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Britax B-Clever Stroller Review | Compact And Quality Built

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Are you looking for a smart and comfortable stroller for your adorable baby? Yes, sometimes you got confused to choose the correct product. For a comfortable trip or shopping choosing the appropriate stroller means a lot. It will remove some extra hassle instantly.

Are Britax Strollers Comfortable?

It is a renowned brand that has made the best car seats of its time. They will provide you with top-notch safety for strollers. So, you can move around and chill with your friends as well as keep your baby as secure as can be. It can be said that, yes it is very much comfortable for working parents.

Britax B-Clever Stroller review 2020

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Overview of Britax B-Clever Stroller

It is one of the renowned products to roll out of the Britax Company. We call it a perfect travel stroller as it contains the cool feature of a “mesh seat back”. It has two amazing features ventilated sidewalls and a ventilated canopy. You will have the flexibility to use the large and small wheels. This amazing stroller includes a Britax infant car seat adaptor.

It has a good reputation for cool strolling which is the breathable cool flow for fabric, a mesh seatback with a vented sidewall, and a comfortable seating area.

In this stroller, the ventilated canopy has a peek-a-boo window and it contains magnetic closure. This product is not so heavy. As a result, the lightweight design will simply make your journey a lot easier. From the parent’s perspective, it is a dynamic product as it contains so many safety features and it is stylish too.

You can fold it by using one hand in a standing position. Britax B-Clever Stroller is quite more reasonable than any other Britax stroller. The most attractive feature of this baby stroller is it will move so smoothly. When you are carrying a bag on your shoulder and use this stroller at the same time; there is no hassle.

The handle of this stroller will provide a good solid grip making it hard to lose from your hand. It can fit up to 50 pounds and the fabric is awesome as well as protective. If you are traveling with the wind, then it could be a great choice.

It works fine as nothing is being flipped inside out. Like other baby strollers, it is not the lightest one but you can carry it in your car. If you like to carry it in a trunk that could be fine.

The reason why you should choose Britax B-Clever Stroller?

Britax B-Clever is a well-designed baby stroller. Normally it has all the facilities included that you are looking for a stroller. Let me tell you to step by step. The fold-up design is charming and you will not face any kind of hassle here. It’s just one button and then pulls so easily.

Suppose, if you have the baby in your arm in one hand and then with the help of another hand you can do this. No problem whatsoever for the users. I believe this is the most convincing feature of this product.

If you are a working parent and lead a busy life you will choose something which is affordable and there should not be any hassle. In this context, this baby stroller will get full marks.

Britax B-Clever Stroller function

This amazing 4-wheel stroller is quite different from the other 3-Wheel strollers on the market. When you will take it to a park or in a shopping mall it can maneuver directly sideways. Sometimes this baby stroller is lighter than the 3-wheel stroller.

It contains quality material and construction which means you can use this baby stroller for the next generation of siblings which can be a good choice. Easy to assemble and collapse with a simple push-button and after that pull off a strap.

This stroller can handle up to 50 lbs and then rolls with ease. The user will have an adaptor to make the stroller part of the travel system. As a whole, we can call it the best compact stroller for travel.


  • Britax B-Clever Stroller is travel-friendly
  • 5-point adjustable safety harness
  • Price is reasonable
  • Stylish looking
  • It will provide you some awesome facilities like quick fold-up, weight is solid, the storage space, and pocket, convenient for today’s parents
  • Plenty of spaces for keeping extra clothes, keys, baby diapers, baby food, drinks, phones, wallets, etc.


  • If you want a baby stroller within a low budget, then you should not choose it
  • Heavier than other lightweight strollers.

Buying Guideline for any Travelling Stroller

Easily Accessible

Baby Strollers must have to be easily accessible as it is used for babies so they must have to be good and user-friendly. Like the Handlebars, extra pocket, and one-button folding these types of features are highly needed.


It must have to be comfortable for both the babies and children. So that they feel good. If your baby feels uncomfortable inside the stroller, then all the money will go to dogs. It will be a waste of money. It is not expected at all.


Last but not least price is an important factor when buying any product in the market. While buying baby strollers you need to consider the price of other strollers in the market.

Final few Words | Britax B-Clever Stroller

I believe, all the features are a cover-up for Britax B-Clever Stroller. Hope it will satisfy you. If you like to know more about different baby strollers, then please stay with us. Let us know your opinion by commenting. Have a good day!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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