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Are Stroller Bassinets Worth It | Should You Buy Or Skip It

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Typically, stroller bassinets are used to carry newborn babies. It is a small soft bed with high sides where your young baby can rest, nap, or sleep comfortably. Though modern strollers come with a bassinet attachment, they have limited usage. After a certain period, you can not use it.

That’s why many parents ask if stroller bassinets are worth it. Or the budget-conscious people should skip it. Here you know everything about the stroller bassinets and you can decide if it is the best deal for you.

What are stroller bassinets?

When a simple stroller includes a bassinet attachment, it is called a stroller bassinet. It allows your infant to lay down inside just like an indoor bassinet. Though there is a combination of two different accessories, the main purpose is to travel easily with your infants.

Newborns and infants can not hold up their heads without any support. So your baby can stay relaxed in a bassinet stroller. Walking or shopping is not unusual. A bassinet stroller can make it easy for parents.

Are bassinet strollers worth it?

A bassinet stroller will be worth your money until you prefer to have its benefit. This stroller is used for infants. When your baby grows and becomes a toddler, you can use the bassinet. Then you need to buy another stroller for the toddler. A bassinet stroller offers great value when you want to enjoy an outdoor trip.

Are Stroller Bassinets Safe?

Stroller bassinets have a soft bed-like base with deep sidewalls. The walls are soft yet strong enough. It keeps your baby in a laying down position. So stroller bassinets are fully safe for your baby. In fact, your baby will love the trip. It makes a safe zone while you are going for an afternoon nap.

A stroller bassinet is safer than a car seat. Many people use car seats on a stroller, but it is not safe for infants. The car seats are a little bit curved which makes their back slightly curved. This vulnerable position is harmful to your infants. In the car seats, babies may feel restrictions on breathing. 

In terms of safety, the bassinet stroller is a safer place that allows your baby to relax and sleep in the right development position. Putting on their backs is the only way to sleep babies and reduce the risk of SIDS.

Benefits Of Bassinet Stroller

Buying a bassinet stroller is a great deal for parents with newborn babies. Because the benefits of a bassinet stroller are many. For example:

  • A bassinet stroller is a good option when you are taking out a sleepy newborn. Wherever you go, like walking around, shopping, or enjoying a barbecue party, you can carry your infants with you. You can take better care of their busy nap schedule. This stroller makes your hands free and you can easily do your job.
  • There is a large canopy attached to the bassinet stroller that ensures protection from outdoor elements like rain, wind, and sunlight. If you want you can expose it to sunlight or cover it with shade. Moreover, it decreases distractions caused by cars, dogs, and people walking through. When your child won’t have much distraction, it will be ideal for getting sleep.
  • A bassinet stroller is also a great option for traveling during the first couple of months. You can travel safely with it and take a supervised nap. You can easily visit friends and family, ride on public transit, and some models allow for overnight sleep. But be sure about the model before using the stroller for overnight sleeping.
  • Some models feature high-quality bassinet attachment that allows you to use the bassinet from newborn to toddler years. That means the attachment can modify with the growth of your baby.  So you don’t need to buy an additional stroller when your baby is toddler age.
  • The bassinet stroller is simple to use which is another biggest benefit. There is no hassle of straps, snaps, levers, or other attachments. Just fold for storage and unfold for getting out. The stroller is easy to store in a closet.

What is the right bassinet stroller?

Since the bassinet strollers don’t feature optimal qualities, you need to find the best one. Safety is the first priority for the parents so you need to ensure the stroller has these safety gear like harnesses, straps, or belts. If you want to travel with your baby, then you should consider some features like

1. Flatbed

As newborn babies can not hold up their heads on their own, it is important to look for options to recline. The stroller should have a car attachment option so that the baby can be positioned safely.

2. Wide base

Consider a wide base for the bassinet stroller so that your baby can stay relaxed. Moreover, a wide base helps to prevent the stroller from tipping over.

3. Brakes

The brakes of the stroller should work effectively. When you park the stroller, it should be stable in place.

4. Large canopy

The stroller should feature a large canopy as it is the most important part. The canopy should be large enough to completely shape your baby and give complete protection from sun, wind, and rain.

Safety Tips

When you are using a bassinet stroller, some safety rules you should keep in mind. For example:

  • Supervise your baby while they’re in the stroller and stay close to them
  • You should use buckles, straps, and other attachments if the manufacturer instructed. 
  • Don’t leave the stroller under the sun, it will heat the plastic pieces and buckles and your baby may feel hot. 
  • When your baby is not sitting inside the bassinet, do not leave blankets or toys in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a bassinet necessary for a stroller?

If you have newborns or infants, you must need a bassinet attachment in a stroller. As a newborn baby can not sit, the bassinet stroller is ideal for going outside. Moreover, there are many other advantages that you can read in this article.

How long do you use the bassinet on a stroller?

A bassinet stroller should be used when your baby is between three to six months. Though some bassinet strollers allow use as a toddler seat. If your bassinet stroller can convert into a toddler stroller, you can use it until your baby is two or three years old.

Can babies sleep in a stroller bassinet? 

Yes, your baby can sleep in the stroller bassinet. In fact, your baby will sleep comfortably. Your baby can fully lay down on a bassinet, so she/he will feel relaxed and comfy.

Final Words

A bassinet stroller is helpful in many ways. It makes traveling easy with your baby. A bassinet is a safe place for babies. But the bassinet stroller has limited use. You can use it until your baby is one year old. When she/he will grow, it will be useless.

So if you are budget conscious, then you may skip it. If you want to enjoy the benefits, it will be worth your money. Though some strollers can be used by toddlers age. It will also be a good investment for long-term usage.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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