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Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller | Best For Active Parents

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Nowadays, the Graco FastAction Jogger LX stroller is the top-rated choice for parents. It boasts attractive features that make it a convenient choice for parents on the go. You can see an amazing combination of traditional jogging strollers with convenient features.

To ensure your kids’ safety, you must choose the right product. Because getting a travel system relates to security, comfort, and easy navigation. So read this detailed Graco FastAction jogger LX stroller review. It will help you to make a worthwhile choice.

Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller review

There is no doubt that Graco is one of the leading brands when it comes to choosing baby gear. The FastAction series is one of their best additions. From this series, the Jogger LX stroller becomes popular as they put out high quality.

However, high quality doesn’t mean it will fit your and your family’s needs. So let’s check how it performs in real life.

Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller

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  • Dimension: 53 x 23.5 x 44 inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 28.2 pounds
  • Maximum Weight recommendation: 50 pounds
  • Fabric Material: Polyester

1. 2 In 1 Stroller

Versatility is one of the most attractive features of the Jogger stroller. This is a 2-in-1 stroller that you can use as a traditional jogging stroller or create a travel system. Still, it is compact and easy to transport.

This stroller retains all Graco Click Connect Infant car seats, but you need to use a secure one-step attachment to attach the car seat. The versatile feature allows you to use the stroller from day one. In my opinion, the Jogger LX stroller is the best option for active parents.

2. Overall Performance

Graco FastAction Jogger LX stroller is a budget-friendly choice considering the market value. The stroller features useful functions and a comfortable stay that is a desire of every parent. It is easy to use in many aspects. Its plenty of features offer a superior experience.

The stroller combines comfort and convenience features that are suitable for parents on the go. While going for morning jogging or an outdoor tour, this stroller will perfectly fit your needs.

Moreover, you can move and carry it around with ease for its lightweight nature. It is easy to fold and folds compactly, making it great for transporting.

But it scores low while running fast. So consider this flaw if you are a serious runner on a note.

3. Comfortable Seat

Jogger LX strollers are good for making your baby feel better. Your baby will feel comfortable, and you can go for a long session of jogging. The seat is wide, roomy, comfortable, and made of quality material. Its side mesh panels offer air circulation throughout the seat.

The seat is reclinable with ease and quick. Simply push the seat, and once you hear the clicking sound, it will be locked. It allows reclining in two bars in the back.

There is an adjustable 5-point safety harness, or you can turn it into a 3-point lap belt as your child grows. You can make safe movements using this safety system.

4. Folding & Unfolding

Graco FastAction Stroller is extremely easy to use with its fast folding and unfolding system. Folding the seat is a breeze that is the major selling point of the stroller.

By pulling on the handle strap, you will be able to create the seat foldable, then the stroller will do the rest itself. There is a lock that automatically holds the foldable frame in place.

The plus point is the stroller has a kickstand, allowing for self-standing and moving around folded. Unfolding the stroller is also effortless and quickly locks in place.

5. Maneuverability

The best stroller offers good movements of the machine. And the Graco FastAction Jogger LX stroller is a great mover.

The front wheel features a built-in swivel to make it easy to take turns and bumps. The back has a wide wheelbase, measuring 15”, providing the most stable and ensuring everything is grounded.

However, the stroller doesn’t have suspensions on the wheels. Still, it is smooth to ride thanks to its air-filled tires that add a bit of cushion and provide better maneuverability. The tires are made out of extremely thick rubber, so they don’t wear out quickly.

The stroller is eventually smooth when riding during jogging. Controlling it is also easy. There is a two-brake system in the stroller that provides more control. You have to lock the brake twice on both wheels.

Actually, I’m not a big fan of the two brake systems as many parents forget to lock the other one. Well, it will take some time to get used to it.

There is a drawback with maneuverability. The stroller is smooth riding in city terrain, but it is difficult to push and run on the grass or off terrain.

6. Other Little Details

Graco FastAction Jogger LX features a lot of details to ensure ultimate convenience for parents. These details and functions set the stroller apart from the rest. There are some wonderful features that every parent will appreciate.

  • Cup Holders: There are two cup-holding trays featured in the stroller. The front cup holder with storage is for kids, and it is detachable. The parent’s tray is in the backside, which lets you stay hydrated while jogging or traveling.
  • Storage Basket: When you are jogging or going for an outing, you need many necessary items for you and your baby, like diapers, toys, wipes, food, etc. You need these things near your hand. The storage basket is helpful for this situation. It is wide and deep, and nothing will move or fall while moving around.
  • Handle: The stroller has an ergonomic handle that is easy to use and smooth, pushing the seat. The handle is adjustable in 3 stages. So you can easily adjust the handle height according to your comfortable height.
  • Canopy: The canopy is a pretty good extension in this stroller. It is good, well made, and fully covers your kids from head to toe. The canopy is excellent for shading your kid in the summer days or protecting him/her from the elements.


  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • 3-position height-adjustable handle
  • Accepts all Graco infant car seats
  • Versatile stroller
  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth to push the stroller
  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • Affordable price range


  • The build quality is flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the parent cup holder removable in FastAction Jogger?

Yes, the parent cup holder is removed. You can keep it detachable or attached. The front cup holder is also detachable. So you can attach it when you need to; otherwise, keep it aside for a clean design.

  1. Compatible with Graco Snugride snug lock 35 lx infant car seat?

Yes, the Graco Snuglock 35 LX infant car seat is compatible with this stroller. You need an additional adapter to make the attachment. However, this stroller only supports all Graco Click Connect infant car seats.

  1. How is the Graco FastAction Jogger LX in different terrains?

The stroller runs smoothly on all terrains thanks to its wide and large air-filled wheels. Though it seems difficult to push on grass or stones. Otherwise, it is a good performer in the sand, soil, and city terrain.

  1. How much does a Graco jogging stroller weigh?

Graco jogging stroller is a lightweight stroller with a weight of 28.2 pounds. The stroller is easy to carry and transport for being lightweight. But it is sturdy too and can hold up to 50 pounds.

  1. Can I recline the seat?

The Graco Fastaction stroller lets you recline the baby seat for more comfort. You can recline the seat in two positions. The lower position is great during the napping times for your kids.

Final Words

The Graco FastAction Jogger LX stroller is one of the best accessories for kids. It features multiple functions for easy and convenient navigation. The stroller is the best option for active parents. In this article, you have checked all features and functions that will help you to assume worthy decisions.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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