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Best Lightweight Double Strollers For Toddlers

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The parents who have twins and same-aged 2 children they can use the double strollers. Still, worry about the weight of the stroller because pushing or struggling with a stroller for the whole day and then fold it and looking after both kids at the same time all these can make you upset. For this reason, the lightweight double strollers are most required items.

Most of the lightweight double strollers available on the market weight around not more than 30lb. There are some exceptional available which are little heavier than others and you need to select such a lightweight double stroller which will last for a long time.

Before buying a lightweight double stroller you need to consider following things

  • What type of stroller do you want tandem style double stroller or side by side double stroller?
  • Are you going to use the stroller very often or just occasionally?
  • If you have an infant and an older kid you need to make sure, that is the stroller capable to handle their weight?
  • Do you require infant car seats for both front and rear seats?
  • Which aged kids are going to use the stroller? Are they both infant or twins or one infant and one toddler?

Actually, there are lots of things to consider before buying a stroller for your kids.

Types of Double Stroller

Which type stroller will fulfill your needs that will depend on your own situation? You need to think first how are the stroller going to be used very frequently or occasionally for an adventure.

If you have twins or 2 same aged newborn kids then you need to buy such a stroller which can do both seats accommodate newborn car seats. Similarly, if you have an infant and a toddler then you need to check the maximum weight limit of the stroller. These are most important factors to think before buying a stroller.Mainly there are three types of double strollers.

  1. Side by Side Strollers

These strollers are quite common for a double stroller and this stroller features with two same type of seats with the same amount of rooms and facilities. In these strollers, the seats are close to each other. These strollers are easy to move compared to inline strollers. Sometimes inline strollers are difficult to turn. For side by side strollers sometimes it is difficult to get through a narrow door entrance and passageways.

  1. Convertible strollers

According to name, these strollers are easily convertible. These strollers can be used as a single stroller or a double stroller by just adding another seat. If you want you also can handle the third one. Your older one can sit on the bench or can stand on the standing platform. This is a great stroller for your growing family.

  1. In line or tandem styled stroller

In this styled stroller, the seat comes one after another in a line and both seats are the same height. These design strollers, the rear seat raised up a little bit higher than the front seat for better watching which is known as stadium seating. Though both seats don’t come with same facilities and the same room, one seat offers more leg space and may recline than another one. It is hard to turn around because these are long in size.

Now it’s your turn to decide which double stroller you need for your family. You can have a look at our list for the best lightweight double strollers.

Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Double Umbrella Stroller

Do you have 2 children of same ages? Are you thinking of how to manage? Don’t worry we are here to help you. The Kolacraft Cloud side by side double umbrella stroller has some amazing features that you will like it. It comes with lots of amenities for the parents who have more than one child. It is developed with independently reclining seats, compact folding, double umbrella and inflatable canopies.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller is quite reasonable in price. I think you will get it at your budget.

It featured some outstanding luxury facilities for your kids. It is quite big in size. Maybe you will be able to manage your both children easily by using just a single stroller. Compare to other strollers it is a money worthy stroller.

The Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller is a huge sized stroller as I mentioned before. Since it is double sized stroller so it is normal, it will be bigger than the single strollers. A bigger size stroller must be heavier in weight. But it is quite easy to move and it provides enough space and maximum comforts for your kids. Sometimes it can make you feel annoyed because if you walk into a narrow place or a narrow door pathway then it is difficult to handle but you can ignore these problems because of your kids’ comforts and facilities. Kids’ priority is always first.

Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • It features the cool-climate roll-up exposes mesh that allows growing the air flow and allowing rest for the head
  • This a lightweight double stroller compared to other strollers.
  • This is only 21lbs which is good enough to travel with your kids. Though weight can differ from product to product and It has maximum weight limit 35 pounds for each seat.
  • It comes with the expandable independent large canopy with visor extensions and rear hood for the maximum coverage
  • It belongs quick, easy and compact umbrella fold so that you can carry easily and the folded dimensions are 13” x 12.5” x 43.5”(L x W x H) and the stroller’s assembled dimensions 31” x 31” x 38.5”(L x W X H)
  • Contains independently reclining seats with padded 3 point safety harness roll-up seat backs. This seat back helps to stay cool with maximum airflow in the warm weather
  • Packet friendly price
  • It has an attractive look and color
  • It has large cup holders for parents to have drinks while traveling


  • This features comfortable independently reclining seats with padded backs which keeps your kids cool and relaxed
  • Easy to fold and make a pleasant travel
  • It has an expandable large canopy which provides maximum coverage, comfort and the cool climate feature allows to flow air through the baby stroller
  • The big side by side double umbrella stroller keep your children fresh and protected


  • It is wider in size so it is sometimes annoying while you are passing through a small place or narrow footpath.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Blueberry

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller has developed a new entry to the side by side double strollers’ world at a reasonable price. The stroller is lightweight and nice design also can move through any door without hassles plus sufficient room for your kids. The stroller’s width is 30” so you don’t need to bother to fold it while getting inside a door.

The Scooter X2 stroller features stylish graphite gray frame and big wheels. The front wheels are 7 inch and rear wheels are 9.5 inch which makes the stroller more special to move easily than before. The entrance wheels are double and these make the stroller more steady and balanced.

The wheels come with a sealed bearing so it can carry up to 90 pounds easily which is really great you don’t need to think much about the weight limit.

Compared to other strollers in the market, the basket is quite bigger and the cover is large as well.

Both seats are easily adjustable and very comfortable for your kids because both seats have the one hand recline system which you can control by locking in different position. So your kids will be fine at nap time. Both seats come with the adjustable 5 point harness and personal seat mesh pockets. It also has 2 big cup holders for the parents and two zipped lock pockets to keep your keys, phones, wallet etc.

This stroller is easily foldable with single hand fold option. It has all the features that you required

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • The Stroller is 30 inches wide and can move easily through most of the doors
  • By using your one hand you can fold it easily with one hand fold system
  • The stroller has 90 pounds weight capacity for 2 kids that means 45 pounds for each kid
  • Seats are independently adjustable and it has the recline system for each seat
  • It has a big canopy to protect your kids from the sun
  • There is a big storage basket which is easy to access from the back and you can carry all the belongings of you kids
  • Features with 2 big cup holders and 2 zip locked pockets to keep your small personal items such as keys, phones, snacks
  • Both seats come with 5 point harness to keep your kids safe
  • The stroller features sealed bearing wheels which make the stroller to move easily and in this stroller, there is a parking brake available as well.


  • It is a lightweight stroller compared to other strollers
  • The stroller is quite easy to manage because it has big entrance wheels and the stroller is 30 inches wider in size
  • It can pass all type of doors easily so you don’t need to fold it
  • It is very reasonable priced stroller with lots of features
  • You can fold this stroller fantastic flat just using your one hand and you can fit it to your car easily
  • This stroller ensures comfort for your kids and kids like it


  • There is no drinks holder for babies

J is for Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller

The J is for Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller is from the famous company Delta Children which is quite popular for their baby furniture, maternity items, cribs and baby strollers and the provide best quality baby products. If you have twins baby or same aged 2 babies then a double stroller is the most important item of your growing family.

The J is for Jeep double stroller comes with lots of features and facilities which can ensure your lifestyle easier with your kids.The J for Jeep double stroller features reclining seat with maximum comfort for your babies and also has big storage basket for your baby’s items, durable wheels and lots more.

The stroller is perfect for you 2 little toddlers. It is suggested for kids’ up to 35lbs each. This double stroller is comfortable and safe for your kids.

The stroller contains spin suspension for front wheels which can provide you smooth and comfortable movement.

It is a lightweight and stylish stroller and you can use it to move anywhere you like with your little tots and enjoy your parenting experience without any difficulties.

The stroller has 2 color choice options so you can select your favorite one. It maintains all the safety standards.

Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • The J is for Jeep double stroller comes with a large canopy shades to protect your kids from the sun and natural climates. The stroller has reflective materials so it can be easily visible to the drivers at night
  • The stroller has 5 point harness for your kids’ protection and safety. The straps are padded at shoulder for your kids’ comfort.
  • Front and rear wheels are 5 ½ inches wide in size. The front wheels have the suspension system to control the stroller easily from all kind of terrain. The stroller has 12 wheels,6 at the front and 6 at the rear to keep the stroller well balanced for your kids
  • This stroller can move through 30-inch entryways so you can take the stroller easily anywhere you like such as footpaths, narrow passages etc.
  • The stroller has up to 35 pounds holding capacity for each which means it’s around 70 pounds for both kids
  • Seats are quite comfortable for your kids. It can move in multiple positions including sitting straight to reclining backward while taking nap. Even they can enjoy all the views in front them while sitting up straight. You can take your baby out for a walk anytime you like because they can sit comfortably and can sleep as well
  • The Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller has 2 colors options. The two design comes with the black fabric along with the burgundy trim and white for a canopy which is known as Lunar Burgundy and another one is black with pure white for a canopy which is called Charcoal galaxy
  • The stroller is strong enough but lightweight. You can fold easily into a compact size. The weight of the stroller is around 18.3lbs so you can lift it easily to your car or in any other vehicle and you can take the stroller down the street easily
  • This stroller has huge storage basket for your kids’ belongings so you can keep all you need for your kids. This stroller contains cup holders for you so that you can keep your drinks with you
  • The stroller’s folded dimensions are 13inches W x 11.2 inches D x 42.1inches H and the assembled dimensions are 29.9 inches W x 23.4 inches D x 37 inches H


  • It is a lightweight stroller. The weight is only 18.3lbs
  • The stroller has reclining seats for both kids
  • You can fold the stroller into a compact size easily
  • The storage basket is quite big
  • It comes with a big canopy to protect your kids from sun and clouds
  • Both seats contain 5 point harness for the safety of your kids


  • Good for infants but maybe doesn’t work for older toddlers
  • The handles are not long enough to manage
  • The wheels make a sound while they roll with the brake

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller

Do you have any experience to have a cheap low-quality jogger? I have a horrible experience and don’t want to compromise with money anymore. It was far beyond of my expectations. I had no option without a double stroller because my little one was 3 months old and the older one was 25months old. I checked some customers’reviews and picked the Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller and which was great. The price is bit expensive but great features for the price. It is an amazing stroller for your kids.

It is a lightweight double stroller and very smooth moving. You can fold it easily just by using simple two steps. It can fit your car and trunk without any difficulty. The handlebar of the stroller is easily adjustable according to your height. This is one of the popular features for most of the customers.

The Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller is an amazing stroller. You can manage this stroller easily because of its lightweight and it moves smoothly at any rough or plain terrain. It comes in 4 different colors in beautiful design so you can choose any color you like.

This is a side-by-side double jogging stroller. The tires of the stroller come with inflated rubber, easily adjustable suspension; the front wheel with swivel locking, the handlebar can be adjustable with your height, you also can take one infant car with this stroller.

The seats have freedom of reclining at any step from sitting to nap time. It contains a large storage under the seats to keep all the necessary items for your kids. There are 2 pockets at the back of the seats. The canopy provides maximum sun protection and it also comes with 2 windows for 2 seats. The seats are comfortable enough for your kids.

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • The easily adjustable handlebar provides 9different points to make a perfect fit for all heights people
  • The front wheel has the swiveling locking system which increases the stability so it is easy to move in tough terrains
  • It has 2 steps easy folding system which makes the stroller easy to transport and store into your car
  • The stroller wheel’s tires are air-filled tires on high power polymer which make the wheels more special and provide a smooth ride on the street
  • This stroller allows you to recline by using your one hand for quick lay the seat back and with the upright seating position allow your kids to enjoy the beauty of outside
  • The stroller is designed to carry 2 kids with maximum weight capacity 50 pounds each seat so total capacity is 35pounds to 100 pounds.
  • It comes with a comfortable padded seat with air flow and a 5 point harness provide ultimate comfort and safety to your children
  • The adjustable suspension system called State-of-the-art that provides smooth and ride
  • Foot-activated stopping brake makes your ride more secure
  • The large storage basket provides some more extra spaces for you so that you can take everything you need while you are going out with your kids and both seats contain 2 large pockets or keys. Phones, chips. Drinks etc.


  • The seats are well padded and come with 5 point harness for kids comfort.
  • You can recline the seat in multi positions for comfortable ride
  • It is a high-quality stroller and the durable frame material makes it long lasting.
  • Very smooth to move at any terrain and can get in through most of the doorway
  • A greatly featured handlebar that is easily adjustable to your height
  • The stroller is durable, good for quality and strong enough
  • The storage basket is quite large


  • Since there are lots of spaces for storage including back pockets, the seat can be hard to access if you fill too many items

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller can be a perfect option for the parents for their toddlers at a reasonable price. The stroller is quite good looking fashionable side by side stroller. It structured with three wheels design and the wheels are air-filled rubber wheels which make the stroller easy to move for almost all terrains. Compared to other strollers this is a budget-friendly side by side stroller which provides plenty of features with good customer’s reviews. It is quite lightweight stroller and can go almost all doorways easily.

This is an easily foldable stroller. It gives the opportunity for jogging and you can push and turn smoothly. It has large storage chamber under the seats for the essential kid’s items. The seats are independently reclining with the great ventilation system.

This side by side double stroller is perfect for two kids. The reclining seats of the stroller allow you to adjust to multi-position from sitting to nap time. The large canopies help your kids to protect from sun and rough weather. There is another special feature comes with this stroller that is an mp3 speaker is wisely joined with the canopy to entertain the kids with their much-loved music and allow the parents  to enjoy while they are jogging

The stroller comes with 5 point harness which is adjustable for different sized kids and it makes sure their safety while your kids are staying in the seats and you are quite busy with jogging.

There are also 2 drinks holders for the parents and the stroller weight capacity is up to 50 pounds for each child which is more than enough.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • The stroller is lightweight, durable and easy to fold into a compact size by pulling 2 triggers and pressing the handle down at the same time
  • If you want you can remove all the tires quickly and you can store it in a small place such as cars, trunks etc.
  • The 5 point harness of the double stroller ensures that your kids are safe while sitting in the stroller and their parents can jog
  • The Baby Trend Expedition has the foot-activated parking brake. To stop the stroller need to light pressure the brake lever down which is located on each rear wheel
  • The seats are well padded and easily adjustable from straight to fully reclined position to provide maximum comforts to your both kids
  • You can set the canopy at the position you like to protect your kids from sun and strong winds
  • The Baby Trend Expedition double stroller introduced an amazing feature to entertain your babies. There is a built-in MP3 speaker attached with the canopy, so your babies can enjoy their favorite music while you are busy with jogging. The speaker has a jack which is compatible with many devices like iPod, iPhone, MP3 players etc.
  • There is a big storage bag under the carriage to keep all your baby stuffs like diaper, drinks and some foods and there is a built-in parent tray available with 2 drinks holders
  • The stroller weight capacity is maximum 50lbs for each child and height, not more than 42 inches
  • This stroller comes in several colors you can choose your favorite one
  • The fabrics of the stroller made of water repellent material which is easily washable with mild detergent and warm water. You also can use mild soapy water with a sponge
  • The rear wheels of the strollers are 16 inches large in size and the front wheels are 12inch swivel wheels so the stroller can move easily at almost all terrains
  • The wheels come with the air filled tires which makes the stroller easy to move and turn


  • The stroller frame material is durable, best in quality and sturdy
  • 3 wheels stroller and best for all kind of terrains
  • The stroller is easy to handle and washable
  • The reclining seats are very comfortable and come with 5 points harness for safety
  • Easy to fold and transportable without any hassle
  • There are 2 canopies over the seats to protect the kids from sun and wind
  • The rear wheels contain foot operation parking brakes
  • The front wheels are swivel locking wheels for easy movement and turn


  • The handlebar is not free to adjust

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon

Maybe you are looking for a double stroller with maximum comforts for kids, easy to move and turn. To look for the best stroller for your loving family is not an easy job. There are plenty of options on the market and among these, it is quite a hard task to find your desired one according to your budget and requirements among thousands of options.

Before buying a stroller you can research the customers’ reviews and features and I think the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller is a lightweight, durable and comfortable stroller.This is one of the best double strollers. This is good in quality and comes with lots of features. Sit N Stand the name states the feature of an outstanding platform where your toddler can stand. You can fold the stroller quickly just in one step and you can accommodate two newborn car seats as well.

This Sit N Stand stroller has a unique feature which is your older toddler can stand at the standing platform or can sit in the jump seat and when your baby needs to take rest can seat into usual stroller seat. The seats feature with 5 point harness for your safety also comes with foot activated parking brake.This stroller is not very wide like side by side stroller so can go through all type of doorway.

Baby Trend Stand Double stroller

Amazon Price

Product Key Features:

  • If you have one younger child and one older child then your younger child can sit at the front and the older can sit at the rear or can stand on the standing platform.
  • The rear seat removable so you can remove it easily and converts into a regular Sit N Stand stroller
  • It can accommodate 2 infants car seats by rear facing
  • It features with 2 removable children tray with drink holders for your kids
  • The storage basket is quite big so you can keep your kids items easily
  • There is a built-in drinks holder for the parents and a small chamber on the tray so that you can keep your phone, keys etc.
  • You can fold this stroller very rapidly just by using your single hand and this easy to transport
  • Both seats come with 5 point harness for your children’s safety and it has 2 canopies to protect your kids from the sun and wind and these are rotating canopies
  • It features with foot activated parking brakes
  • The stroller’s maximum weight capacity 80 lbs


  • The stroller Seats are very comfortable and come with the 5 point harness
  • It can fit at any doorway easily
  • The front wheels are swivel wheels which make the ride more smooth and enjoyable
  • For both kids, drinks holder available
  • All heights parents can use it. Perfect for everyone
  • There is huge storage basket under the seats
  • The stroller has an easy one-handed folding system
  • It can take two newborn car seats at the same time. So good for twins and same-aged kids
  • Price is reasonable and lots of features
  • The stroller is easy to convert one position to another
  • The handles are padded well for your comfort while you are pushing it


  • There is no adjustable system on the handlebar

Finally, most of the parents have the experience to struggle with a too heavy stroller. Maybe you are trying to move and turn in a public place quickly or you are traveling by bus, train or plane wherever you are you just need a lightweight stroller for your family which is strong enough durable and easy to transport from one place to another. There are lots of choices on the market but in this article, I have tried to provide a brief description with features of some best lightweight double strollers for your kids.

All strollers from above lists are best lightweight strollers for toddlers. According to customers reviews, features and performance all these strollers are top rated strollers so you can choose one from the list which fulfills all your requirements and fits your budget.

Enjoy your shopping and good luck!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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