable and enjoyable.

The seats of the stroller feature with kid’s tray for each seat to keep food, snacks, toys and, drink holders as well. It also has a parent’s tray, footrest, and rotating cover. The extra-large storage basket allows you to take all necessary items of your kids, and it has a one-hand folding system.

The DuoGlider Click Connect stroller also can accept two Graco baby car seats. It is a perfect double stroller for twins. It is durable, lightweight, easy to push, and comfortable for your kids. This stroller is easy to fold, manage, and assemble together. It can be fit for any doorway. The item weight is only 29.5 lbs.

Product Key Features

  • The Click Connect can take car seats and it is a tandem style stroller
  • The weight capacity is 40 lbs for each seat
  • Single hand folding system and standing fold close easily so don’t need to bend
  • There are two canopies with 2 reclining seats to protect your kids
  • There is a footrest available for your kid’s comfy
  • The front wheels are lock swivel wheels with suspension for great maneuverability
  • It has parents tray with storage space and drink holders
  • The stroller features a drop-down storage basket that is easy to access and can keep all your belongings with you

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

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  • The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller comes with an adjustable harness and huge storage space for your baby’s necessary items
  • It is great and suitable for toddlers and newborn twins
  • The stroller seating position offers a great and well rear view of the kid
  • The seats of this baby stroller recline independently for a comfortable ride
  • It has suspension on the wheels for a smooth and relaxed ride
  • This is a lightweight stroller
  • Budget-friendly stroller
  • The stroller is easy to fold and store in any place
  • It can fit easily through any doorways


  • It can be heavy to push
  • The rear seat offers only 2 positions

6. Amoroso Twin Baby Stroller

Are you struggling with your old stroller for your twins and looking for a perfect one? Don’t worry, we have great news for you.

The Amoroso Twin Baby Stroller is one of our best choices for kids. It is a reasonably priced stroller. It has a great response from most other users. It’s a heavy-duty stroller but lightweight. While you are carrying your kids in the stroller, it is easy to manage, and you don’t need someone else to help you. The baby stroller has 3 point harness for your kid’s protection. This is easy to maneuver but has good durability.

The stroller has a maximum capacity of up to about 55 pounds of weight. It is suitable for up to 2 to 4 years aged kids. The item weight is only 12 lbs.

This Umbrella styled twin stroller has larger wheels in the size of 6″ x 12 and the front wheels can rotate 360 degrees which provides a comfortable, smooth ride for your darling kids, it has the brakes at rear wheels.

Product Key Features

  • It features compact folding so it can easily fit into your trunk and allow you to go for long drives with your kids
  • It comes with two net bags which are located at the handles so you can keep your kids belongings with you
  • The stroller has ranges and they vary according to the designs, styles, and colors
  • The maximum weight capacity for each kid is 25 pounds
  • This is a lightweight stroller for twins.
  • This stroller features 12 wheels, plastic wheels and each of the wheels is 6 inches in diameter. On this stroller, with these wheels, you will be able to move everywhere easily and make easy and quick turns
  • The rear wheels come with brakes; as a result, you will be able to stop this stroller from moving by using only one hand
  • The stroller comes with a front swivel wheel which offers extra suspension and a pleasant ride on bumpy terrains. Your children will enjoy the ride
  • The stroller is durable and the price is reliable and nice in design
  • The stroller has a 3 point harness for the safety of your kids while riding on it

AmorosO Twin Baby Stroller

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  • It is strong enough and lights weight
  • Durable and flexible
  • It’s money worthy of buying
  • It is good looking, nice design
  • Suitable for about 2 to 4 years kids
  • Allow you to walk through rough surfaces
  • The stroller is easy to handle
  • It comes with some storage space to keep your kids items
  • This stroller is easy to fold and can be stored in a cargo carrier or trunk to carry easily


  • The umbrella part is not very big to block sun rays from all sides
  • The storage space is not big enough for all your belongings for 2 kids

7. Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

At present, The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller are one of the famous brands in the market. With its reasonable price, well build, and good design, the stroller becomes the first choice for parents.

The baby trend sits and stands double stroller is by design the only stroller with a standing platform, which can suit all your requirements as a busy parent. With the facility to accommodate two children, you can walk with them around the city without any trouble. You might be thinking how but all the features that come together with it are the answers. This sit-and-stand double stroller can take two baby trend newborn car seats, which will be fit perfectly in the child trays without any adapter to join.

It features with single hand folding system, which makes it very easy to manage. The item weight is 33 lbs.

The standing platform converts this stroller into a travel system. This flexible double stroller can be a reasonable option with all of the benefits of a more luxurious stroller.

Product Key Features

  • On this stroller, your kids can sit on both seats front and rear, and also can stand on a rear standing platform
  • The rear seat can be removed to set as a sit and stand position
  • There are also large removable canopy to protect your kids from sun and rain
  • It has a foot-activated rear brake to stop the stroller
  • The one-hand folding system makes it easy and faster
  • The weight capacity is 40 lbs for each seat
  • The removable away child tray with drinks holders which can be used on either front or back position
  • It features 5 point safety harness for your kid’s protections
  • This stroller accepts most of the major brand’s infant car seats

Baby Trend Double Stroller

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  • This stroller is very easy to assemble and single hand folding so easy to manage
  • It has a storage basket with plenty of spaces so that you can carry your kid’s necessary items with you
  • It features drinks holders for both kids and parents
  • The stroller is featuring buckles and a harness for your kid’s safety
  • The stroller is lightweight
  • It can accept various brands of infant car seats to convert as a travel system
  • It is not a very big stroller so easy to maneuvers through narrow areas and comfortable to push
  • The children trays and the umbrella are removable


  • There is no backrest for the rear seat

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Stroller for Twins

When you are going to buy a stroller for twins, you will see lots of guidelines available to you to go thru. There are a few factors to consider before buying a stroller for twins, such as accessibility, weight, safety, location, lifestyle, capacity, etc.

Easy accessible

If you have a very active life like you go to walk every day morning or evening and you do your regular grocery shopping with your babies, then you really need an easily accessible stroller. It can make your travel and everyday use super easy.


At the time of your buying, you need to ensure that you buy the stroller that can be folded, open easily, and it takes less space to store. Compact strollers take quite less space and are easy to transport from here to there.

Safety and Protection

Safety and comfort are the first priority for your babies. I think you are going to buy a stroller with lots of security, and comfort features like seat reclining in multi-position, weather protection and 3 to 5 point harness straps, etc. Well, don’t worry, I am going to summarize the details of some best strollers for twins, which will help you to make the right decision according to your needs.


Maybe very often, you love to go out with your kids, and you must be going to use the stroller most of the time. So you need to choose a stroller which is lightweight because you need to push it always and you need to lift it in the car then bring it back to your house. A heavier stroller can be a reason for your muscle pain and backache. So, lightweight strollers are always better.


If you have a car and you go out with your twins in the car, then you must choose a stroller with car seats for twins. You should find a stroller for twins for long-term use, not only newborns.


Are you very active in your daily life? If you love to walk or jog every day, then you should go for a jogging stroller. The jogging strollers come with durable big wheels. The three wheels strollers are good for jogging with, these wheels you can run on tough terrains and bumpy streets smoothly without any trouble. According to customers’ reviews, cheap jogging strollers are not good enough, and they won’t give you full satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong because it doesn’t mean inexpensive, always low quality, but in some cases, it matters.

Wrapping up

The above-listed strollers are established as the best stroller for twins. It can be a tough decision for you to find the best stroller for your kids. But if you survey all the guidelines defined above, it will be easy to pick one that suits your twins with comfort and security. Maybe some negative reviews are not correct always, so don’t agree with negative reviews or price tags as a threat to you.

In its place, consider the benefits as blessings of each stroller to you and your lovely little kids. So these are some best strollers for twins which you can choose to buy. I think this article will help you to find the best stroller for your kids which suit your requirement.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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