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Are Stroller Wagons Worth It | Check out the Benefits

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The stroller wagon is a hybrid carrier combining fancy strollers with traditional kid wagons. Stroller wagons are the favorite place to ride for children. They are roomy enough for holding two or more kids, stuffies, and snacks.

Stroller wagons are for those toddlers who think they are grown-up enough to ride a stroller. But they get tired soon and rather walk like grown-ups. In this situation, a stroller wagon is the most convincing option. Still, if you are thinking are stroller wagons worth it, then read the below segment.

What is a stroller wagon?

The stroller wagon looks like a genius portmanteau. It includes a comfy and secure setting with belts and cushioning. Your kids can sit comfortably and you can also store your things. It gives you enough space to pack everything you need.

Stroller wagons offer you the option to pull or push the carrier. You will get all the benefits, only if you purchase the best stroller wagon for your family.

Are Stroller Wagons Worth It?

A stroller is designed to focus on transporting the child first, and then storage. While stroller wagons do both simultaneously. Many parents buy double strollers for carrying multiple kids while stroller wagons are the ultimate adventure mobile carrier. Here are some advantages of having a stroller wagon.

Carry multiple kids

When you are A stroller wagon is designed to carry multiple kids. There are a variety of options in the market. You can get them for 2, 3, or 4 kids. The size of the wagon depends on the number of kids you have. However, the Stoller wagon for 2 kids is the most popular option.

A stroller wagon can be a suitable resting place for your older child who is tired on all-day outings. Though they are heavy for a stroller, so you will want a wagon in this situation.

Most strollers can have a weight limitation maximum of 50 pounds whereas a stroller wagon can hold up to 100 pounds. Some high-end products can hold even 300 pounds. Still, your older child may not fit on the padded seats, but he/she can take a rest.

Good for storage

While going out with kids, a parent has to carry several items. But a wagon can do the work easily. There is room for kids and also includes deep pockets to store accessories. On the top, the push/ pull handle makes it easy to maneuver. It helps to give relief to your back.

A wagon allows you to tote all your baby stuff along with the kids that you need for the whole day. For the hot summer day, you can bring a cooler filled with food and drinks for your family. Some wagons have separate cup holders to carry beverages. In fact, it works like a beach wagon too, and easily carries toys, chairs, and boogie boards.

Allow a quick nap time

Kids get tired after playing sometimes and they need to rest. While you are going shopping, camping on the beach, or touring, the wagon is the perfect place for your kids to curl up when they are tired. Moreover, some padded seats can recline individually or flip down for a flat base and your kids can stretch out comfortably.

Adults resting place

Some wagon strollers feature a drop-down side that allows you to sit. If you’re going on an adventure trip or to a sporting event, you can quickly grab a seat and relax. When you are tired, you may not want to crisscross applesauce on the grass.

So a wagon is a great solution for resting. Moreover, you can carry a folding chair using the stow-away caddy.

Suitable for all-terrain

It is difficult to find strollers that can handle the rough terrain. But when you are operating a wagon, you can take it anywhere you go. It can handle off-roading. Whether you go to the beach, park, or nature trail, you can bring the wagon and take your child on an adventure trip.

Easy to carry

If you have a full-sized stroller, then you have intimately experienced the lack of free trunk space after loading it into the car. On the other hand, stroller wagons usually fold flat, so they take up a compact space in the car. You will get free space to carry other things in the car.

Sun protection

Most of the stroller wagons have a canopy and some don’t. The canopy can stretch horizontally to enclose the entire sitting area. It will provide full sun protection to your child. Moreover, consider UPF 50+ treated canopy for ultimate protection. The canopies are also helpful in windy and rainy conditions.


Normally, older kids hop on and off the stroller wagon. But when you have younger kids or toddlers, then you should ensure security. Consider a zip-door entry on the wagons so that toddlers can self-board. The zippered door doesn’t let the younger kids hop off without some help. It will make the trips easier and more enjoyable.

Easy to clean

Since the stroller wagons have a boxy design, there are fewer hidden spaces like strollers. So the wagon surface is easy to clean. The padded seats are attached for a comfortable ride, but you can easily toss them in the washer for easy cleaning. You can even hose down the wagons for easy cleaning.

Usable after kids are outgrown it

You can still use the stroller wagon when your children are no longer fit for the wagon. But the wagon has a longer lifespan and many usages. For example, if you are planning camping trips or picnics in the park, you can use the stroller wagon to carry all sorts of tools and instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the point of a stroller wagon?

A stroller wagon is a handy carrier. Parents often choose a stroller wagon when they have multiple kids. Moreover, it is a good solution to carry out the necessary stuff for kids and parents.

Can you jog with a wagon stroller?

You can jog with the stroller wagon. Place your kids, secure with seats, and then you can jog with them together. Though stroller wagons are suitable for all terrains, kids will have a comfortable and smooth ride.

At what age can a baby ride in a wagon?

Many stroller wagons advertise for kids 18 months old or higher. Since these wagons provide less support than the stroller or car seat, you won’t use them for small kids.

Is a wagon or stroller better?

Stroller wagons have multiple uses. Mostly, they are helpful, when you are going on beach trips, sports events, or walking around the park. Kids can also take a nap in the stroller. On the contrary, a stroller is good for infants’ and toddlers’ outings.

Final Words

Stroller wagons are available in many price ranges. Whether the price tag is, we think they are worthwhile for a bigger family. A stroller wagon has many advantages that we have detailed described in our article.

These benefits are really convincing to invest in it. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free trip with your children, then a stroller wagon is the ultimate carrier to buy.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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