Baby’s safety is the first responsibility of parents. Being a parent is the world’s best feeling, I think. If you are parents, then you have lots of duties like your babies feeding, clothing, diapering, outing, etc. I’m quite sure that you love a lot doing your duties. For your perfect and careful parenting, here I listed some tips.  Hope it will help you to use your baby’s stroller safely.

Choose a safe and strong stroller

Do you want to buy a stroller? Then please follow the tips seriously at the time of purchase.

  • At first check carefully, the selected stroller is enough strong or not before buying. Choose a strong body frame, comfortable seat, easy steering, and a secure footrest. You can choose a stroller, with a car seat, it is quite good for the baby.
  • Make sure that the finest balance should have among shoulder, waist, and leg position. The Canopy of the stroller should be enough in size. It can easily protect your baby from strong sunlight and unexpected raindrops.
  • Before taking the final decision to check the strength of handlebar and hand breaks. Don’t forget to check the strength of the lap belt also.

Consider something before taking a final decision

  • If you are a parent of more than one child or have a twin baby then take a second thought before purchase stroller. Because double stroller will be your smart choice, I think. You will get various strollers for twin babies, infants, and toddlers. You have just chosen your one.
  • Try to find the comparable lightweight stroller. It will help you for easy moving. Even one more benefit of the lightweight stroller is that you can easily take the baby along with you at your jogging time.

Check stroller’s brakes before use

parking brakeThe brake is one of the most important parts of a stroller or a pram. Before use check the condition of a break. It must be very easy at the time of applying. Never forget to use the brakes while you stop moving.

To get a nice grip on braking, tire plays an important role. So check your stroller’s tire regularly. There is an option or feature of disc brakes in few models of a stroller. You can choose this kind of stroller if you want to move unsmooth surface or hills with your baby.

Must check stroller’s safety harness

If your baby is riding in a stroller then never forget to use the safety harness.

It will protect your baby and give him/her an extra balance while turn over or fall. This safety harness can prevent the baby from tumbling out at the time of moving on the harness

You can choose a five-point safety harness instead of a three-point variation. This five-point safety harness will make an excellent balance over the baby’s shoulder, posture and between his/her legs. This harness is also effective for newborn babies.

Most probably you will get these harness tools along with the stroller. But if not, then please don’t be the delay to buy all these separately.

Check the stroller’s backrest

strollers backrestFor a newborn baby, the Backrest of the stroller should be able to lean as completely flat. Otherwise, it cannot give good support to the baby’s head, neck, and back part.

Within a few months, babies’ backbone will become gradually strong. Then he/she start to use an upright seat and try to sit up by taking support.

Check the stroller’s weight limit

Every stroller, pram or any kind of baby carrier has a certain weight limit. Check this weight limit before purchase.  If the baby’s weight is heavier than more capacity to hold then the stroller may become unstable. Do you have two babies? Then please use a double seat designed stroller for them. Don’t try to sit both babies on a single designed stroller. 

How can your baby be safe in a stroller?

Here are some tips more to follow

  • Stay closes to your baby while he/she is in the stroller. Don’t leave him/her alone
  • Choose safe toys for using the stroller
  • Never forget to knot the lap-belt before moving
  • Use brakes whenever you stop moving
  • Keep away your baby from the stroller when you open or close it


The most important factor in using baby strollers is awareness. Baby equipment can make your daily life easier, but an accident can happen anytime for your little ignorance.  Do not regret later, therefore, it is important to keep awake all the time. Follow the safety tips discussed and stay safe with your baby.